Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, November 28, 2011


In a world where everything seems to be falling around us
where the fight between the Heavens and Hell-
seems to be leaning towards the devils favor
when right at this moment, you don't want to get up to give up
that turning to the bottle seems to be the most reliable friend you have
cigarette butts become monuments in many corners of your residence
when fear of checking the mail is not none of your business
I swear things feel, look, and taste horrible right now
but writing
writing about it or about something else
seems to save lives
creates a place where nothing could go wrong
where, your very dreams are no longer visions in closed eyes


stop waking up to look around
just to fall back to sleep


stop worrying over more worries
because your worries is more worried about you


stop deprogramming your mind to writers block
thinking there is nothing to write about


I know you have a pen
a paper, envelope or a bill to write on the back of
scribble all over your walls,
you can paint them another time when new life again calls


whats your excuse?
Don't feel like it?
nothing occupying mind, so whats on your mind?
not the feeling you want to feel in your heart, so what do you feel?
its not what you are trying to see, what are you looking at?


Stop stressing over not being right and just WRITE
Its saves lives and you will see that heals wounds


I mean now,
right now!!!
after you read this


By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I'm not trying to hold you hostage
I'm trying to imprison the love we have
keep it in darkness out of suns light
so shadows can not mimic and share us with others
and it will be written
that our love, that is as sacred as tombs of Egypt
sworn under oath like a priest in the catholic community
will travel the true distance of the earth to the sun
I want o close my eyes and never opening them
because my dreams
has no interruptions of destruction's
little less faults in flaws
lies would not even exist in our world of truth
so to continue to live under a life universal darkness
like those in Jerusalem nights
so I tint the windows in  my room
place my entire residence in dark silence
paint stars on ceilings and walls in phosphorescent paints
so are long sleeps would be protected by star lights

I'm not trying to hold you hostage
I'm trying to imprison the love we have
and if protecting my investment and infinite means
separating us from the world
to put our love in hiding like Bin Laden
and only be re-discovered by archaeologist
that two people died in loves confinement
please allow my sentencing to loving you begin...


By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Not sure of my faith for love
not sure if love has that purpose, that feeling
everything and anything is about lust
courting is now called dating
communication is through texting not talking
a union is all about financial mergers

Where is the Love?

We having children out of wedlock
children in wedlock is not a need but a happening
houses are no longer homes
just a means to avoid renting
Husbands are not always a bread winner
the wife is no longer the house keeper
more like the financial contributor
grandma's raising their kids babies
babies are going from 10 to age 20
by 12 you already been sexed or a parent already

So Where is the faith?

Church is not in the home
won't find the spirit in most folk
swearing is being accepted by older and younger folk
same sex is increasing in marital status
while opposite sex rather keep dating, looking pass marriage
getting a job is just for the money
no passion in the work today, just making it from Monday-Friday
Health care is no longer fare
health care physicians, don't care
living is just an option
while dying is another thing thats going to happen


No longer we will have family reunions
but block parties are on the rise
a lot less houses being bought
but apartment buildings are on the rise
mom and dad stores are seeing less visits
and super markets have less employees committed
neighbors dont know who you are
but they know your name in chanting mating calls
a village won't raise your child
but the streets surely encourage them to be wild

These are my views in doubts, things that should change
but will stay the same
but since I'm a poet
I can no longer end this with a signature of my government name


LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


How well is your skills on me

Before you answer me
I need you to fill out this wavier please
First line is a conscent of what your taken
every hole is an option with no mistaken
Advil and KY on the table for ease and aching
mouth piece for your bite downs,
while the body is quivering and shaking
bottom line
where you will sign
a garuantee and warranty
My satisfaction is guranteed
and expansions, damages and stretches is under warranty

Now that you agree do you have the ability
spreading your pussy cat with leg locking agilities
while your mouth on my wigth times length utilities

8x3's they measure me
my arms are at lock, feet flat on the floor
strong back flexibility
with soft like lotion on nothern tissue
lips and my tongue exploring and conquering walls freely

See, this is not just a new position we are comparing
and sharing in front of BlogTalk
I'm trying to see how fast your legs will collasp
from my clamping lips and scrolling tongue
and that was just a small application from me
eating thee on your hands is how you'll walk

I guess you thought with your hoover like skills
and BJ's like if lips could kill
then I would die with erection
while body stands still
I'm the extended version of a viagra pill
my contributions for extended usage
giving me more hours to produce some orgasmic/ejaculated spills

dayum you good though
and you know I love good head so....
so I lift one hand, keeping balance man
and placing it on back of your head
and forcing me up working dick down into your throat's that for show man

I feel you pulsating
want to look so bad how my face is buried in between you place
my moanin in baretones
makes air pockets loudly escape
you giving me joy with your legs and ass jigglin
causing orgasmic quivering similar as a six speed vibrate
its too late
I'm not stopping to I get that rewarding taste
hurricane tongue rolls
I even rub your clyt with my nose
slurping and sucking
and tip taping your back hole
no time to come up for air
without your cream wasting on the floor

look at you half assing the job
so I have to pushup mi waist
i dont feel your tonsil
you didnt take a moutful
if I bust off my off load
its going blast heavier than high pressure hose
warm fires to mouth down the throat
you earned your pearl necklace
protein mustache on your face

Hitting thug hard, while man soft
of course I and I the Gemini
meaning two I's
You jus had a menage tois

its been a minute
I'm devouring your kitty
like the release of 30 year convict
I'm smashing to win
I'm licking to get it in
yeah she moanin
screaming she cummin
fall to the floor
left my erupting throttle
now she is in a fetile, with her pussy uncontrollable spittin!

keep your balance! Registered & Protected

Monday, November 21, 2011


I get scared every time I see the reflection of glare
my lights and there shine battling
dunno what to do
do I move
will it move
what will be the consequences if we meet
someone may get hurt
one may die
might be both of us
too early to be this alert
but this war zone that won't let me sleep
the enemy is trying to be friendly
out of curiosity do damage to me
or themselves
true, we invaded their space
and they are fighting to keep a home
to roam freely but no place to go

so here we are

my movement to their standing
As I move into their direction
they respond to move towards me

someone is going to get hurt
one of us is going to die
it might be both of us
I just dunno what to do
when riding this road
and see that
from a standing deer


LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, November 17, 2011


You send a rapture of love sickles to my heart
I count everyday to the day I will see you
the day my chest becomes see through
and I'll stand proud as a man
but inside I cry to joy like a bride on her wedding day
This reunion has taken too long
but while the distance produces love so strong
I can't help to wonder
Will we be in love at first site?
even the vision of your lips creating a smile
warms me in freezing below temperatures
My heart plays a solo in loving concerto
in the communication from native drums
the ones you would find in the Congo
I keep back spacing and spell checking
cause I'm so in the rush to post this
that you wouldn't know,
this poem was on my today's list

I wrote this piece for you

I know you're reading this
I can see you smiling to this
cause our smiles rises simultaneously
and if your eye should tear at every line
then you too share the lines that brought tears to my eyes
I want you right now like a need
far more than a fools greed
I'm going to sleep knowing that full moon shines on me
your eye in my sky, looking down on me
and I, I am looking back at you
the sun will tell me
I'm a day closer to be one with you
to know the first day will be kissing you
the second day will be holding you
the third day will be bonding with you
and the last days will be.........dayum
lets go back to the first 3 days
this excitement has moved me foreword to day one
I open my eyes back to the day before 1
rain starts to clog my vision during my write
but that’s outside
my vision is clouded by my teary eyes
tomorrow, takes one day away from wondering why
so I write
continuing to write towards you
for you
about you
loving you
and my writing finally ends
when I'm writing with you

So I write poems in secret messages of
I'm thinking of you
I'm thinking about you
I'm thinking of loving you
no more thinking

I love you!

By LeRoy(TNW)Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I got a crush on you from a mile away
but see I don't want to step to you any kind of way
A flower like you needs a confident man type of approach
originality from the heart when introducing myself
I want to assure my first words are lasting words
that my impression is more than a interview
that I'm a interview man that's into you
See with me
its not about game
though I want to be consider for the draft pick
played as first string
and retire with benefits of endless gratuities of being with you

So don't get me wrong if I say, "can we go out on a DAY"
yeah I said a "DAY"
a date is not enough time
and I want to spend time knowing you, knowing me
and comparing notes

like if you and me can become WE at the end......
of the DAY,
don't doubt my confidence
but even the toughest guys can be the shyest of men

Can I get pre-school with you for fun?
send you a note asking questions
with boxes below saying YES, MAYBE, or NO
Give you my number for phone calls
and not for texting
because your voice sooths me in hidden messages

Can I, have a DAY with you
maybe grab a light meal
or walk around and embrace each others aura
while nature shines her best on us
learn each others interest by getting into each others interest
see how many times we can smile at everything
without looking on anything
look but not stare and create our own
facial expressions, "like umm she's fine"

dayum he's fine
talk about the flaws in us
because I can identify from a far
there is good in us.
Lets lay choices on the table to decide
if we can accept or compromise
See I want this to be just right
real nice.

I have an interest in you
more than a crush for you

but from a far, far away view
looking to step to you for a interview
cause I'm so into you


By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, November 14, 2011


Greeted me with a good by kiss
softer than swallowing Jello topped with whip cream
a touch that only lasted for seconds
as it stays on our lips for eternity
we shy about the exchange
smiles turned into brownish complexion of red
it was only a kiss
barely an embrace
just leaning in 60/40
moon illuminating in spot light path
and saying good by with a taste.
By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


I found love that is more eternal than a womb
no boundaries growing with the expansion of the universe
a feeling that overrides your bodies like every disease known
to break down blood cells, immune systems and antibodies
This love could not be broken like the mystery of the big bang
it took longer than Genesis, 7 earth days to make
it takes longer than reparation for lost deaths to break
its my resolution like a cold case
its built on a strong foundation that last longer than mommies
in tombs, still Born's in wombs
and much taller than Everest
and fully together than a liars expressions on face.
I found a beginning with a perfect ending in one life time
and in this life time, I will build my lifetime through lifeline
of my soul mate.
Our love was seeded when we were conceived the day our generations seeds was ejaculated.
If I die before I wake,
when you find the remains of me and my soul mate
you will know we died
Til death do us part, and together is how we stayed!
6000 years later discovered and we still holding like when died that day.

BY LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


The wind slowly sings to a moment of cool
wanting to run threw fields and dive into raked piles
laying in orange, red and yellows once green
looking at the sunlight beam in a lighter radiance
no bugs around,
very little noise, just the leaves dancing to winds
watching how the barks and branches
stand naked with out their summer greens
I become my own shade in dim lighting
its that time of year
comfortable, not really cold
just relaxing.
a little more clothes worn than usual
but I'm cool with the cool
we both just
and it feels real cool.
this season,
I drop like the leaves
as we fall like the fall to embrace autumn.

LeRoy(TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected