Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, December 28, 2012


this sang the blues
more like recited her poem 
to a jazz background
She told me her story 
which made me feel her story
and all along
she was telling my story

this lady spoke some truth
or maybe just telling a convincing story
she may have really been an actress
but she acted this.........poem out
at points made the crowd cry, laugh, and shout
a sista jump up
This lady moved the crowd like Rakim
but woman stood their ground like Shakur 

this lady was a piece of work
she shared her piece of work
from a long life of pieces that hurt
hurt that came with shattered thoughts
that made this piece hurt
but it worked
we felt her hurt
cause she spoke her hurt
dayum it hurt
dayum that lady poem hurt
and so were we 

I call on you lady
lady in my painted Polaroid print out
this poem
this poem was for you
that lady
that lady that did that poem


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected



Take my hand
I promise I will guide you 
in this misguided world of sin
every step I take
I guarantee, its the foot steps Jesus has taken
See what I see from past to present
no need to look through my eyes for the future
that's what you eyes are here for

Hold tight

no I'll hold you much tighter
I won't let go of the future
I won't let go of an ANGEL
see my torch is burning on low
but regains high flames when you hold my hands
hold on little future
just hold on

Let my hand:

point the way...around harm
teach you to touch hearts with out hands
show you a plan of becoming a man
from a man who learned from a higher man
pull sisters and bruthas together
and not pull triggers
raise your hand to the Lord and not for violence
point you to the spoken word
because your voice is not meant for silence

Hold on to me
don't let go
Hold on to me
I have something in store
Hold on to me
I promise you no harm
Hold on to me
hold on to me
Just don't let go.....

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, December 24, 2012


I closed my eyes
remembering the sounds of her voice
the sound of my pen graphics to her collegiate lines
I crossed these lines a thousand times
with a thousand lines
that didn't quite rhyme. but I'm
a poet, who uses lines to cross the lines 
put dotted happy faces on my I's
crossed my t's
like crosses in heavenly skies
eyes on my T's and I's
and I's be a wise guy to every line
I crossed the lines
but stayed in the borders
I was border line, while crossing lines
so I go back to closing eyes
thinking back to the last line,
on collegiate line
I crossed the lines
stayed within border lines
and if I get another time
I'll cross her lines again,
with my writings on her lines. Registered & Protected


Dear Broken heart

I lye against the host chest
to hear your cry
and take note for understanding
to make it live again
to allow it to feel again
to prove to it
it could love again

Broken Heart

repeat with me when I say
it was never your fault
someone stole your key
more like breaking and entry
and forge there way into your heart
they projected images of love
but it was hidden lust from the start
playing your heart as a game
when your love is an art

Broken Heart

cry no more for me
just give me a chance
to translate love
from your steady beats
lost love is just an obstacle
I'll reboot your heart for free
I'm a geek in love
so I guess I'm the LOVE GEEK

Broken Heart

there's that smile
I hear your pace changing
its ok
let your tears fall like its raining
Its love (ME) to the rescue
I have the cure
unlimited prescription
to keep your beating heart
from suffering anymore

Love repair always,

Healing Heart 

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


My hand shakes nervously
because for every word that hits a line
I hear silent cries
cries of angels who died without suffering
they lost a full life in a short time
a crime that was committed
because one illness, would eventually cause 28 deaths

Why the innocent?
If life was not your road
why must your pain be others
how was innocence your unattended target
you died with self infliction,
but did not complete your set out mission
Did you think your suffering
would open heaven doors?

My hands are still shaking
and I find it difficult to run my ink over stain papers
I can barely read what I wrote
with eyes blurred in swells of tears
you created my worst fears
to wonder if my sons school
or any other schools
are out of the clear
who will be the next to step up
and decide they can play God.

I can't even say a prayer at night
without hearing their voices that never made a sound
seeing vision of their smiles
is all we will remembered that day
and seeing his misguidance
and misunderstanding
join together through weapons he shouldn't known
pointing to take away
instead of pointing to find a way......

My ink growing faint
hands perspire not because of sweat
but because the pens shell is shedding tears
I started writing black until blue step in
than flat lined to a seeping red
I can't believe they are gone
delegated angels to the earth are gone
Angels are now angles moving on
I slowly drop my pen
my head falls slow with my tears
and all we can do is mourn


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

UNKNOWN poet, MUTE writing

I speak loudly, 
and carry a silent voice
My name is in highlights
but I'm still standing invisible
I'm a poet with poems for days
but not one poem has been read
I'm introduced to many stages
but my applause's are in silence

I speak loudly,
but carry a silent piece
but not a gun piece
but a poem piece
that delivers peace
but since you can't hear me
my piece has no peace,
so I have to scream my piece
so you can hear my piece
that gives my piece a piece of mind
but still you can't hear me

I speak loudly
now I'm silently screaming above my lungs
give me your undivided
please stand attention while you pay attention to me
LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!
I have a poem ya'll
I have something to say
my poem got messages
but my poem is untitled
my poet name is untitled
after this piece
I hope this UNKNOWN will be KNOWN
my poems UNTITLED will be TITLED

I'm speaking in low tones
as my poetry writing scribes loudly
this is not a poem in demand
my pen point to you in but not in commands
but I demand my poems to command.......
the audience...TO LISTEN
I'm advertising the UNKNOWNS
by wearing shirts that say "UNKNOWNS to be KNOWN
My pen will not hide not more
I raise my pen from it silent mourns
my pen, my voice, is no longer MUTE anymore
I write in MUTE to be HEARD


^^ this is me.. UNKNOWN poet, MUTE writing 

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Natural looking you
that short hair, locked hair
dread head, to those AFROO's 
Gyal you're so beautiful
No additives or preservatives
gluten free Nubian flavors in you

You are the get up
get dressed up
working woman or schooling woman
walking in radiance
without a ounce of paints on your face
to make you up

The walk by
that says all genders
conservative in her clothes
but she still outlines a body so defined

Educated and street smart
mouth talk from north or south mouth
attitude nice to being rude
you know who I'm talking about
you know who this poem is directed too
my beau, babes, luv, or hotness,
Yeah I mean you

Natural eccentric you
you were born this way
this is not a trend on you
you're different with a difference
Gyal you are beautiful
beautiful one's as they're define
look at you
but in their mind
they want your natural beauty too

Beautiful you
skin so dark, brown and light skin too
where high lights from suns' lights
makes all complexions so flavor able
Skin so soft, Shea cocoa butter soft
melanin like OMG touches
enhanced without pen drawn beauty marks

I love you beauty
I love your natural beauty
You are naturally healthy
You're natural is good health for me
a deserving want for the needing


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


I apologize
for any and everything
I made more things
into small things
lost somethings that was my one thing
that one thing was my everything
now I shrug my shoulders, 
towards having nothing

I apologize
for consistently being inconsistent
when Times I was wanted
maybe times I was needed
my time plus your time,
always equals me missing
when throwing in towels
before I tried
so I lie their defeated
the defeat of myself
my all by myself
my lonely self
done with no ones help

I apologize
for not believing
losing myself and my faith
in body you were missing
but your mind was always in place
not using my mind
to think before I would say
I say this with thought
cause today's saying
was suppose to be said yesterday
yesterday was the past days
and the past days of yesterday was fail marks
on my tester days
So I say this now to move foreword

I apologize
for loving a little
and not enough
for saying I cared
but showing care was tough
tough love,
make love hide
tough love
can make love die
tough love
make walls go up
tough love
will cause things to fall apart
tough love is heartless
so pictures are painted in lust
tough love was tainted
so good love is there, but not for us

I apologize
for apologies after apologies
that I didn't mean
but what was said
was pretty mean
I apologize for apologizing
before a apology was needed
I apologize
as I accept that I
was my personal war being defeated
I accept that I
got work to do
to make apologies no longer needed
So I won't say that word
but my last word is the title
say it with me in silence
cause that word is, was and always be
my battle

**That title above***

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Friday, November 30, 2012


Getting the nerve to approach
mind has recited lines heart already wrote
Wanting to know the name with the face
decipher a light from a smile
eyes to my eyes
I've waited to long
surely running low on time
you're on time in my future

never Have I starred so hard
telling myself I must not let her go
Invading my vision
where every creation in thought was a poetic write
having her face without a name on it
I'm intrigued towards your attention focusing foreword
You have created the low lights in my head
making me your only audience
voice carries a tune that flows with rapid heartbeats
your poem is for the room
but I can only see you speaking to me
you came to my rescue
when my approach to you grew silence
you said hi
I replied hi
and the rest was a path in the making....
can I have my....


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm getting desperate, 
living out in these streets 
no food to eat 
no shoes to cover cold feet 
contemplation for becoming a thief 
almost 10 to mid night 
I have no more body heat 

I'm hungry 

starving on day three 
shaking a cup that last saw a drink last week 
aint seen dollars since dollars seen me 
and they wonder why I talk to myself 
and yell and scream 
til I adopted the nick name Mr Mean 

I'm hungry 

I aint a veteran 
I'm a better man that went under man 
lost my job, wife and kids man 
ya don't know nothing about suffering 
when I was born from a suffering woman 
escaped her crack addiction 
but got ADD 
made it pass her last grade 
but my last grade was one up from 
her last day 
on earth 

I'm hungry 

Just ran in a mom pop store 
paid for water 
but walked out with much more 
bread to last me maybe 2 days 
lunch meat and some cheese 
even got some no name mayonnaise 
crackers to stuff me 
and gum to clean my breath 
deodorant to cover the reeking 
Cuz I can't stand to be with myself 

Stomach growling 

I do all I can, not to get caught up in the drugs 
but I got more liquor in my system 
so I'm peeing out blood 
but you just understand 
I don't drink cause I'm a achly 
this liquor keeps me warm 
you try vodka straight up in 30 below 
see if you can dance barefooted all day in snow 
and not even know 
until the high comes down 
that your toes are iceberg cold 


had to dayum near shank a figga 
he try to steal my spot in the sidewalk 
where the steam flowing plays my heata 
try to steal my shopping cart 
eat out of my trashcan 
yeah I have claims in some places 
and them places maybe your backyard 
or in the alley. 
cant wait til summer 
but that's a whole new survival formality 

I'm hungry 

stole some more shyt today 
but it wasn't nothing to drink or eat 
it was pack of paper and a clip board 
dictionary and by accident 
picking up some invisible ink, LOL 
I've been writing in the dirt next to my bed 
shyt stayed in my head 
but it was time to come out 
to be written and heard before I was pronounced dead 


Need to write 
tonight I predict a long ass night 
might be lights out 
but before the moon go down 
and sun come up 
I'm going to have done at least five write outs 
in pages I hope 
then someone will find this 
and make some newspaper scope 
maybe save the next one trying to hang themselves
by the rope 
prevent that girl from selling herself for dope 
if that don't' happen 
just know, I was starving when I wrote this 
and still am 
maybe tomorrow i wont wake up hungry 
maybe I wont wake up........... 


I survived another night 
pen I'm clutching tight 
the only thing on my body that stays warm 
cause my heat is at limited heights 
and it's due to the fire in my writes 
my shoes that were on my feet was gone 
I cant walk right now 
cause they took the six pair of socks that kept them warm 
the things I treasure the most are about to die right now 
its either me or them 
and I believe its not my time right now 
I'm building a fire from sparks poppin off from my pen being rubbed on metal 
the fire keeps burning on the hot writes that helped me survive 
now all I see is burning paper 
the very hat I called my thinking cap 
is not my feet warmer 
I'm sitting in the spot now a puddle of pee in the sand 
where my graffiti poetry once laid 
my hands play like magnet A to magnet B 
they refuse to join 
cause Its going to lead me to prayer 
and last night was my last night of belief 


The very things I despise, 
become the resolution to my starving eyes 
minutes later, 
I spit and choke on the rodent that plagued my body in rabbi ed disease 
I'm disgusted with my desperate temptation to satisfied a survival situation 
but I have no choice 
today was a day I made it thru the night 
but I only survived the night 
cause the pen was my light 
fire in the hands 
especially the hand-right that wrote last nights write 
my paper is floating in ashes that held my emotions 
that my heart is to overwhelmed to hold 
noon time, 
getting cold 
the pee that was my warm puddle, 
now is frozen mold 
bald up in a fetal position to protect the sanity of escaping warmth left on me 
don't pity me 
pity the pen and paper that died for me 
but just know script o and mead, 
if its in my destiny 
I'll be joining you too soon 


slightly dark but the mark of white circumference in the sky indicates a full moon 


what I would give to be cursed as a werewolf 
at least I could grow the fur I need to stay warm 
plus I would have the strength to get some food 


there goes those sharp pains in my chest 
stink of earlier extractions but I need some more to keep me warm 
toes getting close to froze like this morning rude awakening 
I laugh one more time while tears fill my eyes 
I just want to die 
be in heaven with the less suffering 
and be able to recite after I write 
to one day see the Lord and share with him my spiritual psalms 
thru the art work of a great mind and sword like pen in my palms 


here comes the storm 
freezing so bad 
my illusions believe I am warm 
I fall slow 
before my eyes close not to sleep, but to warm inside lids and pupils 
I write something to die on in the muddy feces ed grounds 
I see a light 
I see my write 
I'm on the rise 
while I leave my mortal body behind 
what did I write 
as the light be my spotlight to my finger resting on my side 
it said................ 


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, November 19, 2012

TRANSITIONS (Unknown poets theme)

TRANSITIONS(unknown poets theme)

My work out plan consist of:
toning my mind for stronger poems
eating good words, for healthy deliveries

strengthening my writing hand for powerful writes
stretching jaw muscles and raising voice levels
to throw my words across worlds not audiences
I arm curl thesauruses
increase grips in palms and finger tips for holding mics
...I wordplay with my letters in food, (ALPHABET soup)
My transition from a poem to a poet
from just a name to a remembrance
TwistNwordz, if you can remember this
TwistNWordz, Words From My Soul are you saying this
just listen
requirements are your attention
focus, goals, plans and missions
evolve to revolve in DESCRIPTIONS
pass the torch when your done
for the upcoming ones ready for poetry spittin
I am the Unknown poet 
and this is my TRANSITION....

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


tap, tap ,tap
hello my name is....

I'm a poet out of DC
No long story about me

but here goes my piece
Is this mic on
is my voice soft or silent

do I have the right delivery
are you looking for an erotic poet
spitting some erotic poetry
dissing government and the man
stroking his egotiscal violence
I'm not quite you favorite
you might not heard of me
yeah, I don't recite my issh
I'm a poet, so its poetry I read
I don't start off with the yelling in cadience
I'm not political, or revolutionary
just listen and be patient
do I hear light whispering

so you're not here to listen
but you gave so and so
with the same poetry flow
and the same repeated poem
your undivided attention
I guess I aint gettin it
you looking for the poetry slammer
who be spittin it
one who serenade gyals with some kind of
fake as accent,
or long words crossed with street life intellegents
of you looking for that conscious brutha
with that conscious shit
dreadlocks, timbed up
rhymin fast like he on some Das Efx shit
I'm poet,
so I stand here nervously at attention
so please look foreward and listen
give me, like I give you
my undivided attention Registered & Protected

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I wish I could be the him,

making you smile and laugh

I wish my arms can be "the best hold you ever had"

Let me be the image in your dreams

Let me be, the reason you keep calling for no reason

Can I be the one that gets those good meals-

and touchy feels, while I'm eating

can I be the one

...that gets that perfect birthday gift-

or a just because gift

cause I saw it and said "I'm going to get that"

Why can't I be the one, you look deep into my eyes-

and take the condom off

and ask me to place creation inside

Where was that happiness with our togetherness

I don't hear the "oh girl about my man" with happiness

Don't remember you holding my hand while outside

don't remember your hand resting on my thigh

while I drive

Never got that kiss goodnight that lasted for hours

hell, never came to work

and on my desk

I discovered flowers

but he does

and he does nothing great for you like I did and still do

but he gets the royal treatment

for just being partially loyal

while you cover up the mistreatment

I'm on the outside looking in

at this standing tall and pretending man

watching my.......REPLACEMENT

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, October 21, 2012


I love you,
and as much as I want to move fwd-
in the pursuit for you
there are detours, that have me on all fours
not like a dog, but becoming your stepping stool
walking all over me, while I'm walking next to you
but I have this problem
my problem is you have a UN-delegated power
to get me to submit and allow you to get this far with me
so here is the problem,
before it becomes a lovers win
its a task to act on faith
before we lust from sin
thinking love was a disease,
I try to deny this deficiency
I'm lost, being guided by the heart
like I'm a love sick zombie
because....YOU, YOU CAN HURT ME

Not blowing your head up
with this "BRAGGING RIGHTS" on your gift
don't want you to think too hard
on this armor your come with
but I've let you go further deep with me
then the Great Wall of China, has length
why let this go any further,

Now I know its not your goals
to wake up one day and have this control
hurt builds a new person,
that new person developing a stronger soul
but lessons are not learned from hurt
it just builds a tolerance of adjusting to hurt
it gives those who has experienced hurt
to hurt less today, and prepare for tomorrow
so I'm your first step to see if you can trust again
but your abusers left spirits in you
now you are the abuser over the victims
and instead of getting him, you evict him
convict him, like your past convictions
hiding to the world you were once a victim
playing the defense to break down emotional fences
and destroying any thoughts of feeling
so you'll let them feel and continue to watch
with no feeling

While I identified my flaws
as much as I want to leave
I keep riding around in circles back to you
like someone burried my draws
the further your heart is from me
the more mine leans, while my mind leaves
This could be a lesson for woman to see
if you want him to stay
just ignore his feelings
the harder you play
the more he will chase
it seems like your doggin him
but that behavior keeps a dog in place, (A woman's best friend)
So I keep my love protected like a condom
though protection is only 98.5 effective
I got to continue to my service, as if it was selective
my objective, is not to stand for getting hurt,
as if love was an elective....course
You do have the ability
whether its your plan to hurt, physically or mentally
see I'll be that ass to stay,
and deal with this heart breaking abusing
I'll take my chances, until romance becomes a healing
in the mean time
I LOVE YOU, even though

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected