Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I was incarcerated by a crime I purposely committed
I knew the effects of verbally attacking those who didn’t want to listen
Totally accepted that my actions may cause some kind of movement
I couldn’t wait for the sentencing and punishment
Locked down for life in a room filled with just the words I spoke
Laying in death roll to the sound recordings of murderous pieces I wrote
Wrapped in a straight jacket of messages I try to pass to those not in the know
Always speaking loudly to extend my time, insuring no possible parole or releases
Warden saying that I’m wasting government spending in solitary confinement
I tried work release,
But it made me to free, so I became  a beast at flow while his soul released
They came after me,
100 miles and running these anklets and bracelets of metal attached to me
I wanted to be free
But I ran hard and slowly so they catch me
Its not worth to be in society passing these messages if they ain’t going to listen to me
So I fall to fertile ground
Surrendering to spend my life time to a life of time
on a crime they said isn’t a crime at all
bump this,
send me to the chair, place me on the injection table
this mortal body is only taking up space
no room for an artist to take his place
I’m ready to see white lining on heavens face
Im a slave to this art
I'm a slave to this art
I don't want to be free
My job is done here, step up newbie and take my place……

BY LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, December 19, 2011



You will probably won't hear this announcement
because you are busy moving your mouth and
you are the percentages rank at the lower averages
that lack open mind men 
so Of course you'll will never pay attention poets messages
you get more convo, from Quevo, Hennessy and your Newport's
being the loudest in the back row, choking and heavy smoke
pretending your profession is ESPN sports

But let us switch places
next up to the mic with the loudest faces
Now mind you
you ain't getting paid for this
so all that talking and interrupting
Try doing it in front of my audience
see I'll be in the back, doing laughing and talking attacks
while you trying to do your thang
which is poetic slanguage in the form of ignorant crap

So did you get the message?
Can you tell me the title of first line of my intro
I guess you didn't get the text message
about this being a open mic flow
what did you say was your name was and level of education bro
oh now I got your attention
you all in your feelings
and wanting me later at the front door

See if I needed ad libs or sound effects to my pieces
I'll know who to come to
but since you aren't part of my show or any of my pieces
shut the fuck up dude
or Mz rude,
the loud tipsy chick talking over you
I know this is your around the way bar or lounge
but can a brutha ask you for the right to remain silence
while I'm breaking this message down
in fact
it pays to learn and listen
because there is stories being told
you don't know what you missing
instead chatting out loud and being bold
and to us, you are literally dissin
let some these strong minds,
and words that cause movements
bring light to your darkness


My poets, artist wordsmiths
or your pens that I would draw like swords
chop these individuals down with my stabbin words
but these words wont be murderous
just a bit confusing to mind
and your learning something may cause body infection
leaning towards messages may cause learning contagiousness
did you catch that,
articulate words flowing out

and once again,
a messenger is passing messages,
words to food and food for thought towards good health
I'm not bitter
far from a hater
just a poet,
performing in free show biz
So listen
and maybe
just maybe,

By LeRoy (TNW)Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Friday, December 16, 2011


I wish I could be part of you,
close to externally and internally,

 the bone marrow to the epidermis skin level of you
that Divine art and the part that are sculpted pieces of you
so I can always be with you in so many ways
so you will know
that I'm there for you
and with you
at every ticking minute
towards moving moments of you
dawns early light to the closing of the day
Now there are times I have to draw a line
cause I know you need your space
but the way I want to be part of you
is the blinking pause when love is at a continuous play
trying to be a  CAUSE just because
I'm being a PART OF YOU

I wish I could be the blanket that keeps you warm
heavy on your features,
protecting goose bumps during freezing
holding you heavenly like you see in movies and pictures
warming you to until I over heat you
this what I mean about being a PART OF YOU

I wish I was the towel drying you off
jealous I get
thinking about that 70% cotton, 30% Terri cloth
touching and absorbing your fresh skin
pressing moisture back within
patting and rubbing all areas( some more than others)
and trying hold tight in your bare nakedness
while you're applying your skin so soft
I'll be the last dry off  to wipe off slow touching tweak
on water spots, close to drying spots
dayum if this towel could only speak
I be the super absorbency on your serenity
that's tickle of that last shower drop trickle
bringing your chesticles to full high beam on your mountains peak
just another reason
I'm explaining why I want to be

If I can only be your ring
the one on that clings
on the third finger next to pinkie on the left hand side
the one that have has the love connection through vein intersections 
flowing through our love lines
where placing rings on would be just the start
closing the tides, the distance is side by side
love signals shooting directly to your beating heart
a finders claim
a commitment followed by a last name
In God HE Says
announcing us
articulately pronouncing us,WE!
denouncing the last day of two single flesh,
to a union in front of a denomination
the glare and sparkle
that make you giggle to smiles that bubble
a happiness, no one could take from SHE
I want to give you the same attention you give to your ring
like the ring gives to you
that ring is me
to fit you properly
taking care of you responsibly
never having a reason of letting go of me
boasting and braggin and showing me
letting others approaching you know, they can't replace this thing
a glimmer that makes sunlight shimmer,
always falling in love til she cry
holding up in the sky close to the suns eye
even with undone nails, hands still looking fly
when she is sporting I....her ring
the day I presented the ring
on bended knee
you wear me
without leaving me
your ring
and that is me
the me that is.....

By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


You must be African/Goddess of the mother land
Cause only skin with that kind of beauty

Must come from the purest of Sierra Sands/
I'm a wondering man
Looking to have your hand
It was God's plan

I know HE must be shaking his head with pride/
cause he added too much sugar and spice/
with everything nice/
He's actually jealous-
that you're not by his side/
Prideful woman of waters clear as falls from- melting glaciers/
The day you enter my life,/
was the day you made this man from a boy,
and a sinner to a savior/
the answer to my sleeping prayers/
let me look through the 12 month calendar
to see which days in the year
is dedicated to ISIS day, The birth of my Rib
looking forward to celebrate to end of my days
A wonderful sculpture you are
a radiant light in reflection/
you put a smile and warmth on the sun's face
even the moon comes out during the daytime-
just to receive such vibrant affection/
I never seen beauty captivate makeup aisles/
from just your smile
Where Products bow

as you walk by/
Lotions stand in a perfect line/
hoping you pick them to grace your skin/

in ethnic foundation without make up lines
unbelievable to mans eyes
its no surprise when I....say

You are a flower surrounded by roses
So I call you my "Star Gazer Lilly"/
the gift to me /
that was born from the side of me/
I would give another bone for you
in my body just to make another clone of you/
just to wake up to you all over again,
with you laying beside me
I sleep to a dreamers dream,/
so in my dreams your kisses-
give my lips something to moan too/
Setting my heart alarm to you/
so I can get up early than you/
to look down as you sleep-
and continue to adore on you/

Mi Amore Tu'
I love you more than my first and last day on earth/
and for the time I spent and wasted without you-
the tax return of you to me,
was indeed my money's worth/
Would it be over doing it
if I greeted you on my knees/
bow to you like a servant
kissing your hand in stealing taste of a dairy queen/
Rise by your command/
stand proud as your man/
and rule in our first born land (Africa)/
I can see it,/
I'm your King,You're my Queen/
but you'll be the words I'm speaking/
the strength and inspiration to a kingdom I leading/
We can start our on tribe/
that will walk on trails/
and not on trials/
Speak on truths/
not spoken with lies/
and no faults will truth on false/
that makes you my queen and my spiritual walk/
and not the tail end of a cold mans heart/


queen of seduction through verbal stimulation's/
you got my soul on fire where the very tip of my standing volcano,
has me erupting,-
but only through your bodies communication/

no penetration
I just pen for relation....ships


Can you kiss me like you do in my dreams/
where your lips have a hold on me like hands/
your tongue moves through my mouth like
a tribal dances/
and when you release your lips from mine/
I taste fruits when I lick, exhaling in hot /
and I inhale in the hottest cold creams/

Why life is a waste without you/
I know I can't do without you/
you are the MADE in mankind/
a lost treasure worth the find/

and the earth is motherless without you
Ebony queen

please continue to be

our mothers
and the weight of our race
the Queen to me

............................My ISIS!
 BY LeRoy (TNW)Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Her voice blocked my attention
like blinders on a horse

took away everything I heard like loud quietness in space
then she kissed me
kissed me with passion that made all discrepancies
look righteous again

my hands grabbed hold of her backside
and my strength raised her with strong arms like a forklift
her waist was then aligned to my waist
our moans heated February with wind currents from July's weather
the taste of sweetness from her tongue to mine
was a stimulating disguise of me kissing moscato wines
I watched her watch me with both of us in closed eyes
we stood to the balancing acts of strong legs wrapped and locking
and me holding for life with this life, was locking tension in my arms
we sway to my throbbing muscles and her secreting communication

we stood there, in the middle of everywhere
dancing to the flashing street lights, car horns
and pass bye rs chanting this couple kissing like the big red commercial
this was not planned nor rehearsed
A planted cursed that started with eye contacts
and a lot of smiling

for a while now our lips danced the waltz
and tongues dueled to a symphony
lips came to a stop as we released in silence
but loud enough for dogs to hear
and avalanche's to occur in snow filled glaciers
That was the end of hologram like passion
that was the end of us caught in the moment by ourselves
stopping started crying in sadness
crying with a memories of happiness
smiling in my painted tears
hoping to Kiss her again in the next full months of winter

global warming whenever we bond
dreaming for this in bended knee and prayers
soon I suppose,

soon as our warm kisses hit the minty cold
soon as the brisk air and snow appears again......Hoping!

By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected