Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Guest what y'all

Walmart is moving in
Target already got themselves settled in
Best Buy put their stamp on a two block length

no more bootleg tables
Benny ain't walking around selling stolen toiletries
CVS and 7Eleven is your inconvenience, I can't afford convenience store
Mom and pop stores going bye bye
mom and pop stores have to raise their price high
mom and pop stores are where????

Guest what y'all

they got jobs at them stores
but they not hiring no one from your......neighborhood
you ain't trained enough
don't have a proper name for you to
they are trying to look good for the new faces
face lifts on color schemes walking in old places
Not catering to you, so you yell out 'racist"
but who cares?

Guest what y'all

they doing buy outs around town
500,000 cash is how open eyes sound
30 days to take it and move out
but yo,
what can you purchase now a days in DMV for 500 thou?
I see you trading in your D.C. ID for M.D. in the county of P.G.
P.G. ain't no longer M.D.
its just a S.E. and N.E occupying P.G. .........county

I'm driving y'all
no, I'm walking y'all
in neighborhoods 10 years ago would not greet me y'all
now they say hi
or smile with fear of my brown
or they hope I'm going to turn them down(for robbery)
looking up at full green trees
smelling roses and not corners stained of smelling pee
I can see myself in the brand new street sign
I can see myself in the bus stop plexi glass
I can see myself as myself and not as no one else
I can walk on the curve kicking air not rocks or glass
No corner liquor stores, just Wines and Spirits
No carry outs, just Restaurants that deliver
I'm walking and looking like a site see-er

look around like I'm not suppose to be here
hearing humming cars blasting music at Walkman volumes
people yelling hello and not cursing
they speaking foreign language
they be speaking proper English
slanguage? That has gone in extinction
I was born here right?
I grew up here right?
My ancestors help build and purchase these brick stones right?
Don't recognize this place
they don't remember the old space
they don't remember how it was
they don't remember, because they bought us out

so we are not SOUL OUT

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, January 23, 2012

ON THE GO..........

Its time for me to up and leave
no looking back
" I deserve a break today"!
but I need more a break today
I need to jump in my car and go far away
further then GPS can pick up
away from cellphone reach
where the only bars I seek
is the one's on my EQ's when the beats set me free
No bags packed,
just me, my paper, pen, music and wine
flowing 85 down 95 in the all black AC(acura)
Dressed in my whatever clothes
and plain face with a serious smile
Set my mind clear from areas I'm familiar with
all I know right now
is just now
no names, no employment
no stages or mics
just my mental write
as go slow real fast in the night
not looking for love
or destination to reach
just a moment with a processed mind
and speech when the radio speak

So please,
when I go
I mean when I hit the road
don't look for a leave slip
or me calling in sick
don't amber alert me cause you haven't heard from me
you can pray for me
but don't ask for my return
I'm looking for a get a way
far, far, far, far away
and when I'm ready,
I'll let you know, when I get back
from my get a way
for now........I'M ON THE GO.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


I close my eyes as soon as they announce you
ready to clear my thoughts but visions of you
silencing all noise in a crowded room
waiting patiently for you to serenade me with your poem
your delivery gives me chills
my heart starts rapid beats
can't hold my pace
can't remove the smile from my face
I know you just passed me
from swaying hips, clicking to 5 inch heels
and yes your perfume
(eyes closed)
I can see your nervousness (eyes still closed)
I hear your hesitation(ears at attention)
you've done this many times before
you're not a virgin to the stage anymore
you are divinity with your poems
you are serenity sounds from soft voice
you are the next generation, first choice
got this man excited like a boy

you adjust your self(closed eyes tightly)
look quickly to the crowd
clear throat then lean foreword(smile with my eyes closed)
and say the first words out loud(applauding in heartbeats)
"HELLO", My name is, and this is my poem. (YES, in mind)


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Friday, January 20, 2012

Februrary 11th

Will be performing here with many other talents. Be there! Registered & Protected


Rain on me, drowning me in your heavenly wines
your love always has me intoxicated

pour on me
pour on me
drink to me, drink with me, drink me

entrap me in surroundings less than taste test glasses
seeping sweet sours to bitter after taste to my pallet

surround me with your grapes
absorb me with your grapes
grape me with your anticipation

take away my long breath when you sip me
give me back life when you smile and exhale my taste
I am your added ingredient
I make this drink enhance its flavor
I remind you what coming home to chilled wine means
glands extract, extra saliva to moisten your mouths desire
revived the fire to dry quench
applauding throats when swallowing commence

I'm convinced that I am your last obsession
I'm convinced that I am your last drinking session

Pour on me
Pour on me
than drink all of me!

BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Mz Cool Dude

You got swag,
walking around with slick sway and pants at sag
low cut, shape up, tight Caesar,
360 degrees in wave treatments
a gyrating waist like me, tongue type pleaser
You got that smooth approach to woman
and though she might not be interested
that cologne mixed in your pheromones makes strong minds
turn weak minds tempted
guys look at you,
you carry like dude
and you fine, under that front line
you stick able and lick able Mz Cool Dude

oh yeah
you got swag
walking by the homies
with a nod that makes watchers mad
checking out the dime piece Nicki Menaj bod
clinging to your arm
giving you a kiss with all tongue
yo slim, you got it going on
skinny jeans, Levis and fresh Nike kicks
button down shirt flying open,
WTF, wearing a wife beater in strapped down tits
A Les, Fem, butch or Dom
walking like us, talking like us
grabbin crotch with no clutch
a king queen in the bed
with that made like a man,
meant for a woman type touch

You bad
you got mad swag
pulling in the good gyals gwan baad
men work all night
trying tag that bag
but you got this cool
a cool like smooth silk in water cool
they want to be like you
born in the mortal as Womb man
you cool,
Mz Cool Dude.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, January 2, 2012


My heart keeps going in hurdles while getting lost in portals
always reminding me that
I stand blinded by my own seeing eye facts,
what I felt for you was conclusive as DNA results
but with a mans needs later formulating to a boys greed
I chose to go with others while leaving you behind
I know we could be
but I kept creating these selfish blocks of obstacles
as it led to us emotionally betraying our obligated hearts
for something that was nothing,

something that was considered newly found
A man so close to over seeing the stereotypes
these fraudulant beliefs in spotlighted deciets
because in a closed bedroom
it was just me and you
our love spoke outloudly
I would give back the day of begining leading to our ending
just to have you back to the first day of greetings
to have your happiness
Just one morning to see a message
to hear your voice
to share our releases

it took some time for me to put together this write
all my personal tools rebelled on me
because I did wrong to a good life
my pen chose not to deliver ink with love
paper decided not to allow no words come to life
without your name being spoken of
and it was out of love
my brain just shut down
only to resusitates itself,
when you came around
I messed up
Nah, I mean I ****ed up
apologies could not come on bended knees
publics cries without lies
or presentation of material things

only thing that matter to me  

Your recieving me again would make me live again
as your friend
without doubt
without sarcasm
without limitation
being two adults skipping around again like kids
sending love notes in folded papers
with candy rings used during proposals
dandilions as our bouquets
and kissing behind that weaping willow

can we again inscribe big hearts with are initials
in that old willow tree
scrolling back in time to the poetic begining
and just be, WE
You should have been mine
Your heart should have been with mine
You should not decline
for the second time around
we can make this right

You know what to say and how to reply
simply raise your pen
apply it to paper
and respond
in a code of write....

Be mine!
By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected