Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, November 30, 2012


Getting the nerve to approach
mind has recited lines heart already wrote
Wanting to know the name with the face
decipher a light from a smile
eyes to my eyes
I've waited to long
surely running low on time
you're on time in my future

never Have I starred so hard
telling myself I must not let her go
Invading my vision
where every creation in thought was a poetic write
having her face without a name on it
I'm intrigued towards your attention focusing foreword
You have created the low lights in my head
making me your only audience
voice carries a tune that flows with rapid heartbeats
your poem is for the room
but I can only see you speaking to me
you came to my rescue
when my approach to you grew silence
you said hi
I replied hi
and the rest was a path in the making....
can I have my....


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I'm getting desperate, 
living out in these streets 
no food to eat 
no shoes to cover cold feet 
contemplation for becoming a thief 
almost 10 to mid night 
I have no more body heat 

I'm hungry 

starving on day three 
shaking a cup that last saw a drink last week 
aint seen dollars since dollars seen me 
and they wonder why I talk to myself 
and yell and scream 
til I adopted the nick name Mr Mean 

I'm hungry 

I aint a veteran 
I'm a better man that went under man 
lost my job, wife and kids man 
ya don't know nothing about suffering 
when I was born from a suffering woman 
escaped her crack addiction 
but got ADD 
made it pass her last grade 
but my last grade was one up from 
her last day 
on earth 

I'm hungry 

Just ran in a mom pop store 
paid for water 
but walked out with much more 
bread to last me maybe 2 days 
lunch meat and some cheese 
even got some no name mayonnaise 
crackers to stuff me 
and gum to clean my breath 
deodorant to cover the reeking 
Cuz I can't stand to be with myself 

Stomach growling 

I do all I can, not to get caught up in the drugs 
but I got more liquor in my system 
so I'm peeing out blood 
but you just understand 
I don't drink cause I'm a achly 
this liquor keeps me warm 
you try vodka straight up in 30 below 
see if you can dance barefooted all day in snow 
and not even know 
until the high comes down 
that your toes are iceberg cold 


had to dayum near shank a figga 
he try to steal my spot in the sidewalk 
where the steam flowing plays my heata 
try to steal my shopping cart 
eat out of my trashcan 
yeah I have claims in some places 
and them places maybe your backyard 
or in the alley. 
cant wait til summer 
but that's a whole new survival formality 

I'm hungry 

stole some more shyt today 
but it wasn't nothing to drink or eat 
it was pack of paper and a clip board 
dictionary and by accident 
picking up some invisible ink, LOL 
I've been writing in the dirt next to my bed 
shyt stayed in my head 
but it was time to come out 
to be written and heard before I was pronounced dead 


Need to write 
tonight I predict a long ass night 
might be lights out 
but before the moon go down 
and sun come up 
I'm going to have done at least five write outs 
in pages I hope 
then someone will find this 
and make some newspaper scope 
maybe save the next one trying to hang themselves
by the rope 
prevent that girl from selling herself for dope 
if that don't' happen 
just know, I was starving when I wrote this 
and still am 
maybe tomorrow i wont wake up hungry 
maybe I wont wake up........... 


I survived another night 
pen I'm clutching tight 
the only thing on my body that stays warm 
cause my heat is at limited heights 
and it's due to the fire in my writes 
my shoes that were on my feet was gone 
I cant walk right now 
cause they took the six pair of socks that kept them warm 
the things I treasure the most are about to die right now 
its either me or them 
and I believe its not my time right now 
I'm building a fire from sparks poppin off from my pen being rubbed on metal 
the fire keeps burning on the hot writes that helped me survive 
now all I see is burning paper 
the very hat I called my thinking cap 
is not my feet warmer 
I'm sitting in the spot now a puddle of pee in the sand 
where my graffiti poetry once laid 
my hands play like magnet A to magnet B 
they refuse to join 
cause Its going to lead me to prayer 
and last night was my last night of belief 


The very things I despise, 
become the resolution to my starving eyes 
minutes later, 
I spit and choke on the rodent that plagued my body in rabbi ed disease 
I'm disgusted with my desperate temptation to satisfied a survival situation 
but I have no choice 
today was a day I made it thru the night 
but I only survived the night 
cause the pen was my light 
fire in the hands 
especially the hand-right that wrote last nights write 
my paper is floating in ashes that held my emotions 
that my heart is to overwhelmed to hold 
noon time, 
getting cold 
the pee that was my warm puddle, 
now is frozen mold 
bald up in a fetal position to protect the sanity of escaping warmth left on me 
don't pity me 
pity the pen and paper that died for me 
but just know script o and mead, 
if its in my destiny 
I'll be joining you too soon 


slightly dark but the mark of white circumference in the sky indicates a full moon 


what I would give to be cursed as a werewolf 
at least I could grow the fur I need to stay warm 
plus I would have the strength to get some food 


there goes those sharp pains in my chest 
stink of earlier extractions but I need some more to keep me warm 
toes getting close to froze like this morning rude awakening 
I laugh one more time while tears fill my eyes 
I just want to die 
be in heaven with the less suffering 
and be able to recite after I write 
to one day see the Lord and share with him my spiritual psalms 
thru the art work of a great mind and sword like pen in my palms 


here comes the storm 
freezing so bad 
my illusions believe I am warm 
I fall slow 
before my eyes close not to sleep, but to warm inside lids and pupils 
I write something to die on in the muddy feces ed grounds 
I see a light 
I see my write 
I'm on the rise 
while I leave my mortal body behind 
what did I write 
as the light be my spotlight to my finger resting on my side 
it said................ 


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, November 19, 2012

TRANSITIONS (Unknown poets theme)

TRANSITIONS(unknown poets theme)

My work out plan consist of:
toning my mind for stronger poems
eating good words, for healthy deliveries

strengthening my writing hand for powerful writes
stretching jaw muscles and raising voice levels
to throw my words across worlds not audiences
I arm curl thesauruses
increase grips in palms and finger tips for holding mics
...I wordplay with my letters in food, (ALPHABET soup)
My transition from a poem to a poet
from just a name to a remembrance
TwistNwordz, if you can remember this
TwistNWordz, Words From My Soul are you saying this
just listen
requirements are your attention
focus, goals, plans and missions
evolve to revolve in DESCRIPTIONS
pass the torch when your done
for the upcoming ones ready for poetry spittin
I am the Unknown poet 
and this is my TRANSITION....

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected