Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


For years I've been

Stepping with weight

Scared to take a leap of faith

In fear that every leap-

will end as my fate

That me chasing dreams on false baits

Was truth hidden under deep hates?
There’s no debate

Collecting my blessings while passing the plate

I was feeding my soul while abstaining was keeping me……SAFE

This is the way, they say

Meet and Greet your mate

Without the Meat, but in the vegetated state 

Learning verses to knowing the word

Wordz you need kneel and pray

Watching my spirit gain weight on great

A change may come

So it might not be too late

Better sooner than later

Patience is for those who can wait

Swallowed my pride at times

From truth I chewed, through lies I ate

But I'm all brand new now

No more status with "It’s complicate"

I traveled the journey for the one that awaits
not my decision, I worked with precision

that was brought to my vision

For my soul to take

Didn’t hesitate
at the end of my road

Is when I woke up to my rib, WHO,  grabbed my spirit on the third date
And in His blessings,
When God bless me

With a Queen, I now call
my soulmate.......~TNW~

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Friday, February 5, 2016

I CAN......

I can

Will be

And you can be, and you will be
Somebody, something, and everything

But first

A station Identification notice from this poetic sponsor:

The revolution won’t reach young minds

The revolution won’t reach young minds

The revolution won’t reach young eyes

The revolution keeps you complacent

And not allow you to rise

Its all in the things you young kids love

While the DEVILOUTION plays devil- advocate in disguise



But you lost all the possible by making impossible advantages

Take your free liberties for granted

You don’t aim high like intelligence

You keep your grades low like your pants- did

You have no respect for teachers, adult or your parents
So I’m here to teach you some things

Learn you something

A message for the masses

Coming from my passage

I can

Will be



You are more than a mortal body

You are a created body

A body embodied the spirit of the universe

To change life

Save lives, cause all lives matter

And Renew the wrongs of the unspiritual earth

I am

More than the streets think you worth

And this might hurt

But your home and classroom will love you first

I am

Higher education beyond lower income standards

I am

Better than those rap names

Better than those trap games

You can be a profit poetically spitting bars
and Theres no career of spitting, drinking or sitting behind bars

Besides poetry and rap, is the same thing

That thing

That thing

That thiiiiiiiiinnnng…

But don’t be a thing

Transform to be born as a person, place

But not

That thing

That thing

That thinnnnng…

Reach high young world

Stay wise young girls

Calm down young boys

Come back down from the high

New world

We have come along way

From being released from wearing chains

To wearing chains as the fly thing

Dreaming pushing whips

From slaves taking whips

Hanging from tree corners

To hanging and claiming street corners

Your life ain’t to be birth

Live short lives

And die for a corner

We deserve acres not corners

That mule to ride

Not cars cutting corners

Look at you

At the age, where pages state


So say what?

I can

I will be


And from me to you

You are

And I’m proud of you



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Sunday, December 27, 2015


Just a crack of light
Plays stop light for spot lights to my-
Mirages of you in the darkness
Ace metric times dimensions
Where this science of mathematical equations...
Synchronizing sways in calisthenics contortion
She is my private dancer in shadows
A skin tone in color darkness
My last memory of envisioning her
While using my sixth sense

Perform my ability of using egress with deep breaths
to trace her movements, smells and taste
From my up and personal assigned front row seat
As close as her body heat from her nakedness
So she can perculate bodies waist to my face
She uses shear cloths as sheets of clothing
to disguise my wanting to identify her body parts
When she is swaying in body arts
Making me sit still while standing happens to my private parts
A militant at attention for this Captain

I'm just a private, revealing the attentiveness of my privates-
during this private preview of her privately dancing-
against my private so this private can unveil his standing- private parts
A ghostly entity all over me
Her verses the open window while wind blow
all this teasing from both airs, is BLOWING me
Showing me what the peeping lights are allowing me to see
A night view, in see thru,
This performing silhouette of SHE
Am I wrong to want to unbound my binding
and touch her while she's grinding
skin so close in my face its enough for body feathering
Her mounds of pointing tips
while my tip responds to her gyrating
Embarrassed because I'm rising

She paid into this stock
I paid for this LOVERS ROCK by the block
Her investments alongside and inside my pants leg
is slowly rising
A red face I can no longer keep hiding
This dark shadow is so bright,
its blinding
Gagged from speaking or asking her name
I used my mental thoughts to delegate her frame
Her grand finale in dips, bends and bounce
Was given silent applause with standing ovation
this situation, glamouring dances with persuasion

to the one audience member she was truly dancing for,
While raising his Rhythm nation.

~TNW~ Registered & Protected

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


You are my friend
Majestic is our friendship
Justifiable, because we are more than a reason
Grateful, to have you as my friend in my corner
You are the gift that keeps on giving

Every Spoken Speech, Speaking to be said,
You are Speaks,
I'm just merely words
Until our poetic souls met first
So these Host to Co-host could meet in a Spoken World
Be universal sooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuullsss
without the circus
Conjunctions on this Train FUNKSHUN
but we're not Don Cornelius,
brutha's and sistahs are you hearing this
The tongue-twistn-dedication
when I Speaks in Twists....
She is more than Free Flow,
She be Free like SPEAKS
but we Got Soul

Yes glow like Jerry Curls from Afro's
Or Leroy, When he discovered his was the dragon
Not bragging
But My Speaks,
When She speaks
She brings good writes to LIFE
but only from the mind
Speaks be preaching through free style teaching
got closed minds expanding
let me bring it back down to for second
the reason for poetic message
She is.......MY FRIEND FIRST
The love, the laughter even when friends hurts
The longest relationship I ever have since birth
Speaks is butter
trust me when I say, "I know your worth"
and From that Verse
She's Elbow Fly
My girl/guy fly
but WE stay align
with a FLY that comes first
this shit comes naturally for us
that take others time to DRESS REHEARSE
I'm the swearing every time we curse
Looking and sounding this good,
has to be a Curse in a Good/bad book verse
Unlicensed to speak legally
My Word, I word things properly
I'm the writes in this poetry 
She's the hype when my pen speaks silently
She is my 20 Fonts,
when my 10 fonts speak softly
She will LOUD Speaks,
When others try to over speak her SPEAKS
And if you know better
She out speaks you outta your seats
until her preaches in speeches
speaks to you back into your seats
In flows that go
where no man has gone before
The voice you will hear coming through
and leaving out Cheerz door
The MC, The Host, and the "I love you" from the floor
UP to no good
We knock on Wood when we say
That, Spoken World is nothing without you
Tuesdays is just a passing day without you
Smiles of the day would stay
50 shades of frowns
Love wouldn't be around
Lessons wouldn't be found
without a MJGeeeezus
in this TOWN
and for that, God has blessed me
with a true FRIEND FIRST
I would trade this day
and our meeting moment for a poetic verse
You are my friends with a healing
until our friendship in happiness hurts
My Significant Never
My Rib, but not my Eve
My Girl but not my girl and she knows why
you are

~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


I mean
I want to approach her
and ask her name all over again
Get to know her like ...

I don't know anything about her
Admire her from a far
like its the first time seeing her
She gets me excited and calm
at the same time
Just don't tell her
I have urges to cheat on her...
for her alter ego
That other side
that's deep inside......of her
The one that don't come out
until love brings it out of her
I even get erected........SPIRITUALLY
when her spirit is around me
Don't know how long I've been searching
but in the lost and found is where I found "WE"
I often dream of her with me
when she's with me
I smile wide as if its the first hello-
every time
I kiss her like our first kiss
hug her
like I don't want her to leave
Not being funny
I almost asked her to
"MARRY ME" before she got the chance to know me
I don't have asthma
or problems breathing
But air becomes thick
I quickly get sick
When my air, her air
temporary leaves me.....
I thought she was a wanting
but this addiction is now a needing
and yes I'm greedy
To be in Love with this Love I love
tends to make me needy
But that's because
Take away my eye sight
and its her I'm still seeing
Mute me to death
Her sounds I'm still hearing
Paralyze me from the waist down
and still
her touches I'm feeling
My emotions got feelings on feelings
She my intellectual healing
I can barely walk to greet her
I'm always bowing or kneeling
and I wouldn't change this crush
unless its a upgrade to being in love
with my crush

~TNW Registered & Protected

Monday, June 29, 2015


Love at first sight
Blinded eyes see right
Excitement is not expressed
All calm, suggest this happiness
I felt your energy through the window
I smelled your oils, when door opened slow
We smiled long before greeting
We hugged in hello's during our meeting
If blushing smiles was designer clothes
Right now,
We wear it well
First impressions is everything
So our first time meeting
I didn't come empty handed
12 Yellow steams to highlight friendship
This indicated the beginning of my courtship
This poem could end with a happy ending
Our love story is TWO-WE-CONTINUE
Concluding me writing poems
So that our life of Love Poems are living beginnings

~TNW Registered & Protected


Do you mind if I stare?
looking into your eyes
to see if my reflection is there...
I can actually see you seeing me
and how you see me
So when you ask if I look at other women
I do take glimpses quickly
but all I see is your face and smile
on them
I can't help if its my eyes on you I'm envisioning

You got a hold on me like sinus cold on me
trying to find one moment
our eyes and hands aren't locked to each other
Like Karen and David B
bonded together like bible scriptures
We are the perfect picture
We have more love for each other
then Facebook likes on ratchet pictures
A perfect line to a endless love story
His and Hers poetry in motion
through written potions and elixirs
Are poise is captured on fixtures
Match made in evenly yokes
We are the ideal mixture
You seen us
Hastags ‪#‎Mizzess‬ and ‪#‎Mistah‬
We are on the universes "SPACEBOOK" status
A rapture in still pics made for viewers to capture
Do you mind if I love you
I mean fall in love with you
before you feel this feeling
My heart will already surrender to you
I mean I'm literally handing it to you
like it belong to you before I knew you
It chose you before I made plans too
and Its true
I'm just a host that surrounds this organ
that plays Zulu beats for you
I continue to cook up good love
until my name, signed with love
is the only thing you will preview
on my hearts menu
All healthy choices you see
Gluten free
Lactose free
and for those who throw salt on good love
Our love is Cholesterol and Sodium free
Its me NUMPSY...
I'm the chosen be continue
~TNW Registered & Protected