Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, May 9, 2014


I took Chance on date
but she admitted that she needed Courtship
she is still recovering from Risk
who she met through Faith
Faith wouldn't date
because her ex Reason
was still sleeping with Excuses
Excuses prayed on Faith and her sister Promise
Promise was borderline on lies from Dishonesty
Dishonesty use to be Honesty
but they changed their name
after Faith had a baby name Blessings
who she think the father is Risk
Risk didn't take Chance on her offer
to being the one
Which leaves me, the Messenger,
in a triangle of failed emotions
I should have listen Destiny
when she came in my dreams
and said, that she was coming soon
and she too was waiting on me
She sent Patience as my
guardian angel
and now I wait on courtships

while living the trials of FAILED DATES......

~TNW Registered & Protected

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Born into a world of struggle
We are a time bomb (ticking)
as soon as we are conceived
A fight begins once we leave the womb
Destination: struggle, acceptance, confinement
or a tomb

So pour that out for your homies
only popular day in your life
is when you die
you become a celebrity......on T-shirts and TV's
Practices from teachings?
That's nothing if you're..
a liability of failure through DNA genes
plus, going to college to get a degree in debt

the only 4 to 8 years of your life
when you have good credit
Why bother
when there is so much free knowledge
being street smart and taxed free
not to mention,
environment is our projected road block
Being successful is just words of the street
not all the structuring in the world
will get you the equality you deserve
This is difference between
Education of a white man
Exploitation of a black man
color does decide your state of survival

let me brake, then swerve
white is right
black is in the back
red is blood shed
green is money
blue is true
and clear
it isn't always clarity
becoming a slave is heredity
hi dividends, looks good in only in poverty
and yes we look good in gold chain and bracelets
also known as noose ropes and shackles

and you wonder why this bothers me
Hanging on the corner is the new black hangings
Even going to bars is a advertisement
towards a future of being behind bars

and there are more men running to the poles
to vote with dollars of woman on the poles
Forced to seek religion only during hard times
converting to "A" religion, 

when you're doing hard time
Its hard to be a man
in these boys streets

say we can't stand the heat
but to quick to pack heat
its harder to be a black man
strong in shell, but mentally weak
But we set our goals for struggle
we raise our expectations for failure
and yes,
we do believe to be born is to die

kids think that's fly..
but we don't admit that
we are our own obstacles in the past and future
trust was an open door policy to newcomers
that's why we can't trust our own
a change is going to come
from the change of past changes
to the new changes-
which will be a disguise as old changes
coming back in new looks and same traditions

slaves of a future past
Its hard to be a man
a struggle to be a black man
the first day of life
is a set timer towards death
being black is a time bomb
being a black man
is a destruction towards death
you will never be right

for your civil rights
if your human rights

have you to proceed to go left............


~TNW Registered & Protected