Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, June 28, 2014


A worker in progress
progressing to work hard
to be an artist without acknowledgment
giving more title's in names
then my birth rights copy written-
by my writes in the government
A former serviceman
For my country, 
I almost died for
but come home as veteran
almost poor from doing service
for the government
but gets no help and service to this serving man
Still filing a claims as an artist
but not getting introduced as that-
Artist- named so and so
So I hope I'm not 
Killing the game
by hurting the interest
when spitting for interest 
towards interestedly spitting something lame
not to cause personal injury to this passion
or flat lining this artistry
Like you
is where I call home
my place
my universe I share
a personal space with before and after care
my everyday survival in challenges
without the dare
See I chose my name
when the game chose me
and in my head
I'm my favorite
to being my worst critic
Fuck it I'm in the audience wanting to see me
Working hard on that delivery
Working hard to leave "A MESSAGE
praying on every poem
I'm praying on every performance
I'm praying the audience leave with words like
"I GET IT"  

See I am
looking for that:
expectation in a high tolerance
from poets heads-
doing nodding heads
and whispers saying
This brutha's preaching
educationalist taking notes
cause this poets teaching
leaving the listening speechless 
from my spoken in Twisted speakings
cause in the end
I'm speaking for the silently speaking
I'm winning the war of obstacles
by being the spokesperson
through a strong person
lifted others who find sharing pieces
is not meant for the weakening 
My nine writes 
shows my nine lives
high applause from high fives
Juke talk
slanguages of profound languages
when spiting jive......talking 
And all I ever wanted was to be
a line they remembered
a title with a twisted ending
a flashback reality
while my last performance is still trending
not pending
for approval
not searching
for a signal
Just give me one mic
and one stage
with a good poem-
that I will be able to performed for you
See I'm a poet!
the thought before its written
the scribe before live spittin
I went through a metamorphosis
without putting metaphors in this
peace is on me
is pieces set free
my producer in all this 
is my friend Websters, 
the thesauruses
I am TwistNWordz
I remind you  in instros
said again in mid flows
and if you ever been to my shows
you know I end my pieces
with TwistNwordz as my outtros

I am TwistNWordz   

 Registered & Protected