Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, April 30, 2012


Back on point
found my comfort zone
got my mojo back
a writers pheromones
brain is restocked images
made a connection with the heart
blood is flowing like an interstate
waking up from dreams
of a writers masturbate to ejaculate....(lines)

I'm back on point
recovered on my own discovery
dictionaries all  over me
no more blank papers in front of me
hands sweating blue and black inks
not much thought in this write
I don't have to think
I'm freestyling this piece
but in paper form
born again before the celebration can end
a rare form above the norm
I'm back
I'm writing
I'm almost done
a success from only one

By LeRoy  TNW Goetznedanner Registered & Protected


You've been there before
mind blanks
fresh inks
empty lines on paper
Getting mad
because you made it 28 days straight
then comes the dead end street
This poetry month has excited me
but broke me down at the same time
Forcefully writing a new piece for 30 days straight
taking you away from your routine
having you staying up until 11:58(pm)
Just to make that deadline
cause in your bloodline
or a poets ink line
this is suppose to be easy
without challenges,
we write a poem/haiku a day routinely
now we sitting here
red eyes with blank lines
hair lost to from lost thoughts
knowing we can make one more day
before we give up
This is being posted days late
but right on time before the dead line
I refuse to give up
but like the title of this piece
I might be stuck!

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Friday, April 27, 2012

DANCE, SING, & CRY........27/30

They celebrated your memory with a dance
and not just any dance
but the dance you taught them
the dance the gave life back to Elders
they mimic your moves to the song
sang the song while they cried
they raised their hands up high
waved to the sky
waved good bye
they danced

He sang your song
the same song that asked for your hand
that same song he sang at your reception for you
the song he sang, to say good bye to you
no tears he cried
he just raised his voice on high
raised his hand to the sky
he sang, while they danced
to say I love you and the last Good bye
He sang...

We cried
after song and dance
when passing your sleeping host
we cried again
the songs made us cry harder
the dance made us cry louder
there was no man that wasn't shy
there wasn't one eye that didn't cry
the pastor had to pause because he cried
then the pastor raised his hand up high
asked the Lord for the strength to read
couldn't get pass the song her man sings
try to stay focus while they danced
couldn't keep his hand high
cause his hand wipe his face
from tears he cried
we cried
they cried
we raised our hands up high
dance until we had more cries
hands up high
waved in praise
as we waved Good Bye...


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner
Godspeed Rosemary Peaches Thompson Lewis.
Nov 1959- April 2012 Registered & Protected


Holding and more holding
touching a feathering
kissing and smiling
smiling and kissing again
partially nude
we excited but we lay there enjoying me and you
low light and great jams
my hands in her hands
starring and looking
compliments endless
we want this night with a never ending
holding, moving closely
touching, wanting, smiling with shyness
can't hide this, want to touch this
I want to touch that,
let the music rock us fast asleep
we can continue,
tomorrow, same time, same holds
you and me
flickering lights and same tunes

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It takes more than a perfect size
or perfectly pedicure toes
the right stance
with defined legs
to fill and feel these shoes

I present to you the key to step into my life
the accessory that will make a imprint on my heart
the signature foot print, that my love will follow

This glass slipper
comes with magic of love
but a list responsibilities
only a true wearer can be the barer of this shoe
this shoe will take you through good times
following you through rough times
So you have to have patient at times
to stand in this, head up, head high devine

This shoe will not transform you into a Queen
but it can make you some mans Queen
ultimately giving you a man that will be your King
This shoe will not be a famous designers print
but I guarantee you every designer will be wanting it
to buy and patent your shoe print
just make copies and get profits off it
but this shoe is not for sale

This shoe will not fit every candidate wearing a size ?
even if you are a size ?,
the shoe will adjust in fit
coordinating with any outfit
because the show won't be custom to you
it will custom to whom it fits
the fit for the one the shoe picks

I'm holding this shoe,
waiting on you like Adam waited on Eve in his sleep
I'm holding this shoe,
because, this shoe, promise me a future QUEEN

Glass Slipper........#TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I chose your mind, character and beauty
before I start desiring your body
I will horse blind my eyes
from your curvaceous chest and thighs
cuz the prize you can provide
comes from deep inside......YOUR BRAIN
Now there will be times I would like to:
embrace your........Words
touch you on your......Thoughts
feel you up with.......Ideas
and penetrate you while your sitting on my........Emotions

So lets set aside the fact I man always lusting your bodily...
parts of your poetry, resume, books and intellectual visions
and without me visioning of being sexualectual to you frame...
of mind
and in my mind, the mind is a terrible thing to waste
so I won't waste my time to dive face first and taste....
your desires through dreams of courtships
and marital unions

and unions with some kind of bondings
where the only bondings that would be sexual
is when we are kissing and huggin
I can fall deep in love with you
with out you tearing off your clothes

being uncomfortably exposed
just baring your soul
and standing naked before me......
while I clothe you with my arms and love
expressions and emotions

just to show you
that I have less fears of shedding more tears

as a man
because.......I LOVE YOU.....without making love to you.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, April 23, 2012


Protein enriched
Grade A's to D's
Cleansing to my immune system
Keeps me on my toes
every taste is never a waste
it keeps me coming back
keeps my tree's growing in place
You come in loads of juices
experimenting on every delivery
sometimes force fed, or voluntarily
no tubes required
just open wide
and take your more than a spoon full of medicine
wired, better than a espresso high
vitamin in liquids, consumptions starts on edible dry's
fuel me with smiles
happiness in crys
your so good bad for me

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

CLOUD CRY.....22/30

I'm not running this time
come down and wet me
drown me and drench me
running around to every drop hit me
Not afraid of your polluted waters
or the after effect of when I dry
You can disguise my crys
You can naturally rinse me of evil
I expect you to fall all day
make bright colors come to life
a reason to stay inside
you are just cool on my high

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, April 22, 2012


That smell good
that good goods
she got that ummm umm goods
I wish she could would,
put it on my oak wood
that bodily fresh should good
my upper lip leftover sandal wood
dayum she taste so oooweee good
her insides on top me rides is so keegle good
seconds is a requirement
wetness on my fireman's helmet
still smelling your smells all over my fireman
smells like SMELLS when I inhale her environment
Smells good, looks good, face first to taste wood
intoxicating good, visionary good,
lock leg to lock jaws
disappearing acts in cats and mouth y'all
Her smell goods
on my wood goods
I shoulda woulda coulda use some more
of SMELLS good goods......

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Friday, April 20, 2012

SET FREE....19/30

A chain of emotions lifted from sea floors
a heart going flat line in one message
held on to long possibilities of inconsistent dreams
promises of what could be and never was

waking up the day after the day before the day of
still being in love
and immediate heart break a day later
feeling just little bit lite on expectations
but my heart will beat heavy on a long expiration


never knew happiness could look so good from a far
while manning up to internal tears
a fear no man/woman would for
see in their future
it is why I only live by the day and not by planning


I think the bridge is lifted with no intentions of falling
like love fell upon me
I guess words can never be as real as actions
so I save my words for a rewarding day of reality


Replacing you is not in my forecast
so I let the storm rain hard to cover hurt
maybe I wasn't the one sent to complete your mission
I should have come with a letter of approval from God
and not book of poems


Fly away my conscious says
no more are you obligated to abstain
and save yourself for her rainy day
the power purity
over the enticement of petty lust
My papers are stamped and sealed

YOU are free to go and live

just wasn't prepared to let go
from a life sentence of serving time for love
Searching for another crime to commit
in theft for a stolen heart
this time
I will see no parole

SET FREE............

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Dear Organ,

I'm so intrigued by how you beat for me
I appreciate the extra blood produced for me
so the host can be in love with me
Though at times I'm not worthy of your abilities
I have one of similar likeness for WE
can you allow mines and yours to meet?
My heart put me up to this piece
to apologize for the numb hearts
all the cold hearts
and host with no hearts
that ignored your kindness with lust and deceit
lies and mis-trust in hidden agendas
stepping on your beauty to love
in beating communication
I want to submit my application
to join you one day
to love you back like you love all in your way
to create celebrations of our feelings in Rhythms
giving both of our host reason for living

Can you feel my write?
My rapid beats are courtship delights
I'm being more than polite
I feeling warm like sunlight,
and shinning like the moon light
I guess what I'm saying is..
can we beat these odds right
can we pump love up a little higher than cholesterol levels
where our high blood pressures are Ecstasies
organ bonding eternally is life threatening
hoping to get that cardiac release
murmuring into each other valves, "I love you"
can we be inseparable until we die?

Just respond to me in beats
and sign your name in blue blood
if your answer is yes.

Yours truly
Love Clot..........

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I sleep to you
wake to you
move in a way to you
feel a certain way about you
you are part of my life
always in my life
my life is, with you in it
my movement
and living
you help me cancel out the noise
pumpin you up to create my noise
pumpin you to BRING THE NOISE...
the pathway of many jobs
the invention of recreation
nothing sound better
except the natural sounds from the earth

You take me away
made my past ancestors free
the way you sound them a pathway
put biblical writes for songs to sing
the roar in blast
the perfect pitch to make eyes close
and frowns laugh

take me away
far, far away
I need your play
all I have to do is play
press the button and play
and  be in TUNE............

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Trying to bottle up how I feel
wanting to show you, I am real
so instead offering your finger some round steel
I give you my feelings to wed
I put you down on my organ donor list 
as a recipient to my heart
I make sure every time you breath
I take in your oxygen

I don't want to make sense on how I feel
I just want to write out of control
my heart is speaking in murmuring beats
my brain is half dead when you are not around
you got me faking like I'm hard
with weak knees when I see you coming
I can stand on stage parade poems in the nude
but you
you put me in a shell
that make shyness look outgoing

I'm not blocking this feeling
but I have to be a man sometimes
but it gets difficult when you say my name
or just touch me in a nice way
or look at me in a mean way
and I start melting like chocolate in a child's pocket
your eyes got me shying away
you saying hello causes me to forget what to say

Sitting here shaking
with a handful of flowers stolen from my neighbors yard
a strawberry candy ring
a note saying you will go with me? Check YES or NO
growing up, man up
so I go back to offer you gifts in poems
my feelings you can wed
my heart as my last will of donated love
the best thing money can't buy
but the most priceless thing emotions can afford


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, April 16, 2012

BACK DOWN.....16/30

I believe there is job placement for my heart
that I can love a woman and she will believe it
in my mind, I hear me saying this
and outside myself
I draw a heart on my chest
with the pens that wrote love on paper
so when I see myself,
I know, my heart is more than internal feelings
I see it on the surface of my skin

Now to answer your questions
no I'm not torn
to masculine to be a man that's scorned
I might have been hurt a little
but I think I was the one hurting you more
Constantly, I keep accepting these positions
for a future position in life
first 30 days is great
60 might be OK
but the time I reach 88
if might just fade away
2 days short of the 90 day grace period
38 days of watching her heart turn to tears
and the walls that protected Rome
becomes her great walls protecting her broken heart

I do have a heart as I watch my hurt ones recover
walking by me smiling with the NEW
getting all that she ever wanted and that was LOVE
So I keep going back to drawing boards
googling "heal me", and "find me" on search engines
making every weekend an arranged date with notebooks
and poetry spots
the only love so far that I have not broken
walked out on
while continuing to love poems more than I love me

Maybe I am advertising myself the wrong way
maybe, my want ads, should be put on poetry pads
and ask for my mate from in front of stage
Of course,
that would be a little deceiving
with words of mine that melt cold hearts
but actions put them right back into ice boxes.

I pray for me as others leaving have
I will find
I will have
I will need LOVE
as much as she needs me
but I'll back down for now,
putting my love towards writing sprees.....

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Working hard for no rewards
doing right with no applause
giving attention to see no attention
be submissive when you're not giving in
giving you love setting aside my selfishness
sensitivity making me look as feminist
you said your want love
but you want protection from a thug
not worth this hard working
if your back is turn and not looking
courtship is what your asking
but you reflect on low esteem and battering

Don't ask me to respect you
if you don't really want me
don't ask me to show love to you
when you lost the urge of choosing me
I can invest and build my foundation
don't lead me on to a future with no reservation
So what you been hurt
so now I have to build you to love
so your heart will love and work

If I work hard to love you
so you can love me too
don't keep building walls
and denying of living proof
that you don't love me
cause you don't love you
I pledge myself to your wants
commit myself to your needs
but I refuse to be an example
of how you hurt from others
so I continue to work
as the man of God
the man called. "MR GOOD DEEDS."

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

COOL WHIP........14/30

Soft like white clouds
fresh like winter mint
a outline that perfectly outline
not a plan time but it was played in mine
that curiosity
the box of Pandora needing to be open
will this diminish a combine Establishment
will it make things feel different
willing to gamble everything on that one thing
that sweet thang
the best of the sweetest thing
honey comb tasty cake
without the cream filling
I must be fulfilled on the thrill fill
looking for that refill
I'm filled from that free feel
will it happen again?
Maybe not again
need oxygen from lost of oxy...GEN
breath slow, exhales fast
and kiss inhaling all breath
this could be my sudden death

COOL WHIP........A kiss that can kill.
You know how it is?

BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Friday, April 13, 2012


Close your eyes and go back
back to the day you first saw me
back to the day that you first heard me
back to the day that you first met me

smile in pause

Keep your eyes closed
go back to when we actually met
go back to when we enjoyed moments of words
back when smiles were irremovable
dinner was so incredible
and watching each other in plots
made mind images so edible

smile harder in pause

breath in the winter mist we kissed
how I held you up with cuffing wrist
how we didn't end the date like that
but later a peck turned to a kiss and then this
back when prediction hours before was just a wish
moving foreword to when breathing
was after bodies were in twist

Dayumm, smile harder and breath

Lets remember
remember how make ups were great
when arguments were excuses to later mate
were silence was just shyness to the kissing game
when crossing arms of anger
turned to embracing bodies in hands on frame


one more time again
smile real bright
smile like this
and live our memories through smiles
way back when......MEMORIES

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, April 12, 2012


I will dress for you in preparation for you
I will have writes for you,
my written writes for you,
my best work, from thought
closed ideas from a open minded man
a man and his love through his poems and heart
a heart, that beats only when you are around
an articulate speaker, for your ears to hear my sounds

I will come prepared with warranties and guarantees
I have surpassed making promises
I want my words combined with feelings
to be presented to you in endless contracts
Topping it off with a ring I spent my life savings for
because, you are, MY LIFE SAVINGS

Open your window,
see me dressed and on bended knee
singing songs without music
and without a singing voice,
calling my music poems
every line saying your name
after each time your name is called
comes a smile on my face
look to the sky as the moon and sun embrace
will you do me the honors, is the end of my piece


BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Take me back to day one
the day I was intrigued by wanting to know
what is that name that goes with that face

take me back but a little foreword
to when we met and laughed
ate and laughed
conversed and laughed more
until we stood there laughing
prolonging the end of our date

Take me foreword but not to far to the present
where we shared an innocent moment of rest
falling deep to peaceful sleep
facing one another
and waking to the smile our eyes last saw
the night before we fell in like before knowing love

take me back before passing the foreword present
but not approaching yesterday
and we,
taking a vow of silence abstain our treasures
where we knew how weak we can be
when we were alone together
that the one time we got along
was through love making
that the only argument came if we stop bonding
the only yelling we heard
was us in passion

Its unfortunate
when our story was created
it was only made to play, ffwd and stop
the rewind button was unavailable
and so is love with us now........END OF STORY

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


4:30 wake ups with covers over head
looking for that warm spot in middle of bed
rushing to shower to get back that warm
this not the usual norm
weeks ago calenders announced spring is here
its unclear, why are we still wearing coats?
Like we expecting snow
See the trendy make appearances
in short skirts and open toes

A curse I think
no winter days we experienced
so winter is sneaking back on us in slow sync
not quite the end of the world
but a earth unbalanced by human error
nature unsure due to rotation off axis
climates at battles
we are not with understanding
that over night in spring nights
flowers will grow
then morning in winter mist, makes blooming die quick
birds are singing
but pauses come is broken chirps,
its cold
insects stumbling and flying crazy
not sure if they were awaken too soon

Never monitored the weather so much
that I have to bring a jacket
but wear something short sleeved underneath
12 noon is no longer the highest temperatures in peak
meteorologist predicts highs in 60's
but only at the time you turn in and sleep

scared of summer
scared of when hot will get here
scared... weather will never be the same...


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, April 9, 2012


On the brink of giving up
thoughts don't know what to think
the symptoms,
not quite writers block
just a thinkers drought
took a preview of my reviews
past poems I written and posted for you
but now I'm at the end of the road
that has yet to be paved
lost resources in my mind
thesaurus says, "YOU STILL HAVE TIME"
Pens with filled inks, "SAYING ME". "I'M NEXT IN LINE"

What do I do?
what do I write about?
Can't even remember my name
What's today's date?
here we go
something is going on this paper
12 midnight means, I'm past my posted date
pen in hand
applying to paper
lean in for the write
Brain is seeing nothing
mouth is saying nothing
pen writing nothing


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, April 8, 2012

EMPTY 8/30

I love my arms,
but even with this beauty and strength
they are missing something
lacking the true ability of what they are made for
that's holding you
that securing you
that protecting us
they are nothing but a empty space

Eye's are guided with such grace of vision
I love what I see
and how I see it
I've seen plenty of beautiful things in life
but the beauty I need to see is you
so through my eyes
I see nothing, but empty

The only thing keeping me going
is the rushing of blood

through my body from my beating heart
a wonderful heart in beat
a wonderful beat of living
living is loving
but I lack loving
so I grow slow in beating
lack of love for you
lack of love from you
it's just a muscle beating for survival
loving without you is a harder survival technique
my are beats with no sounds of mimicking you
So I beat empty

This house is bought by one
meant for two
a shared foundation
with a selfishness kind of living
many days of coming home to everything
but lacking to come home to one thing
something is missing of the life of everything
I'll give anything to have that one thing
that one thing is a presentation in this foundation
surrounded by nothing
I do anything to have that one thing
to be my everything
but everything is everything at this time
so nothing, leaves me again EMPTY.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Saturday, April 7, 2012


If I could give you me
I would give you my attention
I know I lack to look more in your direction
but I'm writing this to tell you
I'm starring not looking..Through my pen to you

I I could give you me
I would give you my affection
I know I act like I don't feel for you
but I got a lot of strong feelings for you
so I'm pouring my ink without thinking to you
I'm loving not lusting...through my pen to you

If I could give you me
it would be through my last writes
I know I've been more wrong than right
so I wanted to make the need of making this right
I got enough ink in my blood
to beat my love through my writes
my poems are my days and nights
and you are my 24 hours in earths rotation
unless my ink will not drain
that's the day our love will fade away
I'm not talking or reciting, I'm just writing
for you with love
If I could love you and be with you


BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Friday, April 6, 2012


Wrapped in the covers
lost in a dream that wouldn't come out with me
a good feeling, with no bad feelings
love making without arguments
A smile again without mad and sad faces
only in my dream

Lost in a deep sleep
covers half way off me
got up for a second from alarm ringing
but I had to meet her back in my dream
she is so peaceful
she is actually happy
nestled under me
only in my sleep

wrapped in covers,
legs wrapped around me
head buried beneath me
she smiling in my skin
and I'm playing in her hair
but we are still sleep
outer body says I'm running late
clock says your way past wake up
I don't want to wake up
just laying here, dreaming of her dreaming of me
under me,
wrapped around me,
with covers over WE

no explanation for my lateness
plenty reason to call out


BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Love to admire the look of soft skin
Want to feel my hands running over softer skin
Dreaming of rubbing my clean shaved face
against your smoothly shaved place
hold me steady with force full thighs
hands on back of my head, guiding my position
back arched like a raised bridge
heels cold and diggin into my skin
... moaning my name Arabic tongue
announce your presence, with escaping essence
my taste buds filled in puddled excitements
eyes wide like my mouth was violated by pop rocks

Did I mention your soft skin
against my soft skin
brown skin to my light brown skin
we look like a flavor able blend
glossy, is the look of my facial grin
satisfaction on your aggressive reaction
with no intentions of backing away
her walls close to feel me
her outsides throbs to commend me
she bubbles in loud talking
her serenity falls heated down my throat

How I love her soft skin
next to my shaved skin
rubbing in our smooth
its so smooth
to feel yours on good smoothed
eyes close to feel you
can't tell you what areas are smoother
cause her body is all coco Shea butter smoother

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Your towel, around my waist
you, are still inside the towel
water, never reflected so well on our skin
heated bodies setting, off smoke detectors
We held each other under low lights(candles)
melted wax on counter, looks so tempting
is this a dream?
or is my mind rewinding to slow pause from yester years
but your kiss to my neck
was so chillin
sucking away water beads and tasting my goose pimples
you stood on tips toes when I rose to your touches
I felt the smoothness in the area you allow me to shave

It feels so good
this moment of beauty in my mind
just dont wake me
don't interrupt the feeling of her image masking my eyes
I guess, I'm so in need, that even my loneliness
produces mirages to please me
relaxed again
Merlot has take control
breathing fumes, my breath is tasting like you
eyes remain closed
licking my lips to outline the traces of your tongue
weightless, to my lean against Italian tile walls

whispering to myself "I don't want this to end"
but I can't keep my eyes closed long
heat from early shower blows cold
the steam comes to a clear
I'm  faced with reality
that the image I thought was her
was me
and I, I remain alone
and I, I need you here with me once again.


BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

DANCE 3/30

A moment of me and you
so lets say, its the two of us
the only time, our lonely time
other than intimate time
I can hold, rub, caress you......

A moment of me and you
one plus one equal us
music paves the way
feelings taking place
but its not request to the Dj
or song you can hear on the radio
drum machines haven't digitaltize this beat
no buttons for stop, pause or play to our beat

thump, thump
my beat says I love you
thump, thump
thump, thump
your beat says I you love too
thump, thump
thump, thump
thump, we kiss
heart rate increasing
thump, thump thump, thump
thump, thump thump, thump

my holds on you are tightening
breathing, aahhhh! breathing aahhh!
you touching and swaying and rubbin
heavy breath, pause! heavy breath pause!
kissing and dancing to tongues tapping, tapping, and tappin
heaving hard, STOP!! heaving harder and faster, STOP!!
kisses relased,
kiss again commenced 
muscles pulsating to the thump, thump
and then there is a....
knock, knock on your seeping secrete

sweat beading and internal bleeding
makes the muscles.........THROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!
don't move,
please don't move
Let us communicate to our pulsating and our THROBBBBBB..ING

Hold me closer
stand on tip toes
let me point in standing at your front door
let me feel your keegle grasp
feel my muscled man

close your eyes
close my eyes
dance to our beat
to our beat we dance

thump, thump
thump, thump
thump, thump


BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, April 2, 2012


It's a mans world
but it would be nothing without a woman in it

But which role are you playing woman
I mean, you are strong minded and independent
but when you start saying, I don't need a man in it"
deep inside
you know you're lying
your pride come in quiet cries
so you just don't want to admit it

They say a good man as hard to find?
but last time I checked
that your role was to sit back and be found
so be a woman and not a man
and change your state a mind
let him find you,
don't find him
the same way God made you
then you found HIM

What's that?

Then he needs to step up and be a man?
well a man can't be a man
if a woman is telling a man how to be a man
so where is her position as a womb man
when she dressing like a man instead of a woman
So who da man?

Whats that?

He don't respect me?

Respect comes from him to you
how you expect the respects in you
and if you're use to disrespects from dudes
then why will he give respect to you
you want to be a eye candy
instead the diamond in his eye
you do whatever you have to
to get him to notice you
but didn't you notice boo
he ain't paying attention to you
cause you got too much attention on you
and reality is you don't want to know the truth
that man that you trying to catch
is not the man for you
so instead of setting up your bait
so you can land you a boo
you should be patient and wait
for the man God delivers to you
cause every man and situation ain't right for you
if the situation and the man in it
ain't Gods gift and blessings to you

No your position and not your disposition!

BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I was her audience from the backdoor view
her giving them the expressions
with her poetic suggestions
but I was getting entertained by the backyard view
my clear view, that often went in a blurry view

she laughs and talks with touches to my arms
and grabbing on my arms
touching on my legs
and I try not touch her in the same
with her open back top
and her skin so soft
cause I don't want to not touch
so I touch not

I want too......I mean
want to feather her with finger tips
and massage waist instead eye grabbing her hips
I want to be positioned during the time she shifts left
and receive her poking back at attitude right
but I keep it light
my eyes touched enough
that the pores in my hands stood erect all night

she laughs and talks with her hands
eyes slightly slanted
but still looking at me with a smile
and I smile
and she leans in when she laughs
and I lean back when I laugh
just don't touch,
look, don't feel
just a friendly greeting in physical communication..



This evening, I'm going to pour my wine
unwhine and dine
I'm going pour more wine,
unwhine , relax and dine
and In the background you might here Coltrane
while Miles horn will be the intro, to my pouring rain
mic check, 1, 2- 1, 2
mic check 1, 2-1, 2
the stage is ready
the stage is ready
Dem lights with wide eyes
wide eyes waiting on the poets first in line
first line betta dropped that dope line
lines so fresh fresh fresh I need a dope beat with a fly rhyme
I'm coming nice like snapping Whoa
playing my lines cool like Daddy O
this is a fly poem to a open flow
this is a fly poet to a open mic flow
come in sit down
and shhhhhhhhh
remember to respect the mic
respect the poets spittin their piece
open your ears, close your eyes
for a message to be releases
It takes a lot of heart to stand on this stage
it takes a lot of heart to spit poem from private pages
it takes heart to do a piece by memory
it take more heart to bring nervousness to a stage
for a crowd to hear and see
Listen to me
poets please listen to me
back row talkers please listen to me
bartender and waitresses are you HEARING ME.....NOW

Mic check 1,2- 1,2
Mic check, 1,2- 1,2


Friends, poets, and writing pens
lend me your ears
or your eyes\
or piece of mind
for the exchange of a piece line
so maybe you can have peace in mind
and leave here with my piece from I
that gives you peace for life

bartender more refills for the people
I want to see glasses with
Merlots, Pinots and chardonnays
while I wait on my cabernet
performing stimulation to my cabaret
Lets pause and dance to hip hop and reggae
bring it down and bop to the sounds of
Etta James to Leela James
push back the chairs
so we can sit in circles and remember Gil Scott
while making freestyles out of each others name
this is a poets place
a wordsmiths cafe
your dress code is poetry
the cost to get in is WORD PLAY
the time is on point like a pen
Poetry is in here, through us its everywhere
don't be scared
come in and take a seat
we are
what I am
what you want to be
and that is

BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected