Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, November 29, 2014


The longest travel to the shortest destination
Months of planning
Saving for the day
Reservations with non-stop connections
Time for take off
smooth launch straight with pointed nose
Entering open space, you are occupying
Many bumps and tuber lance on the ride
Not unusual for ins and outs of soaring
A passenger ride for two
You two
are the only pilots
the only navigators
with a destination to heaven
Down pours come to the nose of travel
Heavy rains as you proceed forward
Arm straps tighten against bodies
Continuous burning of energy by movement
Wide eyes synchronize arrival
More tuber lance near the landing
The gas caps pops off
and fuel is released
Touch down is successful
Your travel has come to a end
No lay overs or prior connections
A one way travel
with a set destination

~TNW Registered & Protected

Saturday, November 15, 2014


At puberty
you woke up to identity
looking for "That" image
wanting to be different

you multiplied your looks
to divide yourself from others
just to add some attention
but subtracted yourself from the envy
A mask since age 13
you forgot who you were
purposely waking up early
being late for your mirrors image
but on time for your new looks
How many times did you side eye your reflection

on the passing
How many make up aisles know the true identity
of this cover girls complexion
in foundation masking
Satisfaction wasn't guaranteed
but you took additives
to cover your preservatives
but conservative dress
wasn't naked enough for all to see

By 27
you shape shift
waist from 26 to 38

from B cups to double D's
the same letters you seen on HS school grades

Your once clear skin
is the mimic of NYC trains......(with Graffiti on them)
You are an art form
explaining your decor as stories
the true ones, 
covering up street war wounds
Never ready for parenthood
but your womb
is Cemetery for still born tombs
are silver stitches in glamor 
Your mane
is a side piece
full of side pieces
because being tall, long and natural
was the new Isis ugly
You weren't ready
the world wasn't quite ready
God, wasn't ready
for this Ugly Betty
See God don't like ugly
"HE" embraces it
Watching this reincarnation 
that fooled with mother nature
she played "GODS" hands 
when her hands recreated her presentation

You're 41 now
Your life has been test driven by all
You reached the stages of lemon
A abandon wreck barely going into gear
You don't get "those" looks at you
they're only giving you "the" looks down on you
You built this life as career
13 was a false wake up
limbs can barely hold you up
and your looks are fading 
to melting make up
You shape shift to unrecognizable 
So others can recognize the unknown 
in you
You tore down all mirrors long ago
because your true reflection
that's your old reflection
is Dracula looking at invisible

Attention is a gift
it doesn't have a retirement plan
a stage that fades with age
you are no longer the center of eye views
a new fake image has replaced you
you should have stayed beautiful
the original beauty in you
13 can't come back
but 12 to age 1 still haunts you
it was the only years of your life
you were beautiful at being you......

~TNW Registered & Protected

Thursday, November 13, 2014


A poets nightmare,
is being a poet
Encounters of sleepless nights

Mind is set for 3am alarms
Don't you dare dream

Images of new pieces 
will wake you from your sleep
A good nights rest
probably from over consumption
of wines and writes
Frustration when consciousness
blocks during daytime
A headache,
is minds creative hangover
Production is less motivating through ink
Your creative juices running
are dry wells until you sleep
Red eyes are awards if you write at night
A nap, 
a minutes of rest that feels like hours
we call them, 
"Power naps"
Maybe I'll take on night job
Vamping is the new day time
Sun up, pens down
until later
when the moon appears
and the beast in me emerges
to write again......

~TNW Registered & Protected


Help me sleep,
Let us..
pray before we lay
embrace this moment in natural state
Lets say each others name
and smile when hearing it in a different voice
Lets be each others comforter
Arms and legs tangled like roots from trees
body warmth of ecstasy
without piercing in connection
Just us holding still
like the air at midnight
Lets dream of holding each other
like the first time
and the last time
without letting go
Breathe in the scent of lotions
be aroused in our palms
touching smooth skins
enjoy the moonlight peeping through blinds
to highlight our caramel and mocha melanin
Sleep calmly
Sleep peacefully
Sleep with the consent
that God approves this moment
God approves us in love. Registered & Protected


Why does love taste so good
but bad for the heart
ultimately leaving healthy feelings
in emotional vegetating states
its got to be written music
but B-flats on high notes
strum like strings on a guitars
with no words
I took love to be my many nights
through performance pieces
late night dream-mares
the closest moments of falling in love
is through my poems
fantasizing about a love that will never happen
Being my own Frankenstein of Mozart penmanship
composing symphonies of love lines
from out of sync composure's
Feelings and emotions are
bad mixes like
herbal tea's tainted with saccharine sweeteners
Flowers will bloom in black rose buds
beating organs
are cold musicals
and my casting calls for open positions
are ongoing vacancy announcements
that my hearts government
will not full time hire
just part contract for probationary positions
I wrote a love poem
it has no name
as always
love will never get a title
its just a object
focused from my pens objective
leaving this single pen
married to poetry...... Registered & Protected

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Pregnancy by a man who is not about nothing
who only likes doing nothing for a living
smoking and drinking is a given
How could you not know
that he is a disease
spreading his being through his DNA(Dumb Nigga Ass) genes
sticking you with 9 months of carrying his seed
You conceived his problems
and birth a new problem
name your baby problem

you didn't see that as problem
until he said there's a problem
cause when he looked at a baby
he said,
That's not my problem
Pass down from generation
to generation
to generation
No matter how strict your mommy teachings
his father runs deep in his blood
what his father did
he will do
no cure for this madness
Heavens waters won't save this bad ass
He is meant to be aggression
Crying about the man, oppression
So saying being black
is the new slavery depression

making it out the hood, Hmm, good question
sounds more like a suggestion
but our hood keeps suppressing
Ghetto Street life has better lessons
Section 8 and project living
is way of living
check our street history session
See we are so hateful to ourselves
and only hate everyone else....if they doing better us
So these haters weapons of choice
kill a community funded by the hated community 

take out leadership and their voices
They will patiently wait
waiting for us to die off
mentally painting pictures in street conscious images
that "WE" can't succeed
that "WE" aren't meant to breathe
that "WE" are suppose to slaves in penitentiary

that we, 
Are the New Black in Orange
Freedom, Yo that song is boring
We can't be We
Cause We, keep living for I
and why
Selfishness is ignorance
We ain't just niggas
We're nigorant
Shouting out with passion,
"There's levels to this shit"
We born a nigga
die a nigga
and if we long enough
we poverty stricken for life my nigga
and we ain't black
we just nigga's,
put that on a application
being poor is an occupation
crime ain't a offense
its a defense for our situation

A reverse emancipation
dying on the streets
by another brutha's heat
is a true award of survival declaration

You dating thugs that hold drugs
over men holding degrees standing
you might date a suit and ties
only if his slacks are saggin
You trying to bread Kings while dating Jokers
Don't hail yourself Queen
if you are harboring un-royal seeds
letting any facebook male tweet you then poke ya
Learn the cause before the effects
So think about lady
Love ain't through sex
last time I check
our hearts beat in our chest
Use your mind
and stop blowing his mind
So in time
You, my Queen
Can change this plague
Only if you can birth lives willing to live
that aren't conceived "Still born dead'

~TNW Registered & Protected

Monday, November 3, 2014


I'm a war against myself

when my prayers was answered by
An Angel
but Heaven and Hell both have Angels
and my angle, not quite right
plus a saint I ain't, sinner, I might
I just talk a spiritual walk
my spiritual sobriety barely walks in checkpoints
straight lines in blurred lines
curving lines through scripted paints...
taunted by lust, but I was taught to love 
after I taint 

I'm in war against myself

unleashing a demon of temptation
finding my dalmatian in fertile SINsation
I smell the taste of lust
You are here at the right time
with the wrong invitation
trying to make a good presentation
the seed of lies was planted
when I ask you to stay and
lay and, I prayed and on the prey
a plot for us to lay parallel
under covers we were playing
but you're saying "NO"
was mute to me
didn't know my acts was lost interest of mutiny
was a test of my restraint over strain
My pen is at pinnacle with my testi-monials

Trying to use my conscious advice of
"Its okay to say NO"

but my actions went Steve Martin
Two brains barely using their head
One thought to think with its head
the other, thought of using its head
I false started on the play
illegal use of everything
made my kisses a seductive weapon
I knew all the time a brush kiss on shoulder blade
was a chain reaction
I knew that
wet pecks would raise sensors on neck
I was dead wrong for
holding you from behind
while being pressed against your behind
and throbbing in codes of "I want you"
in hand less blinds
I lost my mind
when I took your palms
and feathered your arousing
as if I was Ray Charles
and before I knew it
We wonder twin our sexual powers to form of
a "Ying and Yang" symbols
Turning into vultures in spread Eagles
my body was only suppose to be a comforter
but my manhood cross the lines, when it decided
to come for her
didn't see this outcome with her
until I income inside her
the damage was my butter worth
she laid in sighs of disappointment
her back towards me, said I failed the test
she slept with discuss of giving in
All she wanted was a warm presence
not a hot intrusion
that a man can lay with her in bed
and not bed her in conclusion
Take me for my mind
so I can wake up and write
a "He wants me for my mind" poem
I gave her an idea
of writers block
with my pen
piercing her body as delivery
no endings but just getting ends see
and now
our friendship will never know the spoils
of having............"A TITLE"

~TNW Registered & Protected