Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Sunday, December 27, 2015


Just a crack of light
Plays stop light for spot lights to my-
Mirages of you in the darkness
Ace metric times dimensions
Where this science of mathematical equations...
Synchronizing sways in calisthenics contortion
She is my private dancer in shadows
A skin tone in color darkness
My last memory of envisioning her
While using my sixth sense

Perform my ability of using egress with deep breaths
to trace her movements, smells and taste
From my up and personal assigned front row seat
As close as her body heat from her nakedness
So she can perculate bodies waist to my face
She uses shear cloths as sheets of clothing
to disguise my wanting to identify her body parts
When she is swaying in body arts
Making me sit still while standing happens to my private parts
A militant at attention for this Captain

I'm just a private, revealing the attentiveness of my privates-
during this private preview of her privately dancing-
against my private so this private can unveil his standing- private parts
A ghostly entity all over me
Her verses the open window while wind blow
all this teasing from both airs, is BLOWING me
Showing me what the peeping lights are allowing me to see
A night view, in see thru,
This performing silhouette of SHE
Am I wrong to want to unbound my binding
and touch her while she's grinding
skin so close in my face its enough for body feathering
Her mounds of pointing tips
while my tip responds to her gyrating
Embarrassed because I'm rising

She paid into this stock
I paid for this LOVERS ROCK by the block
Her investments alongside and inside my pants leg
is slowly rising
A red face I can no longer keep hiding
This dark shadow is so bright,
its blinding
Gagged from speaking or asking her name
I used my mental thoughts to delegate her frame
Her grand finale in dips, bends and bounce
Was given silent applause with standing ovation
this situation, glamouring dances with persuasion

to the one audience member she was truly dancing for,
While raising his Rhythm nation.

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