Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


This evening, I'm going to pour my wine
unwhine and dine
I'm going pour more wine,
unwhine , relax and dine
and In the background you might here Coltrane
while Miles horn will be the intro, to my pouring rain
mic check, 1, 2- 1, 2
mic check 1, 2-1, 2
the stage is ready
the stage is ready
Dem lights with wide eyes
wide eyes waiting on the poets first in line
first line betta dropped that dope line
lines so fresh fresh fresh I need a dope beat with a fly rhyme
I'm coming nice like snapping Whoa
playing my lines cool like Daddy O
this is a fly poem to a open flow
this is a fly poet to a open mic flow
come in sit down
and shhhhhhhhh
remember to respect the mic
respect the poets spittin their piece
open your ears, close your eyes
for a message to be releases
It takes a lot of heart to stand on this stage
it takes a lot of heart to spit poem from private pages
it takes heart to do a piece by memory
it take more heart to bring nervousness to a stage
for a crowd to hear and see
Listen to me
poets please listen to me
back row talkers please listen to me
bartender and waitresses are you HEARING ME.....NOW

Mic check 1,2- 1,2
Mic check, 1,2- 1,2


Friends, poets, and writing pens
lend me your ears
or your eyes\
or piece of mind
for the exchange of a piece line
so maybe you can have peace in mind
and leave here with my piece from I
that gives you peace for life

bartender more refills for the people
I want to see glasses with
Merlots, Pinots and chardonnays
while I wait on my cabernet
performing stimulation to my cabaret
Lets pause and dance to hip hop and reggae
bring it down and bop to the sounds of
Etta James to Leela James
push back the chairs
so we can sit in circles and remember Gil Scott
while making freestyles out of each others name
this is a poets place
a wordsmiths cafe
your dress code is poetry
the cost to get in is WORD PLAY
the time is on point like a pen
Poetry is in here, through us its everywhere
don't be scared
come in and take a seat
we are
what I am
what you want to be
and that is

BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

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