Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, November 22, 2013


I close the doors on yesterday
Slept soundly through the past
Expiration has settled in
My frowns and made of new laughs
This deal was closed
the minute it went into foreclosure
If this is how memory lost feels
then my gain of lost is my open files of closure
No more adjustments
broken down foundations trying to fix rates
no movers outside to pick up my three crates
containing: Emotions, love and expectation
I'm burying these crates, in a remote location
Back to I don't cares
Been theres, don't won't that
Selfish old me they say
Let me show you how selfish really acts
Nonchalant greetings
Indirect hello's
hand shakes with no hugs greets
looking at my new friendless foe's
I'm on a mission
traveling on a one way ticket
took out my rear view mirrors
so I don't have to look back
only enough gas in my full tank
one trip, without coming back
I been there, I done that
My love came with a steering wheel
and as a license driver
you still couldn't handle
So wish me farewell
no luck on new beginnings
My newness already started
the day my ending started with me LEAVING

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

ROMANCE DEUX............

I'm force to make choices
between Love and Passion
Love and Passion, Love.....

My left hand
connected to my love line
I give love just as much time
as I give passion......My right hand love
The attention without seeking it
"I love you's" without speaking it
Passion sometimes requires all my energy
my work force by her force
sometimes I disappear with love's force
just to wake up out dreams screaming "PASSION"
Love is my outer force towards
the inter-course I have for passion
Passion appears to be over confident and overstanding
with the situation bringing understanding
for the love I have for LOVE
Love won't compromise sharing passion
doesn't quite communicate like passion
but love always has words to exchange
when she is jealous and pained by 

passions visibility.
Confrontations are based on LOVES insecurities
she threatens to leave me
with ultimatums of confronting she(PASSION)
Passion is just experienced to passing words
like Love words when Loves words are hate words-
towards me and she

Love and passion
But I can't divide this circle
We are a packaged deal
I love you both
not one more than the other, this is real
again we come to this crossroads
Please.....don't make me choose
cause my last one
being my ex one
will make you the next one
to lose.....against Passion(My poetry)

Love or Passion

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Caught in the the blind of
silk designs
defined by limbs perfectly built
How they stretch nylons against colored skins
I'm amazed like a child seeing colors
My thoughts are racing my stimulation
for applause in 6pm standings
I'm trapped perfectly in between stitching
Through my staring eyes
I wonder if its worn:
thigh highs
knee high
up to the waste
or body suit in lace
A daydream to every passing
With all walks in heels are connected-
to a naked torso
I get chills on perversion visions-
of those dressed up legs-
rubbing against my face like
cats purring against your legs
Waiting patiently to be the next catch
Caught up in those legs locks and-
silk persuasion of your FISHNETS.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


I approached you with intentions
you were not a target
or my piper hit
longevity was the idea
not applying for a job
that I would hit and quit
Wasn't looking to tax you
I was hoping to build love with interest
Why should I keep on renting rides
when I can parade on ownership
So let's be like Gilligan and Skipper
and convince ourselves of a 3 hour tour
that will last 15 years on our SS Love for life ship
whats the point of working hard for a girlfriend
when I want to slave myself
to make you my life
Place full coverage on this insurance plan
bumper to bumper life term
I want the marriage with the 401K plan
to death do us part
with plots for his and hers
So let me reintroduce myself
as Mr Last stop
because the vacancy for your love is now full
no more openings for a job to your heart.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Me and my poetry are turning
another leaf
we decided to write and perform in vegan
cause we are tired of all the beef
I'm going to play the seeing eye dog
some of our leaders forgot how to lead
I got the blue cross and with red shields
PEN I cillin for pens that can't bleed ink
I switch religion on beliefs
I'm raising hands not bars-
dem bars are for drunks and thiefs
I reach stars
like Mars
when he jumped with 23's on his feet
I'm a cat-lick in practices
My ORAL-gin is verbal messages--
1 man Justice hero without the Justice league
See I'm tired of the pep rally's
I need more involvement in protest
to be seen like pimples on foreheads
crossing you in zigzags like Zips shoes leaving Z treads
But I see heads
putting me back of the their list
like good guys come last
LeRoy, you're not quite the dragon
so Bruce, you're going last
weaving together lines
like hairlines baring head dress on baldness
see all your darkness before light
like convalescent eyes during egress
I don't beez fresh
I beez beefless
I've been heard and seen less
like A cups in pushups
lying about Being B breast
I know this a test
they call it helping me to beez the best
Hurting aint healing
making faces like I'm careless
walking in my shoes like I'm payless
my recipes
is much needed rest in peace
I unleashed for peace
before I let go my rest in piece.................

~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Warm sways and embraces
skies cry and fall upon our kisses
light winds play our song
we move slow
we move warm
we move wet to a dance
Flickering flashes across the skies
moaning to a different jam
we sway and we embrace
with drenched clothes outlining our excitements
dueling tongues tangle
with open my mouths sipping down pours
dry grinding against wet clothing
passionate we became
the instant we kiss
and swayed and embraced
that's when the clouds huddled
and then it began to rain
and then it began to rain
and it rain, and rain...until
Sun appears as soon as we opened our eyes
drying off to lips released
but we swayed and embrace
natures RAIN DANCE.......

~TTNU Registered & Protected


You light up my eyes
You keep me warm
when my eyes are......

on you
staring hard not to blink
not wanting to miss our eyes
in sync
Tender kisses
in pink
Cherry flavors are life savors
mouth watering.....salivating
tongues dancing to a sin-from-me
Wide eyes shut
anticipation was worth the wait
that final call, the last call
on how we end our date
Lean in like metals to magnets
as we meet half way
hot mist from anxious breathing
with mints surrounding our space

you light up my eyes
you keep me warm
when your eyes............
are on mine
When we kiss.

 ~TNW Registered & Protected

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Time will heal open wounds.
I place a band aid on ours,
with kisses and hugs
so the pain would go away
Some wounds are scratched
others, deeply inflicted
never were they intentional
but blame become our exchange
I wish they never happened
Much bloodshed from spilled tears
Happiness always came back like
forehead kisses from mom
a smile would appear
like lights to a deers eyes
so we couldn't see past hearts that bonded
while we danced to uncoordinated heart beats
from chest compressions
expectations were tattooed "In love we trust"
but lasted only as long a job probation
disclaimer: I'm at fault, I'm my flaws

My pen should have been first aid
my words should have peroxided
any cuts and bruises
my apologies should have comfort
my sorry acts
but resolution came in silent therapy sessions
cutting eyes with knives
that started these lacerations
perfect attendance
was becoming inconsistent
with "Disappearing Acts"
becoming are story line
I'm glad actions moments
are caught on stand stilled photo frames

Time will heal open wounds
maybe not now or later
but I won't give up
rehabbing and caring for this wound
until this wound is called, "FLATLINE"


By LeRoy tnw Goetzendanner Registered & Protected