Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


For the woman who walk and stand in heels.....
There's a performance happening
Every time you step in the room
Whether you know it or not
Your walk
is poetry in motion
Your stand, with locked legs, bow legs and pigeon toed
That is "ART-IZ"
Eyes will stare in admiration
Guys will speak, in still communication
You got attention?
Multiply that by two
Respectful or disrespectful
We all respect you
Applaud you for how you do it, when you do it
and how good you look doing it

This is for the heel wearing ladies
High heel walking ladies
The commander and chief
of attention, in demanding ladies
The perfect stand, where ever you stand, ladies
This poetic "HIGH HEEL" award,
is just for you

5 inches and above
that's love
the accessory that makes your accessories
move so well
Men are forcefully at "Attention to detail"
Eye's widen to the swell
cause you , "doing it, doing it, and doing it well
In heels you have a sway
that moves across air
That can hypnotize a snake
and for this craft, we smile not laugh
but simply We applaud you

There's levels to this shyt
Creative mechanics to this shyt
the Walk is a strategic balancing act
Stop, turn and pause
makes lips part saying "GODDAYUM" to this shyt
foot over foot is necessary for balance
Your walk is tight tho
because your walking steadily
like your walking on tight rope
Heels to boots that compliment feet, legs and thighs
and when you walk towards, next to me and pass me by
my reaction in respects....
OH MY!!!

But again we applaud you
for being just that extra-
in being beautiful
All those open toes for gorgeous toes
long leg ins in leggins when the boot comes up
the leg and
right where the thigh ends
adding hosiery is a tease
having the right muscles
that hustle the gluts
is killing me
But again
I applaud you
and respect you
never will I expect you
or force you
high heel life to be beautiful
Even wedges
be looking good
on long and short
and skinny, athletic and big legs

This one is for you
just for standing
and walking
switching legs, exposing open toes
and boots while talking
You are an art that is not appreciated
so I wrote it
because I appreciate........YOU....and your HEELS

~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Michael Brown was left laying down on the ground,
The new "Hanging Around"
No different than Negro's noose to a tree branches,
Just hanging around
Four hours, for the public to see
Same if not more hours,
When strange fruit hung from tree's
PDA's is what this really is
Public Display of Arrogance
How today's officers handle their biz
We know what time it is
NO, We know what time this is
Wait, we know what time this represents
The past yesterdays coming into today's tomorrows
Still have no hearts,
They stay shallow when we all in the gallows
Black figures die from white shadows
the projects are upscale ghettos
and to them,
Termination is allotted killings
fulfilling them with more to be hollowed
More killings will be followed
Uniform codes say "to protect and serve"
Put that on your white cloaks and hoods
and change your motto's words and trends
new gens will swallow

We got them all on Target!!
Taking out loans for racism
Buying out homes having different race in them
Prejudice is the constitutions Justice
In God we trust,
But even God knows the system in not Justice, its JUST IS
New massa coming
hands outta pockets
don't look up or start running
Officer has a gun man
Officer is a gunman
don't you attempt to do the running man
We fast
but we can't outrun the bullet man
Bang.....warning shots to your chest still talking and moving in direst
bang bang, on the ground moving and screaming
hands up, too late, another "shoot a N***a season"
Shooter, keep shooting
after they shoot you dead,
Shut up
or its two or more to the head
bang bang
bang bang
a couple more bangs
no witness to your actions
if you, the witness, is DEAD.......


~TNW Registered & Protected

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I stop loving on purpose
trained to feel that love is worthless
Numbness was built over time
I don't blame them for hurt-
I blame I
Made sure my heart and love lines-
share no ties
Convinced my brain that "I love you"
is howling winds in lies, in verbal disguise
So don't be surprise
Woman aren't the only ones to hold shields-
behind the walls of enemy lines
I see that signals are crossed
my looks may appear crossed eyes
vision is no longer blurry
I just see and hear slurred lines
don't trust me having muscles of super hero
because falling in love is my kryptonite
I fell for your seasoning
Convinced my heart your excuses were mental reasoning
So I continue to inject PENicillin
And if my paralysis towards love makes me the villain
I can deal with those feelings of mines I robbed
Love ain't a lost,
if I'm the only one stealing them.....DEADEN

~TNW Registered & Protected

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I said good bye
without I telling her I loved her
I know it was the last good bye
but leaving on a silent note
brings a silent killer to your out spoken heart
I shouldn't be walking away
I'm a poet
I know I can fix it
but words aren't band aids
My pen can't stitch lines to open wounds
A title, just wasn't enough
to keep her vitals from-----------

I texted her good bye
I didn't man up
or stand up
made plans to sit up
nor did I got up
to get up
and walk over and tell her
to her face
I loved her

I just pressed send
for a Good Bye message
Immediately, I removed her from-
my phone records
My Good bye was forever
How our love should have been
But I told her Good bye
that meant we've reached our end
to ever saying hello again....

~TNW Registered & Protected

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I wish my arms were long enough
and strong enough
to hold and embrace the world
of its hurt
With a voice loud of enough to say
"Everything is going to be okay"
I wish I could soar through the sky
and cry hard enough for my tears
to rain on the world
at the same time
so the world could
cry in my rain
and we could cry......together
If only the earth would go sightless for a minute
without having any vision
you couldn't see what color the people were in it
every one would be a person of voice
Instead a color of choice
I'm tired of living in this reality version
of the movie version of "The Purge"
Marshall Law in uniform legality
Hands up ain't enough
if your hands are in the wrong situations
When bad people created bad situations
Making them Pro's on file
now we are all stereotypes
from stereo hypes
So yes,
bad apples spawns bad seeds,
for rotten apples to smoke mad trees
this is new seeds are "WE" the apples
with bad profiles
This situation needs to be put to rest
like snow white
rest this case,
rest for peace
Stamping black inks on papers that are all white
The best thing about being a poet is
We write pieces in pieces
Our therapy in releases
the delivery and messages to our pieces
is to give the world our pieces
No Justice, No peace
No crime, no police
and maybe
they will feel peace from our pieces

By LeRoy (TNW)Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I awoke to ecstasy
in my dream someone sexing me
She didn't have a face or name
all I remember was her movement and frame
Moans of a cello
kegle grips
making my tip say "Hello"
ass pounding on her ride
making my thighs feel her jello
I went in harder like Othello
Her screams were like banshies
a cool serenade to our concerto
How can a dream
fill me with screams then creams
wake me drippin in sweats and wets
with her hands
I mean my hands on me
Must have been that conversation through texting
before going to sleep
my in comings in my box
out coming me in images of sex messages
Instantly I knelled and prayed
repenting on the false realities of getting laid
but even my praying on knees
turned me into knee pleasuring her needs
I want to wake up
from this dream after I wake up
eyes wide shut
dreaming with pics of my eyes wide open
The souls of this bed
lifts my spirits from leftover spirits
There's not enough detergents in the world
to free me of hidden stained essence
Sexually being possessed
by her, and her and that last her's presence
This man in need,
haunted by his sexual greed
getting sex through past spirits
texting me and sexing me
in subconscious sex messages
Don't believe me
look at the erect on this
I don't need references
Trust me when I say
I woke up like this.......

~TNW Registered & Protected

Saturday, November 29, 2014


The longest travel to the shortest destination
Months of planning
Saving for the day
Reservations with non-stop connections
Time for take off
smooth launch straight with pointed nose
Entering open space, you are occupying
Many bumps and tuber lance on the ride
Not unusual for ins and outs of soaring
A passenger ride for two
You two
are the only pilots
the only navigators
with a destination to heaven
Down pours come to the nose of travel
Heavy rains as you proceed forward
Arm straps tighten against bodies
Continuous burning of energy by movement
Wide eyes synchronize arrival
More tuber lance near the landing
The gas caps pops off
and fuel is released
Touch down is successful
Your travel has come to a end
No lay overs or prior connections
A one way travel
with a set destination

~TNW Registered & Protected

Saturday, November 15, 2014


At puberty
you woke up to identity
looking for "That" image
wanting to be different

you multiplied your looks
to divide yourself from others
just to add some attention
but subtracted yourself from the envy
A mask since age 13
you forgot who you were
purposely waking up early
being late for your mirrors image
but on time for your new looks
How many times did you side eye your reflection

on the passing
How many make up aisles know the true identity
of this cover girls complexion
in foundation masking
Satisfaction wasn't guaranteed
but you took additives
to cover your preservatives
but conservative dress
wasn't naked enough for all to see

By 27
you shape shift
waist from 26 to 38

from B cups to double D's
the same letters you seen on HS school grades

Your once clear skin
is the mimic of NYC trains......(with Graffiti on them)
You are an art form
explaining your decor as stories
the true ones, 
covering up street war wounds
Never ready for parenthood
but your womb
is Cemetery for still born tombs
are silver stitches in glamor 
Your mane
is a side piece
full of side pieces
because being tall, long and natural
was the new Isis ugly
You weren't ready
the world wasn't quite ready
God, wasn't ready
for this Ugly Betty
See God don't like ugly
"HE" embraces it
Watching this reincarnation 
that fooled with mother nature
she played "GODS" hands 
when her hands recreated her presentation

You're 41 now
Your life has been test driven by all
You reached the stages of lemon
A abandon wreck barely going into gear
You don't get "those" looks at you
they're only giving you "the" looks down on you
You built this life as career
13 was a false wake up
limbs can barely hold you up
and your looks are fading 
to melting make up
You shape shift to unrecognizable 
So others can recognize the unknown 
in you
You tore down all mirrors long ago
because your true reflection
that's your old reflection
is Dracula looking at invisible

Attention is a gift
it doesn't have a retirement plan
a stage that fades with age
you are no longer the center of eye views
a new fake image has replaced you
you should have stayed beautiful
the original beauty in you
13 can't come back
but 12 to age 1 still haunts you
it was the only years of your life
you were beautiful at being you......

~TNW Registered & Protected

Thursday, November 13, 2014


A poets nightmare,
is being a poet
Encounters of sleepless nights

Mind is set for 3am alarms
Don't you dare dream

Images of new pieces 
will wake you from your sleep
A good nights rest
probably from over consumption
of wines and writes
Frustration when consciousness
blocks during daytime
A headache,
is minds creative hangover
Production is less motivating through ink
Your creative juices running
are dry wells until you sleep
Red eyes are awards if you write at night
A nap, 
a minutes of rest that feels like hours
we call them, 
"Power naps"
Maybe I'll take on night job
Vamping is the new day time
Sun up, pens down
until later
when the moon appears
and the beast in me emerges
to write again......

~TNW Registered & Protected


Help me sleep,
Let us..
pray before we lay
embrace this moment in natural state
Lets say each others name
and smile when hearing it in a different voice
Lets be each others comforter
Arms and legs tangled like roots from trees
body warmth of ecstasy
without piercing in connection
Just us holding still
like the air at midnight
Lets dream of holding each other
like the first time
and the last time
without letting go
Breathe in the scent of lotions
be aroused in our palms
touching smooth skins
enjoy the moonlight peeping through blinds
to highlight our caramel and mocha melanin
Sleep calmly
Sleep peacefully
Sleep with the consent
that God approves this moment
God approves us in love. Registered & Protected


Why does love taste so good
but bad for the heart
ultimately leaving healthy feelings
in emotional vegetating states
its got to be written music
but B-flats on high notes
strum like strings on a guitars
with no words
I took love to be my many nights
through performance pieces
late night dream-mares
the closest moments of falling in love
is through my poems
fantasizing about a love that will never happen
Being my own Frankenstein of Mozart penmanship
composing symphonies of love lines
from out of sync composure's
Feelings and emotions are
bad mixes like
herbal tea's tainted with saccharine sweeteners
Flowers will bloom in black rose buds
beating organs
are cold musicals
and my casting calls for open positions
are ongoing vacancy announcements
that my hearts government
will not full time hire
just part contract for probationary positions
I wrote a love poem
it has no name
as always
love will never get a title
its just a object
focused from my pens objective
leaving this single pen
married to poetry...... Registered & Protected

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Pregnancy by a man who is not about nothing
who only likes doing nothing for a living
smoking and drinking is a given
How could you not know
that he is a disease
spreading his being through his DNA(Dumb Nigga Ass) genes
sticking you with 9 months of carrying his seed
You conceived his problems
and birth a new problem
name your baby problem

you didn't see that as problem
until he said there's a problem
cause when he looked at a baby
he said,
That's not my problem
Pass down from generation
to generation
to generation
No matter how strict your mommy teachings
his father runs deep in his blood
what his father did
he will do
no cure for this madness
Heavens waters won't save this bad ass
He is meant to be aggression
Crying about the man, oppression
So saying being black
is the new slavery depression

making it out the hood, Hmm, good question
sounds more like a suggestion
but our hood keeps suppressing
Ghetto Street life has better lessons
Section 8 and project living
is way of living
check our street history session
See we are so hateful to ourselves
and only hate everyone else....if they doing better us
So these haters weapons of choice
kill a community funded by the hated community 

take out leadership and their voices
They will patiently wait
waiting for us to die off
mentally painting pictures in street conscious images
that "WE" can't succeed
that "WE" aren't meant to breathe
that "WE" are suppose to slaves in penitentiary

that we, 
Are the New Black in Orange
Freedom, Yo that song is boring
We can't be We
Cause We, keep living for I
and why
Selfishness is ignorance
We ain't just niggas
We're nigorant
Shouting out with passion,
"There's levels to this shit"
We born a nigga
die a nigga
and if we long enough
we poverty stricken for life my nigga
and we ain't black
we just nigga's,
put that on a application
being poor is an occupation
crime ain't a offense
its a defense for our situation

A reverse emancipation
dying on the streets
by another brutha's heat
is a true award of survival declaration

You dating thugs that hold drugs
over men holding degrees standing
you might date a suit and ties
only if his slacks are saggin
You trying to bread Kings while dating Jokers
Don't hail yourself Queen
if you are harboring un-royal seeds
letting any facebook male tweet you then poke ya
Learn the cause before the effects
So think about lady
Love ain't through sex
last time I check
our hearts beat in our chest
Use your mind
and stop blowing his mind
So in time
You, my Queen
Can change this plague
Only if you can birth lives willing to live
that aren't conceived "Still born dead'

~TNW Registered & Protected

Monday, November 3, 2014


I'm a war against myself

when my prayers was answered by
An Angel
but Heaven and Hell both have Angels
and my angle, not quite right
plus a saint I ain't, sinner, I might
I just talk a spiritual walk
my spiritual sobriety barely walks in checkpoints
straight lines in blurred lines
curving lines through scripted paints...
taunted by lust, but I was taught to love 
after I taint 

I'm in war against myself

unleashing a demon of temptation
finding my dalmatian in fertile SINsation
I smell the taste of lust
You are here at the right time
with the wrong invitation
trying to make a good presentation
the seed of lies was planted
when I ask you to stay and
lay and, I prayed and on the prey
a plot for us to lay parallel
under covers we were playing
but you're saying "NO"
was mute to me
didn't know my acts was lost interest of mutiny
was a test of my restraint over strain
My pen is at pinnacle with my testi-monials

Trying to use my conscious advice of
"Its okay to say NO"

but my actions went Steve Martin
Two brains barely using their head
One thought to think with its head
the other, thought of using its head
I false started on the play
illegal use of everything
made my kisses a seductive weapon
I knew all the time a brush kiss on shoulder blade
was a chain reaction
I knew that
wet pecks would raise sensors on neck
I was dead wrong for
holding you from behind
while being pressed against your behind
and throbbing in codes of "I want you"
in hand less blinds
I lost my mind
when I took your palms
and feathered your arousing
as if I was Ray Charles
and before I knew it
We wonder twin our sexual powers to form of
a "Ying and Yang" symbols
Turning into vultures in spread Eagles
my body was only suppose to be a comforter
but my manhood cross the lines, when it decided
to come for her
didn't see this outcome with her
until I income inside her
the damage was my butter worth
she laid in sighs of disappointment
her back towards me, said I failed the test
she slept with discuss of giving in
All she wanted was a warm presence
not a hot intrusion
that a man can lay with her in bed
and not bed her in conclusion
Take me for my mind
so I can wake up and write
a "He wants me for my mind" poem
I gave her an idea
of writers block
with my pen
piercing her body as delivery
no endings but just getting ends see
and now
our friendship will never know the spoils
of having............"A TITLE"

~TNW Registered & Protected

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Time and time again
I anticipate are hug

turning into a kiss
the approach of a hug
is really
an approach of kiss
every departure

than the last
maybe my breath isn't right
maybe, she is waiting on me to lead
how long
how much longer 
do I wait to fulfill this curiousity
why can't we metals and magnets
This happening of interaction
by laws of magnetic forces
Hell lets just kiss

and Say Good bye
I'll be happy with a 5 sec kiss
I'll use my fingers
kiss me
I got the signal
I got "Big Red"
kiss a little longer?
I swear, 
it will be all or nothing
I'm taking a risk
either you will respond with your lips
or you will respond with hand hits
We needs to kiss

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Hot tea steams to my window
brisk mist outside when wind blows
condensation fogs up glasses
I write this short poem until it fades
Green tea ginger, tickles my senses
my palette jumps in applause of soothing
I watch as the leaves wave in transformation
showing their best greens die colorfully to yellow, red and orange
falling to the Earth and blanketing green floors merging to brown
Autumn truly begins the season of love
the comfort of dawning fall dressings
Rain is merely dew drops falling at fast pace
Sun is hidden,
as it gives gray clouds, glowing whites in cotton
filling up this ocean blue ceilings
Today is only a reflection without mirrors
sound bites of my own speaking
A son's name from two passing fathers
my reminder,
that I am them mortally
until we live together again spiritually

LeRoy 3rd (Tre')

by TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


How do I love thee
Let me count the ways
When poetry becomes a performance of bodies 

bonding in a emotional exchange 
without words being said
When each delivery, comes with a response

connecting each ending, is only the beginning to a new poem
When there is no competition
No errors in spelling
Grammar can't not be decipher through moans

vocals are the best releases in tones
So, When can you and I, make poems
Without introductions of names
With less problems and more resolutions
Where lying parallel, makes us look so angles

I'm so dire straights on your curves
When, where and how can we start this
with no finish

No care in the world about doing it
how pen strokes makes print writes scream in cursive
Can we do it....

over there, their or they're
I'm ready to be one poem
no title
no ending
maybe a to be continue
or discontinue
mild breaks like punctuations
or when we are out of breath
lets love poem poetry
until Haiku's be hitting high pitched senyru'

my 6 by your 6
cause we love sixing......9, sixes
I plead my case
My pen is at rest
Poem me poetry
I think I'm being poetically gestured Registered & Protected

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


My name is TwistNWordz
And Yes, 
I am addicted to writing

I'm also addicted to words
maybe a little hooked on
phonics, dictionaries, metaphors and similes
Haiku's, senyru's and reading 
okay okay
So I'm strung out
on poems, poetry and literature
see my first high
was suppose to be the only high
so high,
like Michael Jordan dunking high
so I try to quit these 
mind gaming hits
Day one
I've been on this wagon for
7,304 days
that's 7, 304 ways
I wrote approximately 7, 304
poems in books 
with 7,304 poems to a page
I don't see that being a problem
I don't see me having a problem
I can't see this being a problem
We all get hooked,
We all get hooked on books
and writing
performances and stages

inks spills
sleepless nights 
with endless writes
but does that make you
and a addict to your rights 
maybe I'm a bit obsessive to
losing sleep
maybe I'm itching 
to scratch papers
while spilling some ink
When I'm alone in my room

I be.....masturbating.......
my thoughts
in frictions of 
hands rubs to pens
for exploding inks

so I can get that 
ultimate release.......
But I'm not an addict
I just a have a mild addiction
to diction
until writing becomes
what I wrote 
and what I wrote 
is now what is written
whether its cursive scrolls
12 fonts to bold writes I be printing
I don't have spats about this problem
so I'm up here spittin
Cause I'm a poet
is what I name me
Spoken World Poetry Tuesdays
is my stages residency
So don't look at me

like scratching my palms
is a problem
or itch I can't resolve
See I like to write
I have to write
its my only means 
to stay alive
its my only means
to clear my mind
My only means
I have an Addiction
and right now
I'm up here confessing 
during my intervention
my high hasn't come down
from early injections
black and blues
still flowing through my system
and I don't want to come down
and NO
I can't come down
No God Dammit
I won't calm down
I'm on a writers high
So high
Outer body experience high
and if I want to keep writing 
for a fix
then let me be
high and free
tapping my veins 
for the next poetry hit
I'm a poet

with an addiction
to writing poetry
you can't stop me
I won't stop writing
So you can stay in denial
make up excuses

for writing abuses
this path is what this writer
I don't care what people say
I only listen to my inside voices
that be poetically speaking shit
and if you don't like it
you don't have to like it
I like it
I keep writing and spitting it
Most you are writing for a purpose
I write for a high on purpose
and its worth it
On this poetry high with no detox
So again 
If you don't like it
Well my answer to you....
SO BE IT.....


ON POEMS Registered & Protected

Saturday, June 28, 2014


A worker in progress
progressing to work hard
to be an artist without acknowledgment
giving more title's in names
then my birth rights copy written-
by my writes in the government
A former serviceman
For my country, 
I almost died for
but come home as veteran
almost poor from doing service
for the government
but gets no help and service to this serving man
Still filing a claims as an artist
but not getting introduced as that-
Artist- named so and so
So I hope I'm not 
Killing the game
by hurting the interest
when spitting for interest 
towards interestedly spitting something lame
not to cause personal injury to this passion
or flat lining this artistry
Like you
is where I call home
my place
my universe I share
a personal space with before and after care
my everyday survival in challenges
without the dare
See I chose my name
when the game chose me
and in my head
I'm my favorite
to being my worst critic
Fuck it I'm in the audience wanting to see me
Working hard on that delivery
Working hard to leave "A MESSAGE
praying on every poem
I'm praying on every performance
I'm praying the audience leave with words like
"I GET IT"  

See I am
looking for that:
expectation in a high tolerance
from poets heads-
doing nodding heads
and whispers saying
This brutha's preaching
educationalist taking notes
cause this poets teaching
leaving the listening speechless 
from my spoken in Twisted speakings
cause in the end
I'm speaking for the silently speaking
I'm winning the war of obstacles
by being the spokesperson
through a strong person
lifted others who find sharing pieces
is not meant for the weakening 
My nine writes 
shows my nine lives
high applause from high fives
Juke talk
slanguages of profound languages
when spiting jive......talking 
And all I ever wanted was to be
a line they remembered
a title with a twisted ending
a flashback reality
while my last performance is still trending
not pending
for approval
not searching
for a signal
Just give me one mic
and one stage
with a good poem-
that I will be able to performed for you
See I'm a poet!
the thought before its written
the scribe before live spittin
I went through a metamorphosis
without putting metaphors in this
peace is on me
is pieces set free
my producer in all this 
is my friend Websters, 
the thesauruses
I am TwistNWordz
I remind you  in instros
said again in mid flows
and if you ever been to my shows
you know I end my pieces
with TwistNwordz as my outtros

I am TwistNWordz   

 Registered & Protected

Friday, May 9, 2014


I took Chance on date
but she admitted that she needed Courtship
she is still recovering from Risk
who she met through Faith
Faith wouldn't date
because her ex Reason
was still sleeping with Excuses
Excuses prayed on Faith and her sister Promise
Promise was borderline on lies from Dishonesty
Dishonesty use to be Honesty
but they changed their name
after Faith had a baby name Blessings
who she think the father is Risk
Risk didn't take Chance on her offer
to being the one
Which leaves me, the Messenger,
in a triangle of failed emotions
I should have listen Destiny
when she came in my dreams
and said, that she was coming soon
and she too was waiting on me
She sent Patience as my
guardian angel
and now I wait on courtships

while living the trials of FAILED DATES......

~TNW Registered & Protected

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Born into a world of struggle
We are a time bomb (ticking)
as soon as we are conceived
A fight begins once we leave the womb
Destination: struggle, acceptance, confinement
or a tomb

So pour that out for your homies
only popular day in your life
is when you die
you become a celebrity......on T-shirts and TV's
Practices from teachings?
That's nothing if you're..
a liability of failure through DNA genes
plus, going to college to get a degree in debt

the only 4 to 8 years of your life
when you have good credit
Why bother
when there is so much free knowledge
being street smart and taxed free
not to mention,
environment is our projected road block
Being successful is just words of the street
not all the structuring in the world
will get you the equality you deserve
This is difference between
Education of a white man
Exploitation of a black man
color does decide your state of survival

let me brake, then swerve
white is right
black is in the back
red is blood shed
green is money
blue is true
and clear
it isn't always clarity
becoming a slave is heredity
hi dividends, looks good in only in poverty
and yes we look good in gold chain and bracelets
also known as noose ropes and shackles

and you wonder why this bothers me
Hanging on the corner is the new black hangings
Even going to bars is a advertisement
towards a future of being behind bars

and there are more men running to the poles
to vote with dollars of woman on the poles
Forced to seek religion only during hard times
converting to "A" religion, 

when you're doing hard time
Its hard to be a man
in these boys streets

say we can't stand the heat
but to quick to pack heat
its harder to be a black man
strong in shell, but mentally weak
But we set our goals for struggle
we raise our expectations for failure
and yes,
we do believe to be born is to die

kids think that's fly..
but we don't admit that
we are our own obstacles in the past and future
trust was an open door policy to newcomers
that's why we can't trust our own
a change is going to come
from the change of past changes
to the new changes-
which will be a disguise as old changes
coming back in new looks and same traditions

slaves of a future past
Its hard to be a man
a struggle to be a black man
the first day of life
is a set timer towards death
being black is a time bomb
being a black man
is a destruction towards death
you will never be right

for your civil rights
if your human rights

have you to proceed to go left............


~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Am I racist....
Am I against my own kind
when in my own mind I'm one of their color
How can I call you my sista's and brutha's
when we don't share the same father or mother

Am I racist.....
if I feel some kind of way
when our race have days
they display
and down right stupidity

Lost villages turning into community
but we don't have community
cause black people have no unity

Am I racist....
when I judge with no jury
that every black man is guilty
or every black woman with children
lives in poverty

children with no fathers
and woman with multiple baby fathers
living in projects
and the government projects
is keeping you below system
education of lower higher learning
but you street wise lacking school wisdom
Now we prove the change
where blacks stands today
but we still live how we walk in name

Am I racist....
if I look around like I'm white
when something derogatory happens
if the N word pops off
when a little girl say the B word six times
out her mouth
the very moment where think every black person talking
sounds like a mad person talking loud

Am I racist....
if my preference
is sit by races of our opposites
because I feel like my race just don't know
how to act
or maybe because I think I'm much more lighter than that
and my presentation is much more better than that

that I came from low income society
but I raise my mind to be higher than cracks.....
in the streets

Am I racist.....
if when I get mad
I call them "ya'll people"
or "them n****s
saying its your fault for you actions
it's your fault how you living
So I was born in southeast

Naylor Rd was where I was claiming
moved on up like the Jefferson's
got my education beyond higher learning son

Didn't go back
but I remember where I am from
I'm not calling you dumb
we just tend to do dumb things
rather than move out low cost of living
you rather stay
while flashing high costly things

Am I racist.....
to hide behind my German name
talk above standard for acceptance

chanting the history of grandmas yard
work harder at advancing way past progression
never going back
even if the country is facing recession
stay within my catholic community
cause baptist is over paying for blessings
You are strongly accused of choosing RATCHENESS over

this is what you call spirituality

Am I racist......
but I believe "WE" can change and grow
"WE" are free by body
but "OUR" minds have a long way to go
"We shall over come"
but "WE" can't free ourselves from the past
singing "Free at last"
how are we going to be free of the past,
if we struggling with English and Math
how can we GPS our destination
when we are traveling a narrow path
How can "YOU" look at me after this poem
when "YOU" call each other hurtful names of the past
and "YOU" laugh,
saying that's the code of the streets
so the question is.....

back to the title of this poetry

Am I really racist?
Maybe you should look at the view
I see you.......But I'm not racist......

Just black man that is prejudice 
of the lively hood and future of our people

L.Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I have an appetite for lust
in other words, "I'm in lust with you"
but who wouldn't
physique well in place
purity of youth in face
I'll be the coyote,
if you're my Road Runner for the chase
but there is something standing in the way
of my lustful visions
her first line of defense, "INTELLIGENCE"
by past her mind,
your one step closer to her heart
soon, her body will be sacrificial
See lusting got me on the creeps
but her spoken words defends
with a sign saying, "Play for keeps"
So I hang up me playing in these streets
cause that entree is an "all you can eat"
satisfying my hunger more than a side piece
That stance, legs in form, can I make a wish
bones get thrown, see the mind
is a better gift
just keep talking
I'll keep stalking
and I will learn and find
that rewards are not in pleasure
but treasure is of a beautiful mind........ Registered & Protected


Big lips
small lips
fat lips
thin lips
chocolate lips

vanilla lips
smiling lips
attitude lips

tight lips
wet lips
and loose lips
kissing lips
pouting lips
puckering lips
wide lips
mad lips
happy lips
griting lips
smirk lips
upper lips
downer lips
with lips touching lips
smacking lips
whistle lips
bright lips
lip glossed lips
weed lips
on girl lips
girls on a girl lips
exposed lips
inclosed lips
open lips
closed lips
clamping lips
draggin lips
vibrating lips
and absorbing lips
but no chap lips
I LOVE LIPS. be continue Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I finally change my relationship status
I'm no longer filing single
claiming happily dedicated, so publically 
my love is now IPO
I've been keeping her a secret so long
when it dawn to me,
that I was doing our love wrong
Mr fix shyt had to to fix this
before the flame on our torch was gone
I mean, the special commitment between she and I
was fading like shirts in tie dies 
the birth of our life was going to die
and though we promised to be together
even in the after life
we had to make it there
by keeping our love alive 
while mortally and spiritually staying alive
and no lie...
I can't let nothing bad happen to us

cause I'll be getting mad.....about
fucking up the good I had.....and
the love that made me man.....makes
destiny as my blue print plans.....this
created by Gods hands
Don't want to be saying all these sorries
with unwarranted apologies
like, "My bad"
while watching my secret in single status leaving
So I decided to announce this secret love
by singling out my vacancy with an neon sign saying

well 3 minutes into my new status
I got more likes than Tom

received more pm's in my inbox
With messages saying, "Who's the lucky one"
Then came the pics of my wedding hand
having a wedding band
with her name inscribed on my gun metal
curiosities, became nosy folk playing investigators
rumors started about who and what
from my instigators
and my twitter and instagramers
were tweaking my tweets

to find a insta pic of my insta-chic
but patience folks
my candy love was going up Now and Later 
the morning my status went up

by the end of a 8 hour work day
timelines blowing up
Inquiring minds started showing up

by then
her name, pic and our love was going up
that this pen dot com player, writer of words,
and poems in porm

was hanging his sinful ink spills up
and as the tension went up
like the Dow Jones
my friends list dropped to a low
being a single pen of interests
was losing interest
and the interested wasn't interested no more
and that's cool
I was loving the magic of love unfolding 

me and she, 
sharing love through selfies
This she, I'm holding
I didn't wanted to be the "PEN IS" big to close doors
secrecy was going to be the death of me
blinding me of a love I see
death to love sounds I heard through def beats
and my heart beats are dope beats like Dre beats
so when I'm in love
its live in HD, coming at me in 3D
so I know my love is in sight and sound
surround sounding me
You'll never see me being a broken record
our love never skips a beat
So who dat you ask,
who's got me crazy in love
and making a relationship 
my celebrated status
Well that easy
you seen her all the time with me
heard me speak of her endlessly
you still don't get the Why, what and who she
She's the love of my life
You know her
her name is POETRY
and we're finally a love status
no single out love in secrecy
WE didn't relationship poetry
poetry relationship WE

~TNW Registered & Protected

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Look at you,
Yes, we see you
Yes, we hear you

Walking all grown
Appearance so beautiful
A collegiate individual
No  more child's play
Today is your day
Commencement to Presentation
With plenty of education
This walk advancing a boy to a man
A woman, promoted from a girl
Enrollment until graduation day
It's time to meet the real world
Common sense brings you fashion sense
with maturity come intelligence
Look at you
back straight, head high
We, admiring you, as you walk by
In route to all doors of opportunities
Now you're an adult
Taking on, your own responsibilities
Becoming the generation "NEW"
to pick up, where we left off
This world's for you
More like it's inherited to you
Like it was for we
So walk that walk money
talk that talk honey
Be free, live free, love free
But the world ain't no silver spoon
So life will be a struggle
Meaning, it won't be that easy
It's a new life waiting for you
It's time for graduate to see their career place
no longer will you be a student of education
You're a professional on this runway
We see, confidence in your walk
We hear, maturity in your talk
transforming from clothes that sag
to a professional with swag
Singing to your parents "WOW!!"
"I'm a big kid now"
It's graduation day for you
Professional walker in a professional space
To create your new life, on the new worlds stage for you
The next new chapter, the starting of a new page for you
A diploma passed to you like a torch
A relay towards a finish line of life
Young's time for you to move forth
You are 5...steps
til you get your degree
4 steps
4 steps to your goal
and 3 wishes
from being on top of the world

 Registered & Protected


What happens
when your favorite pen....dies of dehydration-
due to neglect and lack of love
What if it slowly died from ink UN-used

You know 
When modern technology caused you
to go paperless
When baring arms
was writes going penless
And those used-less pens
side eye-ing you in falling black tears
when the computer is the choice a writer usage

Now picture this
blue and blacks are holding silent elections
looking for a skill craft men
who won't pass up the aisle
where pens come in multiple selections
Papers and journals are joining the rally
fear of their own extinctions
buried in penmentaries
the home they will call Death Valley
So what happens
when your electronics goes down
Voice recorders aren't around
and you need to pen something down?
and Through it all
that pen your forcefully retired

will still be your corner
papers will lay flat, white, with collegiate lines
with red lines serving as the borders
Hands will become sweaty
possibly shake with grasp

unused muscle grips may cramp
scribing will look like heart monitors
while papers will pile up like trash
So what will you do
if the pen that got you started
do what you did to it
and later gives up de-penning ink for you

for writeless and voiceless spits........~TNW Registered & Protected