Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, August 24, 2012


I wrote you a poem
but I didn't send it to you
I post it publically for all to read
wanted to share what I felt
and I felt like sharing the poem with the world

See, I wrote you a poem
but instead of reading it to you

I wrote it to you
then post it on todays status for all to view
thought it would get a little love from you
but you sending me PM messages saying
"that poem was for who?"

I wrote you a poem
and sent it to the main page
instead of your personal page
got many likes and replies that day
but no responds or likes from you in any way

So I deleted the poem
and called you.......

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, August 21, 2012



The problem is our ignorance.
The solution is our intelligence.
The problem is we just say and not think.
The solution is think before we speak.
The problem is we lust then we just leave,
The solution is love and stay for eternally.
The problem is we quick to lie than cry,
The solution is to tell the truth and be happy.

The problem is we grow old before reaching old age,
The solution is act our age every stage as we grow old.
The problem is our girls want to be ladies big up dem batty and dem chest,
The solution is keep covered, be a girl, you have a life to be a lady.
The problem is we our separated by color boundaries and codes of ethics,
The solution is IN GOD WE TRUST, cause mortally speaking nothing matters and born red blood equally

The problem is we live by the code of money, sex, and drugs,
The solution is Trust, Faith, GOD and you'll then find love!

The problem is your sitting in confusion while reading this piece,
The solution is I gave you the solution, not the problem, no war as I say..........PEACE!

LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, August 20, 2012


Not trying to spoil you

just finding all means

for you and me to be

so you would never have to live alone


Changing my hours at work

so I can meet you at home

have your bath water ready

while dinner is set on low heat

your favorite music in surround sounds

wine served by me

your chest against my chest

so we can share heart beats

go to sleep

just to wake up early and see

"I'm still here"

Take you to work

pick you up

stay on the phone late

or even skype, if we want to see each others face

just so you....

"Will never be alone"

Toss all those extra pillows of the bed

and let me take their place

put an extra towel in the shower

together we can both bath

no more single dinners

and table settings for one

you and I can occupy

every corner of this house

make whats mine and whats yours

and name it OURS

so let go of the cell phone

and take my hand

go back to walking sexy

I'll carry those bags

this is the beginning of the last day of loneliness

today we become one flesh

one spirit

one love

and one last name

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Naturally flavored

no additives or preservatives

no sugars or artificial flavoring

wait a sec

mouth salivating too much

to talk through my written words

My mouth is overly excited
pallet flipping to a flickering tongues ballot

...waiting for that invitation for relations

taste buds mimicking thousands of puckering like lips

waiting for that clear surrender

eyes closed and smiling anxiously

"feed me" my moans yell

sounding like Audrey 2

from little shop of horrors

I'm smelling her

every time I curl my lip

compromising to smack on morning after taste

keeps me smiling for days


my stomach's growling

reflux reaches up to inhale her essence

she so bad for my body

but hurt so good to my mouth

scent evaporating

dry clears, no longer rest on my smile

blue strobe lights no longer detects your presence

I have to......

I must get......

no choice but to refill off your thrill list

warmth sliding down throat in snail trails
and I'm living off


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

NEXT DAY.......

Eyes slowly opening to you

trying to remember. Yes remember

how beauty became my night

and a continuation the morning after

Was it the Dinner and Ch√Ęteau St Michelle

the convo to get to know

maybe the reggae dance under blue lights

or was it the long drive,

windows down

drinking more wine,

Maybe the music played seduction

I think it was the long walk

while me holding your hand

poetically talking

My vision is coming clearer

you sleep with a smile of happiness

I’m wondering if she knows she is here

what could her dreams paint in images

that makes her sleep this late

oxygen inhaling deep like “yes”

smelling her on me

light cold soils still stains the sheets

her skin so soft

I couldn't help but to slowly lift the sheets and peek


I pulled her close

getting that flash of last nights beginnings

long kiss good night

invitation for a night cap

7 mins after 3am

but my pinnacle stands at 12:04

hands racing down her hips

while our lips kissed in communication

slow dancing or gyrating to no music

this wasn't the plan

no one night stand

but we fell,

then we laid

explored each other bodies

in front of open shades

powerful touches turned to silent screams

penetration force screaming of names

two figures becoming one shadow on the wall

bass booming from headboard knocking

foamed mattress becomes are applause in squeaking

and the finale-

releases, beyond volcanic eruption

our bodies shaking like hypothermia victims

locked in our holds as if it was life threatening

while the night finally sleeps

She finally awakens, with the same smile -

she had in her sleep

her lips touch my skin to say hello

and the episode to the NEXT DAY began.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

BLUSH TOUCH Registered & Protected


You call it howling

I only hear the wind laughing at me

blowing away my breath to breathe you...

that's when night falls,

but I've experienced darkness during high noons

consuming consumption I was consumed

Wind blows against my window

this wind sounding off its mockery

teasing me with false intentions for attention

...that its blowing for me

that the trees are waving for me

but they stand still when I smile and wave back

Whistles in skies in high exhales

switching directions to smoother me

I blow back as it pushes my air into lungs

I don't think this wind is meant for me

fighting to ignore the once freshness

and battle the additional intakes

simply mistakes not to revive me

but stop my breath from breathing left over love

So I huff

and I puff

but I lose the battle of breathing against wind

the wind won when it knew it was going to win

lying back gasping

for my wind to restore my oxygen.......

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Waking to wrapped sheets

cold in wetness, soils of us

holding you and me

I'm skinned deep into you

you excepting me

long legs intertwined like roots in the earth

...hands palm to palm

fingers locking like links connecting shackles

no body parts uncovered

we are just under and covered

almost like the game of twister

but every move was coordinated

our complexions coming together to create new browns

Heart beats rapid against bonded flesh

while there was barely room to breath

mouth covers your breathing

tongue dances to swordplay in slithering flickers

as moans vibrates against our passionate kisses

this type of closeness is birthed in conjoined embroils


the wall shadows us,

we mimicking a new style of pretzel figure

my memory faded

hers smile, of this scenario in vision contemplated

the desire to let go is difficult

we are locked in a hold

like a cliff hanger holding on for life

maybe its the thought of the first time being our last

trying to change the ending with no ending

holding tightly

contracting internals flaming in hot disbursements

from my awakening in metamorphic expansion

closures are adjustable to my breaking and entry

frictions of my pinnacle being so vein

the art of hurt so good pain

as we lye here paralyzed in our pleasured pain

can't get loose

won't come loose

reaction is to stay connected


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


(written for an artist)

I've seen those eyes before

pain filled with salty tears

years of compromise just to find contentment

...You smile silently

balling pupils like they have smoke room redness

these can't be healed by Visine

They lost the peripheral clarity to see love

and without love

you became a vampire

because you keep yourself restricted to good life

in low light

that the good life light of the Lords light

might seem a little dark in your eyes

but you love this man

this man of a higher hand of all hands

the higher hand is of that of a higher man

so those eyes go back to crying for a real reason

a surrendering reason

that make crying a happy feeling

I shared your eyes

even though I didn't share with you your cries

but God is our Johnson & Johnson line

that "there will be no more tears in your eyes."


LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Through a bloodline

My grandmother line

My father in this line

...That later to I

I am what I see

Never born the land

But the land was born in me

All I see, black, yellow and green

Saluting my distant flag

Chanting in my native tongue

I know where I was born

But I know where my family is from

The music is in me

The land is in me

The talk, run hard wid weh

Its what I know

The spirit I and I see in me

I'm descendant

I am Jamaican by blood

Not what you see

One Blood.....

By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Thought I lived in a world to serve and protect......


love, honor and respect…..


Wear an S on my chest for security

A proud in confidence badge to serve

...but like a left hand pitcher

I was throwing curves

which left me at my lowest....

to da curve, to da curve

Never got the chance to be a man

lost all opportunities to be that man

leading was in my daily forecast

but my conscious had other plans

I was Halloween in the summer

masking my insecurity

Faith was suppose to be my best friend

but I failed with no bail

a trial of sentencing towards sensitivity

A all woman jury manned up for prosecution

they wearing more masculinity than me

"She needs a man



Yeah Right, but not ME

She's looking for common sense

not that back in the day rapping brutha

but strong brutha with conscious sense

swagga with neck high, walking tall with confidence

So in my defense

I tried defending my right to defend my defense

I was confidence trying to climb over DE-fence of insecure pretense

playing on the Doctors orders for a cure towards insecure

I was secure about securing my insecurities

making me the sheriff of confidence in-security

no way no brutha want to be like me

no way another woman would want to be with me

I rather battled with troubles of leading

than jealousy and insecurities

I won’t be free

two terms with no parole

No chances of being free

Lifted and saved

Guidance, faith and man leading

Sent to the corners with a “Dunce” on my head

while the back of my shirt reads the life I lead


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, August 6, 2012

NOTHING....... Registered & Protected


Looking for your Silhouette

that warmth creeping beneath the sheets

the soft sounds of you asleep

that intoxicating fragrance when I breathe

but I'm back to routine

lonely, ole lonely

back to being me

lonely, all so

The unexpected touches

the good morning hugs

the rush to brush our teeth

to taste fresh mint between you and me

but covers lay flat

temperatures reach winter cold

don't tell no body this

but I feel like my home was your home

back to unwanted free

lonely, ole lonely

wishing you come back to me

lonely, ole

I want to make.....Like

but we can't close our eyes on love

it will still be sensual

beautiful in connection

stimulating in waist section

this effect of our affection

coordinate releases

embrace in paralyzed freezes

look at each other

say those "three words" without speaking

but that is not happening

memories of yester years

indulging in cravings

spending all our life body savings

waiting for the next moment

to sing

no longer lonely,

I have somebody

to call my own!!!

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected