Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RIGHT PLACE, WRONG TIME Registered & Protected
This is not a disguise
I'm just wearing my clothes
walking in freedom where every place is "My Place"
didn't know I need to broadcast my zip code
my area code and a picture of my residence
didn't see the signs, that fly
this our dress code and race code
and if you didn't match color code
you are in violation of your presence
didn't realize,
keeping my hands in my pocket signified
me holding a weapon
where is my protection
when someone is approaching me in fast stepping
didn't ask me who I and I
didn't acknowledge yourself
while suspiciously approaching I
shouldn't I be the one feeling threatened
how would the world perceive me,
if I don't say "halt",
shoot first, ask questions later
yeah, a black man holding a weapon
You didn't give me a moment to plead my case
didn't even ask
you just didn't ask
you should have asked
didn't give a chance to reveal my face
so tell me this
who's really wearing the hood in the hood
the criminal hood vs innocent hood in this case..
BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner

Monday, March 26, 2012


Its been 19 years to this day,
how is it, I can't let go of you leaving me.
Maybe if I didn't go away,
I could have been there to save your
life instead of you dying alone.
The day was so vivid like I'm seeing it,
like I'm living it.
I'm crying just trying to write about it.
I blame you for not telling me when you hurt,
I blame GOD for not putting in his work.
I'm in blame for not being there for you,
I never left the phone or your presence
without telling you I love you.

Excuse me if I pause,
see the reason for this piece,
is strictly towards your cause.
I often go by the place of your passing,
I think back to our connections,
good times and for 3 seconds
I start laughing.
But now I'm alone,
the best half of me has
the greater love for life

sometimes has days I less cherish.
I still stop by your place to talk to
knowing you no longer live there,
that you are no longer live here.
I even get caught up seeing people who
resemble you,
step up only to face disappointment.

Can you just give me one day LORD,
just one day to have them here,
to have good convo's.
bring him up to par for,
my progressions, transgression,
limited digressions,
while sippin on beer!
Can you give me hope of being
the good person in heart as they were.
Can I make people smile,
like you made me smile!
How can I be complete knowing
you are gone.
Its been too long, and still cry on,
but in me you live on!

Its OK to mourn for you...
but I still miss you......Dad!

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Its time to unveil your King my Queen
share with the world the reason of your savings
address to starving men of lust
that your heart belongs to your blessings
laugh in tears how the God's brought me here
that I share the life of purity in the roads WE walk
Let's remind woman and men
that my eyes want shift
distance will not be a problem
and the only vision I see is, you when we walk

Make announcement of my existence
I am no longer a project called, "COURTSHIP"
let me flash my badges of accomplishments
from failed men before me
let me remind all lusting hearts
that love last longer than a moment of satisfaction

Write me through your spoken tongue
let thoughts of dreamed men become realities
and not images you see when your eyes fall silent to sleep
think me up and recite the very words
that brought me to life
through patience
through prayer
and out of love
let me be the rib you donated in fixing mistakes
that man continue to replay

Decide on our day
lets plan out our travels by the minute
our roads to destination was build on commitment
we can finally embrace this union
know that the courtship is finished
and work on the next step
which has been a one year anniversary prep
to our ending of one chapter and working towards life in nuptials
we call, "the beginning"

Going the road we took
without second guessing,
envision how with any man this will feel and look
I agreed to take it with you
love is proven
later earned
that their is one man in mind
one standing man in line
the highest man next to the MAN in light
blessings gave me a second chance, to say "my turn"

You're not alone
my promise to you was not to leave you alone
that "WE" will do this as one flesh and not alone
I need you as much I need God
I won't make it on my own
Under witness of the one who sent me
I will,
I do,
forever I dedicate my love to only you
I am no longer a dream
just a prayer in delivered blessing
upon your wakening, that came true........

BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


One syllable greetings and leavings
conversations in rolled eyes and grunts
Kings size bed is not big enough
to gap tension between us
pride won't let me love you
pride won't rid myself of the anger and pettiness
upset over whatever it was but I forget
anger is the only love for each other
Depending on comforters to hold us
crossing arms, warms the hearts that hurt
Both rushing to go to sleep
and dream the happiness we once had
and for what
why is this our courtship in unwed settings
one more night of this,
no more nights of this
I'll find my way on the couch
and kiss you good night from a distance
a pray this feud away

BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Before you attempt to go on stage
you better have the accessories for this network
So your art to get more claps and invites for more of your work
have your pen and your pad
business cards or network page
have your confidence with your "I can do this face"
but it might not end there
you better plug yourself even if you are new or old
have an access, so they can have access,
for places your work can be viewed and sold
I don't care if you are a newbie
we care less if this is your bucket list
make the first impression like an interview
let your performance say how long you been doing this
take pride in this
educate your audience with your gift
let them to be amazed what your mind knows
don't let them leave without getting the message
at the same time your words got snappin fingas at your flow
leave home your low tone which is your shy tone
come in venues with the swag you, motivated and be articulate
at the end, let your piece spit volume
bring them product, but only spit your
"they going buy my issh", from your book
eye contact, speak loud for those in back
your poem better have them listening in a starring looks
We work for food,
we spit for knowledge
we ain't waste our time for hand cramps and head aches
to be remembered and die as a starving artist
so hours before show time
you get this poem and others in your mind
the stage is your best friend
mic is your boy or girl friend
So you better......GET THIS RIGHT!!!

By LeRoy ((TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected