Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Im a season and reason
and that's why....

For no reason
I want to give you
flowers around your bed
breakfast in bed
and love on the bed
until the bed is our life bed
to our forever togetherness
rest us on this bed to be
our "To death do us part bed"
but our reason for staying in this bed is.....
For no reason

For no reason
I will prepare your dinner
for no occasion
more like a "just because" scenario
and if you ask me
it's because I felt like it
I did it without you asking
wishing or thinking
you were home first
but I still beat you to the kitchen
I was itching to do some spoiling
so my rewards was to reward you
but I do this.......
for no reason

For no reason
I will steal kisses
and smile every time you pass me
without an excuse
I'll give you hugs
and tell you I miss you
even though you
been in my presence all day
which don't seem like a lot of time
and I enjoy my time.......with you

So I do this
for no reason at all

For no reason
I will photo shop our faces
on wedding photos
and sunsets in Jamaica
and then send you emails
of trip confirmations
with your Boss giving you
to go on vacation
cause we are so cool like that,
that relaxation is a second job situation
and first occupation
is us salivating on just because type situations
but some how we need this and do this
for no all

For no reason
I wrote this poem
for that same reason
I was thinking of you before I wrote this
for no reason
you inhabit my mind and my words

for no reason
I come up with excuses for an excuse
for you to become my lies, truths for no reason
but ex....cuse me
for no reason
I need to tell you I love you
well okay,
that phrase
I would say for a reason
but I don't need a reason to say it

no season to feel this
just a reason for a reason
and my excuse for all this is
For no reason........

~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


How can you not love a man
that loves you
but be in love with a man that lust you
Looking for love
in all the wrong places
thinking its love
when he fills the right spaces
but you claim it trust
and your heart no longer beats
in a ice box
where you heart remains to be
You should have seen the clues
when chivalry decreased in his pace
the minute he got the dras
you were no longer the chase
you went from prime time
to being side line
in his personal title belt race
conversation went from talking to texting
until the only communication
was sexting with organs below the waist
But things changed
remember when flirting was when he was hitting on you
now a days you pray,
that this man will stop hitting on you
then telling you he loves you
just so he can have sex with you
may buy you a couple things
I call those shut up gifts.....truth
what happen to your faith.....truth
The spirit that made time to create you
you exchanged for the name representing the red suit
allowing your sins completely rape you
believing that mortal lie is being faithful
he love you was the bait boo
denouncing all your spirituality
cause the snake is still talking to you
he had no interest in making you a queen
just another concubine heathen
inviting you to his bed,
a lie that he called the Garden of Eden 

Didn't you know?
you were nothing but a reason
to be beau-ed for two seasons
you fall for his winters
while he springs out in summer seasons
introducing you as wifey,
while wearing a wife beat
how you going to be wifey
if your fingers have no "this is for life ring"

You are more than a call and a one night thing
you are the completion of a missing rib
the one thing that is everything you are his everything
and everything is you

**some people see love as a modification

a four letter being heard
with mis representation
when you think you have that feeling
sometimes it's when he fills in.....
the void
that had you walking around town 
with a sign saying VACANCY
or working for love, 
taking donations or please, please pray for me
you need to be loved with intentions
not for own your intentions 
to no longer be lonely
Trust, honesty and communication
is where I hope this message 
in my poem be taking you
You waited for the messenger 
from God this long
Your blessing is on its way to you
Is all I ask
patience, a simple task
yo, meet half way
from minds, mouth and body
we can be on the same page
this is OUR calling
no more do we need to run from it
we can grasp this, and keep this
and thank the Universe above for this
let's act now
so we can take advantage of this
live now 
love long
Contributing love 50/50 in abundance
and in the end
we will both be able to keep our love 100.....

TwistNWordz Registered & Protected

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


In these poetry fields. 
We slaving, 
working hard at picking Words in silence, 
to Speaks FREE out loud. 
We are on the run, 
escaping WHIPS of hatred and hangings from BULLYING.
All I got is my links with no chains
my Pens and Paperss
while Mjg Speaks would say.......
I'm a slave, I'm slave
I'm a slave to poetry
now we hundred miles and running

couldn't stop for 
that promoted mad hate
trying to hold us in schackles
but we out ran the dead weight
running fwd to the next decade
uprooted around the 70's
but I wasn't doing heroine or coke cane
I was injecting my veins
with blue and black inks
getting clotted on my words
like clogged pipes in sinks
We ain't about the industry
you can't have one without the other
the underground escape for upcoming authors
WORDZSPEAKS, found at Da Luft Lounge
WORDZSPEAKS where it all is going down
We won't be FREE to WORDZSPEAKS until WORDZSPEAKS speaks words FREE

TwistNWordz Registered & Protected


When I grow up
I want,
I want to be in love
and Not that I'm not grown enough
I just want to fully mature for love
you know
like them "love honor and cherish" quotes
similar to ones in a marriage
as close to love in the poems I wrote
Where every breath I take is...............
4am cold brisk
cool and refreshing like an un-invented sprite
with a hint of mint
where every kiss
would be like that first kiss
but longer than those big red commercials
naturally happenings
without the rehearsals
So Look
lets skip the first date
go from Jared to the church
and make two people happy by..
living off one love, one last name

When I grow up
I want to be grown up
grown in love
from the ground up

I'm a worker in progress
moving slow
but I love the process
that's what love is

Maybe I'm moving to fast
but when I'm alone in my room
I'm thinking of you
and me
which turns to what if's
with we
wishing I could go back in time
to be your two kids father
plus one makes three
See I want this so bad
that I silently keep it to myself
but don't get me wrong
I don't need no ones help
I want you more then I want myself
I love you more then my heart can help
I'm losing sleep without your body heat
chained to your love
so don't you set me free
I'm growing from wants 
to make you my needs
so please
when you walk away from me
leave some bread crumbs
so you can find your way back to we
gimme a chance to prove to you
that "WE"
won't hurt no more
lets redesign and define 
my words, the music and pictures
creating a library of just love books and movies
and book mark of love parts of the bible
by LOVES scriptures

When I grow up
I want to grow old to young
pray for us on the next life
where you would reunite with me
in the after life
as my second life wife
to death do us part right?
I'm not a poet 
I'm being a human being
without my writes
smile again for me
and bring "OUR & US " to light
so "WE"
can GROW up together
and bring these dem flames
to a spreading wild fire 
waiting to ignite
WHEN I GROW UP.......I have a lot to do...
I'm growing up to be grown up
I know I'm growing for the growth of you

#TNW Registered & Protected