Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, December 31, 2010


The devils nectar
promotes behavior in thoughts
Alcohol is bad!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner


I'm in love with her for many reasons
how do I know for sure, its instinct
a sense of assurance,
a warranty with insurance
a happening thought before occurrence
a physical strengthening before endurance

so I sat back one day trying to imagine loving her without Keene senses
those same senses that draws my interests
to make me understand this attractiveness
but without my senses
I would be useless
for example

If I couldn't see, would I actually had the chance to meet her
would I have seen the angel I seen that day
the same angel that kept me at total stare without blinking
to see this angel in my sleep and daydream visions
where will I be if I can love to see you

Would if I couldn't hear that voice which makes me melt
a tone I can't let go, its so exciting when I close eyes and feel her breath
the way it sounds when she says my name during sex
the moans and the whispers in sounds, uplifting to my health
how can I not hear you, see you and still love you

I start dying when I think of being numb
that I could never know what she feels like externally and internally
to understand how she moves me when she touches me
and when hearing seeing and feeling are combined
I'm aroused above climatic altitudes going north bound inclines
can't touch her

I'm trying to imagine not feeling her or for her
emotionless which exist in most men with senses
loving her and not know why or what I'm feeling for her
having a beating heart to survive, but never beating for her
to cry when I have her, cry when I lose her
to be mad at her,
then happy again with her
sad for her
understanding more of her
feeling less is not a God's gift
I don't to live if I'm not feeling it

I'm getting erections on my taste buds explaining this
the sweets, sours and bitterness
tongue wars, lips locks
and lower waist kisses
I'm dying on the thought I would never taste her lips(both of them)
the art of wars with tongue exchanges
slipping to her cheeks from tasty gloss exchanges
smiling with a Kool Aid glare from fountain taste
But if I can't see her
hear her
touch her
or feel for her
then even a tasteless taste will all go to waste

I appreciate my senses....
do you?

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Thursday, December 30, 2010


I watched us change with the seasons,
in spring we sprung in love
summer we embraced in long walks,
the ones with sands between our toes
fall came, and we fell in love
but the time of year when I need you
using my arms as wings for you
you're sending signals of quietness
the silence of all silenceses
So I through up my hands wanting to quit
but the only person motivating me
challenges me not to quit

but I sit here walking over thorn peddles
that was once my rose that turned dark and black
rising to smells of deceiving sweet sours
lingering across stained wood floors

everything beautiful is just a lie waiting
to see the devils truth
music is loud sirens in my ears to wake up
My Eve is no longer
I felt us ending the day my side was hurting

my digressions to corners, are sessions holding bottles like I held you
taking on bad habits that I promised never to turn to
heartbreak is a......
sad to see a man diminished like this

I must be quite heated about this isssh
cuz every time I walk pass a sprinkler
it activates water, trying to cool me down and issh

rocking back and forth like the elderly counting their last days
im shaking my head in lost like civil rights movements shaking heads in shame
don't even know my name
what, God, what is my purpose again
took 10 pens to cooperate in this wretched write

my best pen, who was my best man
couldn't bare to waste ink on this plite
constantly melting away
turning to a puddle of soils
from lack of bathing
my perfumes are designed by
Merlot's, cirocs, and Seagram's 7

moon and sun rises in directions my windows don't face
they rather not waist there rays and hi lighted stares
in my depressing face

you know it's bad when poetry don't make sense
when you joined angry groups
cause everything you stand for
seems to be against you

then that day comes
when the life that kept you alive
walks by you
and smile
and say hi
with another rib on her side

glowing like she did with me
like everything is alright
passing me like I was invisible
the thing of the past
holding his left hand
as if announcements were made to woman and man

still sporting my credit line on her shoulder
Berkin Bag
with his stuff and gifts tucked in it
swaying in the shoes
that I bought for you to walk out of my life with
and into his path

is this the trials of a man submitting to love?
To lower his emotional thugships
for a lease on a relationship
didn't quite read the fine print
warranty warned me I wont be able to keep up with this
but I invest for the quest for ownership

Silly me
coming back to InkOnWrite
to end my year with bad hype
but this is my vent
blazing my pen
is the....
smoking these pieces
cuz poetry is my pipe
a committed infection
a death with no resurrection

as I continue to walk on thorn peddles......

By LeRoy Goetzendanner


Stealing Kisses

Excuse me Miss,
I need to tell you this,
A confession to a crime, I’m about to commit
That involves me using just my lips,
To steal a taste from your lips,
I’m asking for your name, don’t care for it
Nor do I want your number
Not interested on who your with
Trying to satisfy lips that wonder,
I just want to intertwine
Embrace and waist whine,
Having my tongue flicker fight to yours
With our eyes closed
Escaping moans and curled toes
My lips will finally know
Are they really that soft?
Dayum for your kiss,
Forget about how I attempt to do it
I see your reaction, don’t get distracted,
If I lean and kiss you in public.
Trust me, I have nothing more planned in mind
My vision is grab your waist, breath on neck,
Then still a kiss while you’re blind with me from behind.
Not recording the length of time,
Just in a trance to the exchange,
Information from my hands reading your frame
While my kisses forces you to exhale your name
Unwelcoming feelings that are fulfilling
Through our precious kiss
I’m about to commit a crime
Can I steal your lips
Strip away your breath with mines,
With your chest pressed against mine,
And we do this little rocking thing with our hips
Slow draggin to our heart beats
As we race to our breathing
Leads to awkward situations,
Definitely cause overheating
You tasting my cherry flavored chapstick
My tongue outlining your watermelon lip gloss
Suck your lips off,
Your work on my top lip
While I suck your bottom lips off
You are so soft….
Tasting mint flavors, cinnamon breath savers
Trying to keep my mind off
Your lower flavors
So I’ll be polite in asking,
Can I steal your lips
Run away with your kiss
The kind of theft,
That’s unexpected,
Trust me when I say
Your lips will no longer feel neglected
Its more like a greeting
Sensations is what your receiving
A kiss that makes most say I do
No one else but me and you
Just keep your eyes closed
After my lips touches your
Allow your exchanges to run slow
Insides flowing to rushing blood flow
Just respond with your ummms
Thank me with closed eyes and aahhsss
This is consented attempt to steal a kiss
No preparation when I do this
Hot/cools to winter bliss
Rising mist from a stolen kiss!

I took it………….

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I take today as my day to inscribe my feelings
into a heart of stone
winter brings the cold, stone hearts make it colder
so I rely on my pen
I ask my pen to guide me
I raise my pen towards my diety

Help me
provide for me
I lay my pen down
and ask it to write for me

send the message of reconnection
put together words that brings reconcilliation
produce the sounds that gives broken heart rehabilitation
convince me I'm not just writing for food
that my words are not my path to survive
I'm alive to every pen drop
my cursive scribes are the beats of my pacing heart
my death is instant when the period concludes my pieces

I need that release
I need to set my mind to her soulful free
I believe
truly believe
that I faith in SHE
and SHE has faith in ME
and ME have faith in WE
and WE keep our faith on HE

I ask my pen
to tell my paper
send this message from my flowing thoughts

To feel love again!

BY LeRoy Goetzendanner

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I didnt want hear it
couldn't bare to believe it
I knew when I finally took the time to see it
it read..
the show is over
the show is over
the show is.....

when you told me, I thought I was hearing a vent well over due
I sat there listen as sounds went in one ear and out the other
never expect this from you
said I was not living up to my contract
so our life line is pulled

the show is over
the show is over
the show is

from day one we were the best of
always connected as we watched the falling of the rest of our
now I'm sitting here trying to pretend
THIS IS THE END............

the show

still living in disbelief
saw the email that was titled CANCELLATION
scrolling in my incoming texts, TERMINATION
renewal application says, DISQUALIFICATION
deh en of mi one blood,
mi sey no more to yuh mi sistren. NO DEDICATION
I guess the new year brings new SITUATIONS
the show is over

according to you!

Last piece for you!
By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Monday, December 27, 2010

Twistology(non credit poet course)

Twistology(non credit poet course)

Fighting through my last praise of liberal amber ways of grays
to the end of days
It was a homicide to most but resurrection to the gifted
the day my words were shot down
became a metamorphic rising of a new prophet
lying in the depths of the ink that was injected in me
that became a part of me
later the death of me
a poet swimming in a pool of blues and blacks,
from a rejected heart, and falling flows
that no longer has one beat
I rise today
rise to an occasion
a new scenario
a papers new penetration
I rise with the help of the word
it came through darkness with its Alpha lights
inserted in my veins like syringe BIC needles
flushed out my blockages,
bringing good back to this evil
I'm alive again
I'm Alove again
I stand tall to the old blood that kept me steady
I knew one day, that my elder host
would produce a stronger post that was ready
I'm still the old me times the two of me
the twistnwords that died with me
comes in advancements of his work
emotionally, physically, spiritually and ILLITERALLY!
my course is dead ahead
my mission is overstanding the understanding
I'm a prophet and a writer in two, the body of man
I am
I believe
I see
that I'm born again

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Sunday, December 26, 2010



I invite you to reach deep,
concentrate. But don’t loose focus
believe tonight is not the night to write a impressive piece
that tonight is the night to shine with a connected piece

get out your bowl of alphabets
digest them, regurgitate it
flowing up your esophagus producing sounds
let your fires release the beast

tell your side of the sadness
capitalize and emphasize your madness
now is not the time to BS
(I say) now is not the time to BS
now is not the time to BRING BS

kneel down when you write
lay down when you write
curl up in the corner with flickering lights
and write poet write!
write this piece like its your last will
write for the hope towards good will
write and recite and dot your endings
with periods of a inks that took its last spill

this shyt is for real
deep inside your molested soul
far from the reaches of abused speeches
caught inside the hands that protected you from
other hands
are teaching's of after lesson thoughts
a Rosetta Stone introduction
on how far the soul reaches

now is not the time to fear
now is not the time to be feared

leave your fear out there
bring your courage in here
no longer shall you hold back tears
cry through your spoken words
until the taste buds in their mouths
sours to the words that they will hear

you will loose your mind to your writes
you will loose weight of a poets lost appetite
loose your selfishness
your dignity til your wrongs are your writes

My words
I dare you
I dare you to
abuse what I gave and sacrifice for you
My soul...
offered to the highest blessing you know

Words of my heart
Words of my pains
words to my last day
words towards my resurrection like the third day
words as survival to grow
words that say peace
and in the end of the this piece

this is


By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I am in love with poetry
and there is no underminding our connection
shyt I dream about words to pieces and pieces being release
not caused by flowing blood
but its poetry that got me waking with an penial erection

the other day I was in the middle of convo
I was just texting
almost getting hit by cars while crossing interesections
talking about a poem I saw in the Poetry Blog section
jocking a piece more than recieving oral fixation in mulitple sessions
when I realized who I was back and forth with this texting
came about when I laughed outloud, recieving a message
that I was.....

texting poetry

I got these thoughts in my head
and if you see me in public
talking to myself like someone is standing there
there is somebody there
I am actually talking to myself
the inner poetic self
and poetically speaking
I speak back to me
that me is written on the paper that speaks
from my mouth these words come out
and say I am

talking to myself in tongues of poetry

I want to write a piece about my love for poetry
where I send it to 10 friends
and they call and read it back to me
want to make love to my pieces
get married in my pieces
say prayers in churches delivering scriptures only day I was rehearsing my pieces
say I do and divorce, just to reconcile with my pieces
having interludes, and menage's and even cheat with my pieces
have a fight, even bite and maybe die from my murdering pieces
have dinner with my pieces
share a cab with my pieces
go on date to spoken word spots
having diamonds and picture of suites and bally shoes on my pieces
break fortune cookies that I purposely stuff with messages from my pieces
place them in a tall zip lock bag so I can take late night shower with my pieces
take off Reeses and put MY in front of pieces, New candy bar
on the market so I can eat my pieces
send out a big care package with my return address to me
so I can recieve mail from poems in pieces
place my pieces on the christmas tree with my star made out of my favorite folded pieces
have intimate moments with pics of dime pieces I can't have
when my protection is wrapped with my naughty pieces

I just want to be a peace the day I die with my piece
on the stage singing staying alive with my peace
and die to wake up walking to a white light with pieces
and give offerings to the light at the end,
that this piece is for you, i'm giving GOD my biblical pieces
and in my last will, I leave my surviving pieces
to all my pieces, I leave my pens, mics and stages
my estate to all my pieces

Imma nut case
just a true lover of poetic pieces

Stalking........... my pieces!
By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I had my clock set that night
hoping to catch that lunar eclipse in dark light
but I open my eyes
and there was you
the moon I wanted to block my sun
the eyes that see for me,
were blinded by the beauty of one
am I dreaming?
or is this a so wanted image I have to see
I pinch myself over and over again
but its true
my eyes aren't deceiving me
you are hear with me
lying next to me
in front role view for me
I'm the only audience to this slide show
the one that have us watching from our sides slow
applauding out loud
with just a smile
that this is happiness
right here
right now
and though I missed a site in rarity
that took 372 years to happen in one night beam
I'll slowly close my eyes to sleep
just to wake again to that first responding feeling!
My Eclipse!!!!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Sunday, December 19, 2010

THAWING OUT............

Honey vanilla chai kisses in exhanges from lips
hot chilli or chicken noodle soup with curry in it
my snuggie huggie, warmth of your body
beneath all wrappings is nakedness with you ontop of me
fire place lighting the way
while the wood crackling applauses on our happening
silent breaths become base tones to mist in the air of release
shaking and quivering not from cold air
but the strength of my package causing expansion
and deep touches
in which in a matter of seconds, numbness
makes us forget how to breath
only in the winter you can appreciate bondage connection
swollen intensive reactions to erections
when 9 months of additions come from injections of 17 second conceptions

you melt me in just a kiss
warm me from strong embrace
keep me lifted in just one taste
beautiful while in naked we lay
Its such a blessing to have my rib donated soulmate
trapped here in snowed situations
no interferences
just occurences
a life without judgement
just committment
I wish we can have this forever
but for now, I'' close my eyes and sleep with eternity!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Friday, December 17, 2010


Her smile wins my heart from the start
every movement of her lips is conversation to my soul
the words are murmurs 2 my listening ears
and every paused moment is exhaling blows
causing eyes to tear
with rising flavored lips gloss invading my nose

I feel our distance leaning foreword
having no choice but to satisfy my curiousity on floating images
in my mind boggling comparisons on how soft her lips really are

I imagine tasting them with a sweetness decorating them
leaving my tongue no option but to salavate before meeting them half way
I see myself in long trances as I watch her lips
being traced and penciled
the pencil racing smoothly across the top lip line
and fall to a dip, slowly to her bottom lip drop
wishing I was painting her lips
sucking away, one lip at a time, until her moans scream stop

but I sit here suffering as I continue daydreaming
on lip conversations that's teasing me
betting my bottom dollar, kissing them will be freezinng me
I keep mentally asking for a kiss, but responds is like she is ignoring me
not hearing me
nor is she blinking twice for yes, no chance of her seeing she meeting me

look at this angel
with lips softer than tasting hot tea while in the cold
experiencing tingles like spicy food on tongue and lisp reactions to bubbled sodas afterwards

Can I redirect this conversation and talk in a form of lip sync
so I can watch the movement of your lips over, and over and over again
until I fall asleep from your kiss???
By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Thursday, December 16, 2010


This is not good bye
there is no way I'm shedding tears
accept for the ones skies began to cry

I wont say good bye
cuz we face each other in departure
are beating hearts will  not feel right

I cant believe this is "so long"
just saw you and just held you
after letting go,
It already feels like you're gone

Is this how things end
first you meet, getting to know
get comfortable, then you go
only hangin on to memories of being friends

Gotta to stay strong for both of us
no need to cry until our heads hurt the both of us
the meeting was for a reason
right on time, at the perfect season
but I assure you
this does not mean this is the end of us!


Until then

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


From the first word
your creativity of speaken played
putting a spell on me
moved me eternally
like a vibrating thesaurus
Trust me
all you have to do is perform for me
or before me
and watch my eyes stare with plotting intents

or is it the voice
and the choice of tones you use depending on the word play
I close my eyes to every line
its so funny how your words turn to moans
and what your moans in phrases do to me

You say it's poetry???
I think you found a way
to invade my space
by flippin that signature tongue at me

your words has my body shaking into different flavors
lips touching with flipping tongue walking
has my insides fallen like the equator melting away artic glaciers

A poets words are dangerous
injecting in my stimili like angel dust
wearing a T-shirt saying, "poetry or bust"!
I'm not sure if this is love,
but surely for a poem in your voice
I'm totally in lust

she said all this to say
if you can spit a poem
through my thoughts and using your words
she fell back in her chair
you know how to make my rush with a blush
in one word play!

Carry me away, Spoken word, just carry me away!!!!!!!
By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

IF I............

If I make a sound........

then I might just missed the beating of your heart with mine
the communication of my love for your love
in this place, in this time
so silence becomes my name

If I blink............

I might just miss your eyes on mine
telling me, "come here",
"come take me", "come love me"!
so I stare still not to miss your message
I stare not to miss a thing

If I move.........

I might miss your move on me
a move that will make my chained heart
become free
a move that may bring the You and I
to cut back this divide
and make us, into WE
so I stnad fast in a still manner, no movement

If I pray..............

My answers will be answered
by the maker, my creator,
My father
and because I have faith, patience
and his guidance
I'll continue to be on my knees waiting
for his blessings and for you to say
" I do"!
so I pray, patiently wait
keep up the faith
and walk in the way
Jesus walked for love in his last days....

If I...........
By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Monday, December 13, 2010


I would tell you the truth, but then I'll be lying
if I lie to tell the truth,
then the end result
you will still think I'm lying
To be open about me
is like you being open about your personal to me
truth is
there is no such thing as truth
just telling you comforting words you want to hear
the only thing I could truly make clear
is that we are now and we are here
thats the truth
telling you I love you is the truth
but if I had to admit to be in love with you
then only my heart can speak that truth
dont fault me cuz my actions are distractions of false
information that can never be worded as you want to hear it
thenit gets  lost
do I have to spell it
if you want to know the truth
don't go looking for it
let me have the chance to tell it
don't give me guidelines of what you do
and how much you can't tolerate a lie
cuz somewhere in the back of your mind
you too, are telling lies
but this will not be a tit for tat
a spit on your spat
this is the truth about some lies
now if you want to hear me lie
don't listen to my words, listen to my eyes
cuz the eyes dont lie
words are just a comfort sound your ears want to hear
those sounds that are passed through rushing blood
for the heart and brain get to get clear
The truth is
this might be a lying poem
but my poems dont lie
they serve as a truth
so listen, again listen with your eyes.

I am truthful
but I can't help but to respond in a lie
Truthfully, I'm lying
but in heart
in my heart
I will speak the truth
you decide through my eyes

So decide now, or forever hold your piece!

That is the truth!!!!!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner


Eye catching, breath taking, soul shaking, love making
I havent yet introduced myself
but the minute my eyes laid upon such beauty
my heart starting beating
my soul started singing
my will was ready to surrender
my strength wanted to box out any contenders
you gave me oxygen
when breathing started failing me
you nurished my apetite, when my hunger begged to be empty
I know now you are more that a visual a blind would love to see
you heavenly from every corner, no need to die to see angels like SHE
my everything
my materials and my unselfishness
my beauty, my ugly to my last words of conceitedness
affectionness without infectionness
you cover me whole
leaving no part exposed in my nakedness
I confess
when you made love to me
I cried secretely while I smiled in heated sweats
there can only be one you
trying to duplicate your thoughts, body, love and soul
but the realness
their can never be another you, a cloan or drone
DNA sweetness of you
its sad
I sit here gathering my thoughts through journals that remind me
how good love can be
if I only looked foreword to God
and not back at Satan and his cohersing
I'm the Adam all over again
this time
I'll listen to the snake
and instead of a biting into the apple
I'll take long dips into the forbidden pond
bonded with a cave that should never have had vacancy for me
one night of exploration
brought the end of lifetime built by you and me
slowly falling down
not in love
but in the lust again
must stay
but I drown!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saving myself for someone else.....

Dont want to count the X's on the calender from which this begain
try not to remember the last time
it was a good time
now I lay here substaining to obstain
I'm a man
a man that has needs
a masculinity who needs to release
a shyness in the darkness
til the first shine of the moon
rises a ragging beast
I prayed on my last day of bonded flesh
that was the day I told my Lord, "Yes"
I ready to surrender and not be part of this mortal mess

waiting for God to create the best
from my rib will come creation
while I lay here to rest
start from day one like the begining
see if the new her and new I, will pass the test
the second time around

I'm saving myself from someone elses desease
preserving my life for that one to get me at souful release
dying inside not to cross my faith
shaking like an addict cause i'm lurred by the devils bait
not going to give up on you Lord
not going to give up on you my future in the making
not going to give up on you the eternal seeds of creation

I will be worth my wait
I know my wait to the blessings of my faith
my faith is towards my God while he sculps and creates
creates the likeness of my dreams,
the body and soul of my mate

Its almost coming
I sense her knocking on my door
coming down my chimney
appearing from my lamp
it was worth saving and obstaining
worth to feel my rib come to life that day
I was saving myself
for you,
it was worth saving
saving all of me for all of you
until we finally be one that day!

Saving myself!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I remember a woman telling me
that a kiss can sooth her soul
but when she kissed me,
it turned her spirit into gold
She proclaimed me as a long un-answered prayer
that was always standing there,
providing truth through lie detectors
when no one else dared
when no one else cared

I can remember our first meeting, like sunshine during a eclispe
when saying good bye took more than a few minutes
our first date was 11 oclock service
we were both nervous
cause it was at her church

our second date was about to end at 4:37 pm
til we kissed during the sunset
and released when the light of the moon
hit our skins

our second month together was celebrated at the Labcorp
taking a test we wanting to past
cause our flesh wanted so much more

6 months into our courtship
we are delegating dating as a relationship
thats a downgrade from marriage in long term practices
to see if we were truly the prayed for matches

than New Years came
20 seconds to count down
on my feet with a poem titled OUR NAMES
16 minutes already into 8 verses
wrote the piece that day so it was'nt rehearsed
8 seconds the count down said on TV
while I reached out my heart to her, through my poetry
5 I fell to my knees
4 asked you to marry me
3 a tear fail from both our eyes
2 you mumbled yes in teary cries
1 we kissed til the next year fell on we

a moment in time I will not forget
each moment
each obstacle
hard work, blood and sweat

If I could only have that daaaaay back!

Just a second chance on that first chance
a second dance like the first dance
wondering hands becoming one hand
a kiss
just a kiss
that begin all this
and the same kiss that would be our end!
By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Unforgettably Pleasing..........

I want you
I want to remember bathing in fallling sands
while time passes us by
hands touched, bodies rushed
and exchangeable entangleable kisses
that moan in waving hi's

I want to
me Wanting to remember how your love was like world winds
and took me in like quick sands
quiver to the movement of genisis
declarating our love in announcements of
first Man and first woman

I want to
I want to forget how easy it was to separate
and go back to working hard to court you
walking the path,
then taking your hand
to spiritual enrichments that other men never walked too

I dream to
I dream to vision a dream of arms in embraced
waters swimming across our feet
while inhaling/exhaling your satins and lace

I live to
I live to move and in high rated speeds of slow motion
collaborating to our heartbeats at one sync
joing like underway replinishments
with my brown probes seeding aganist your female couplins in pinks

I dont want keep wishing upon falling stars
I want us to be stars falling from the heights of standing
to a cool splash in our landings

no more wanting
far more than needing
answer comes to me in alarms
alarms sounded
the rush is gone

dayum, I hate when I get lost in my dreaming!
By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Falling in love (playback)

Gimme one reason to fall again
and I'll give you four seasons to believe again
I gurantee I can bring the universe to you
the very day our eyes close and we touch lips
lids dropping slowly inviting darkness
a blindfolded moments brings our lunar eclispe

Lets try to fall in love again
the day that a mutal agreement of long term friendships
makes us rush from the idea that cause a rush
and we can layback on our 20th smiling
as woman and man

lets buy a pair of engagement rings
cause this moment should shine not on one finger
this a stepping stone
lets raise our left hands
and compare our glares to the suns stare
and laugh the whiteness
that has brightness
causing a frown
on the sun,
he's showing jealousy towards I shimmering stones

lets fall again
like a Nes tea commercial
when the man takes a sip
cold hits his lips
and he fall back into a cool pool
lets reverse the hands of time
when the insemination was not his but mine
so I can be there to feel your tummy
smile at the joy coming into the word
when his first cries announeces us Daddy and Mommy

falling back

lets go further back
to the day I gave birth to you
when I was a man on days of creation
when removal of my rib made simular likeness of me
now the form I be, is now share by two
where we do the right thing
you would listen and follow me
not that serpant thing

fall with me
fall to me
fall hard with me
lets hurt from it
make up and kiss
and heal to it
dont be scared of it
put our faith in it
kneel down and we both pray on it
go to sleep and die before we wake on it

fall    in    love!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Monday, December 6, 2010

Convo's with myself(its like that sometimes)

My sentence
your short responds
my pettiness
your emotions being harmed
So whats left than an informal message to keep comms
I enjoy reading back what I send
cause I get little to stimulate a big mind with small responds
No longer am I that look for,
that inbox expected
that start from 11:59 to ending sent 12:03 message
that come around, your Mr right now,
sparkles in your eyes like you were turned on
tuned me out, is more like it
turned off, yeah I'll buy that
distance is because, "It is what is" no need to deny that
the illusional, false conclusional, free high at
we ask to buy that
so why
why try that or this anymore
if the temeperature between us colder the air outdoors
the one we breath together
how we felt to be together
happily never ever
it makes more sense, to save thoughts displayed in a emotional sentence
by just clicking on address, imputing a sender
title"Hey You" without your name on display or mentioned
enter my mind through writing for reading
reaching for send but thumb is close to deleting
text sent
inbox chimes indicated
A message just arrived
after I sent my message
the title is "Hey you"
and the sender was me! 

 By LeRoy Goetzendanner

So when it rains

So when it rains
I feel the need to sleep long than I have ever done
stay put in that warm spot in the middle of the bed
use one of my 3 pillows to silence that alarm clock in my head
texting my boss that I'm not coming in
if I'm lucky, I'm sharing this moment with her warm skin next to my skin
keep the room in silence so I can hear the rain drops on my window pain
daydream in a outdoor wetdream of moans in your name
Hoping for flashes of lightning,
so in the dark I can be sleeping to flickering flames
have hot tea served to me, listening to Miles and Coltrane
Dont want it to stop
dont care to go outside in it
Let me be
under the covers
couple more hours
and enjoy a day off, out of the pouring rain!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Cashing in my lost

So Take away the things material
my gains, my advances
take away the joy the happiness
the celebration through dances
awards, degrees acknowledgements
even God's spiritual blessings

What does this mean with out you celebrating with me

Downgrade my car
upgrade my career
graduate from renting
make a foundation that suits my sphere
take away my name brands
and wear that what the Lord brought me hear
put me back to Eden
the same day you came here
touching my rib later down the years

But what does it mean, without you there

Lessons are in the process
yeah I am worker in progress
a man leading the way, raising woman high not for the degress
believe me, I'm a man, who can cry before the Highest
I surrender more than my spirit and soul to the heavens
I pray for us to be as one, like the standing ones on 11
I look fwd, never turning back to what has happen

so really, what does it mean,  what does it mean

Do I seal my mouth close so I can just listen
stand before you each day
with compliments that has God's deliverance
lead you as I was the horse pulling you to a stable land
stand in front of you, to protect you, keep my head high like a leading man
For once, I would speak with my eyes
lead us by my heart
protect us with combined love
and raise my hand only with yours
in prayer and to give thanks to the highest Lord

What does this all mean,
Well Im cashing in my winnings
to see how much I really lost!!!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner