Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


April is, "Poetry Month", so I task my fellow poets to write for 30 straight days during the month of April. That's a poem a day. The catch, you are putting your mind to fresh ideas and new pieces. Don't rush it, but try it. Add more to your stock piles of poetry already in existence. I send you blessings and prayers for your journey. I'm looking foreword to the challenges as well as some mountains of new pieces to read.


Monday, March 28, 2011


I'm burning inside
constantly begging and pleading
while asking God
why o why?
What was your reason to interrupt what WE had
maybe it wasn't in your plan, done without your conscent
I'm trying to comprehend the bad

You took her from me
and offered her your hand and a secured love
and a life much better than me
giving her these unadulterated images
that made her bath in your waters to become pure again
and she said....
"if I needed your love", that I would come before him

But I see it will take more than that
I never seen so such happiness in your eyes when you whispered his name
couldnt understand your love for him, when you kneeled down and prayed
now your hidden talents are inspired
You're inspired to act on higher passions, I try to lead in exchangebale desires
cleansing her thoughts of communicating with love through the physical
sharing with her your love high, thats only sensual through your spiritual

Look at her,
look how she glows in her footsteps
watch how her smiles radiates, like a woman who is blessed
how can I measure up to that
should I walk the ways of the Lord to get her back

this nonsense

I'm sitting in a corner talking in tongues with liquid spirits
instead of lifting my spirits, getting the spirit,
"lost without you, can't help myself,
"how does it feel"....
Look at me
look how you have me singing love songs
on long nights of not having you put me to sleep
turning over on the side of my bed, checking my phone for a vibrate or beep
a tweet maybe
that one minute after 12 midnight call
the happening without planning
positioning without standing
I'm withdrawn, from withstanding
not understanding but overtstanding


I'm not a hater
nor am I a person that would stand in the way of
I send my congrats to that lucky man on bended knee and folded hands
re-evaluating my mission


why was I delivered to you in the first place
how can I clear my mind of you,
when you left so many so called, "sinful reminders", in my space
I'm tainted to a eternal feeling that was not meant for me
sitting in windows helplessly feeling the worst kind of guilty
cause with the right words,
saying hi in the right kiss,
an embrace in one day,  forced out of retirement of your sernity
a treasure that measured longer than your 401K savings
how good it felt to hear her withdrawning,
from deposits of me

What am I doing?

working the words the man downstairs gave to me
a second chance to to fulfill my goals
by the devils entitlement, "Words from the Soul"


I just have to let go
try real hard to let you go
stand in your shadows and not in your light
and watch you walk faithfully away
towards destiny...
a reform, a refresh, a rebuilt body
Mind, body, and soul
I give up sinfully trying


By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Its ok to still mourn....

Its been eighteen years to this day,
how is it I can't let go of you leaving me.
Maybe if I didn't go away,
I could have been there to save your
life instead of you dying alone.
The day was so vivid like I'm seeing it,
like I'm living it.
I'm crying just trying to write about it.
I blame you for not telling me when you hurt,
I blame GOD for not putting in his work.
I'm in blame for not being there for you,
I never left the phone or your presence
without telling you, " I love you".

Excuse me if I pause,
cause the reason for this piece,
is strictly towards your cause.
I often go by the place of your passing,
I think back to our connections,
good times and for 3 seconds
I start laughing.
But now I'm alone,
the best half of me has
the greater love for life, sometimes,
has me in a daze, for days I less cherish.
I still stop by your place to talk to
knowing you no longer live there,
that you are no longer live here.
I even get caught up seeing people who
resemble you,
step up only to face disappointment.

Can you just give me one day LORD,
just one day to have them here,
to have good convo's.
bring them up to par for,
my progressions, transgression,
limited digressions,
while sippin on beer!
Can you give me hope of being
the good person in heart as they were.
Can I make people smile,
like you made me smile!
How can I be complete knowing
you are gone.
Its been too long, and still cry on,
but in me you live on!

Its ok to mourn for you...
but I still miss you......Dad! 

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


You Still here with me (miss you dad)

A old poem for a missed friend!

Looking at the mirror, I still say Good morning to you,
though you are not here, my reflection is that of you,
I dress up nicely and put on the smell goods,
reminding me of your up keeps and cleansiness,
I cook breakfast and dinners and smell perfection,
of a good chef cooking for his family,
Own a luxury car, just like your style,
you had style, so I smile at that gift,
and when I smile, you smile back,
mirror still projects your image and not mine.
Its hard being called by your first and last name,
I still look around to see if you would answer when you're called.
I see the pride in your eyes when I'm in uniform,
the same pride you carried when you are wearing yours.
The only reason I could ever be a good father,
Well, look down on me, you don't need an explanation,
its the pass on to offspring from generation to
Though every 24th of March your birth,
every 16th of October of your leaving,
I still cry to this day, 18 years and counting.
Some pray on the father,
but I pray to you father, as your serve the highest
positions with the higher FATHER.
I know you and LeRoy Sr are very proud of LeRoy 3rd.
I even have the talent you have in poetry, that thing
you pass down to me in spoken word
This will be read to millions, heard by more.
We all wish you happy birthday and many more.
Your still here with me..
some that know you, can still see it,
some that see me, then will believe it,
the things I do, they say thats your dad doing that,
I live with pride, I love until I cry,
I miss you with hurt inside,
to still see you,
through my watery eyes
You are and forever will be

Still here with me....

By LeRoy Goetzendanner


A Process to Progress

Excuse if the poem puts a tear in your eye

the same tears that hunted my pen,

those same salty rain drops that stained papers I've written on

I ask you almighty father, why can't I move on

this mourning on the same days


and birthdays

to my enlistement days

to that day

I was standing in the door way

Watching with shock,

talking in screeches,

fearing the site of a love one made me speechless

typing is showing shakey hands in weakness

I can through this

but who am I fooling

crying like the first day of pre K schooling

1993 was suppose to beginning for me,

but it was the ending of life who spawn this seed

Remembering that night so well awaken from a dream

sitting erected in bunk, feeling a breeze surrounding me

I ran through P-ways like General quarters alrams sounding off

dipped into the communications room,

woke the radioman up,

connect me to DC

I need to 

I have to

just patch me through to this number

biting on teeth

ringing became repeated echos of unanswered calls

hang up

try again

again I said

again I beg

again the same tone

again while grasping of the phone.

One more chance, but call this number



please, have you talk to dad?

I just woke up from a dream and the dream was bad

Please call him,

I'll see you in 2 days

but I'll call again tomorrow

so don't go far away

Two days later.

Reunion on the pierside

my mom, stepfather, brother,

but my father wasn't insight

and my ****ing girl didn't have the nerve to show,

I knew it, I'mma fet threw this, F that hoe.

Three hours, 85 miles, one speeding lane later.

I'm grabbing my keys, calling on celly

on my way to NorthEast

Trinadad Ave

took out my house keys

stinch forced its way out the door way

I yelled out dad, are you home?

no answer, no tone

just the smell of cheap cologne

til I walk into his room

and dad was sleep,

discolored and long gone

phone off the hook

me starring like I didn't know him

yelling cause that was not my dad

October 16th, the day I lost my dad,

the day christian faith went bad

never cried for no other

still deeply blaming my brotha, mother and others 

for not calling him the whole time I was gone

Every poem, is a step to move on,

but today is that day,

same face

same place

same tears

same fears

Lawd I know he just step out,

but its ok to lead him back to me,

sorry, just for a second I got lost

the day my heart went right to wrong

the day my dad was gone!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Monday, March 21, 2011



I couldn't get her off my mind....I'm...
remembering her curvacious shape
to the kisses that left my lips painted with her taste


couldn't focus straight
everything in my work place
turned into her image in my way
I got it bad, real bad
I want her so much right now,
I'm about to leave my job and rush to my pad
can't wait til I walk thru that door
don't care if I'm soak & wet from the rain
leaving foot prints on hard wood floors
don't matter if I'm coming home late
Yelling, "Honey I'm home, mi Amor'
I need you to rush to me to fulfill this untouched strain
here I am back for more
I need to kiss you,
Wrap my taste bud against your moisture
have my pallets dancing like pop rocks &
saliva mixtures
closing my eyes to intoxicating embraces
these grasp that always brings rises to my lower fixture
"we ought to be in pictures"
each exchange leave my lower lips
inside your slightly open mouth
too many kisses weakens my head
sometimes strange words and thoughts come out
Can't wait to, OMG!!
The things I want to do to you
wanting to do with you
These images that comes to mind,
shouldn't be put on a writers page
Pictures like Red Shoe Diaries
that puts a blush to a dark skin face
I need to......... have you
I want to......... need you
Can I have a.... Kiss from you
As soon as I...... get next to you
Leaning in,
leaning to..
Hold ya
Holding you
Hold her
fish faces when i'm puckering my lips
secretions floods my tongue tips
Eyes will slowly close,
Eyes will slowly,
Eyes will...........close

I melting, like the wicked witch from the east
falling back hard like I sipped some Nestea
After kissing that bottle of

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Sunday, March 13, 2011

PART OF YOU.......

I wish I could be part of you,
close to externally and internally 
the bone marrow to the epidermis skin level of you
that Divine art and the part that are sculpted pieces of you
so I can always be with you in so many ways
so you will know
that I'm there for you
and with you
at every ticking minute
towards moving moments of you
dawns early light to the closing of the day
Now there are times I have to draw a line
cause I know you need your space
but the way I want to be part of you
is the blinking pause when love is at a continuous play
trying to be a  CAUSE just because
I'm being a PART OF YOU

I wish I could be the blanket that keeps you warm
heavy on your features,
protecting goose bumps during freezing
holding you heavenly like you see in movies and pictures
warming you to until I over heat you
this what I mean about being a PART OF YOU

I wish I was the towel drying you off
jealous I get
thinking about that 70% cotton, 30% Terri cloth
touching and absorbing your fresh skin
pressing moisture back within
patting and rubbing all areas( some more than others)
and trying hold tight in your bare nakedness
while you're applying your skin so soft
I'll be the last dry off  to wipe off slow touching tweak
on water spots, close to drying spots
dayum if this towel could only speak
I be the super absorbency on your serenity
that's tickle of that last shower drop trickle
bringing your chesticles to full high beam on your mountains peak
just another reason
I'm explaining why I want to be

If I can only be your ring
the one on that clings
to the third finger next to pinky on the left side
the one that have has the love connection through vein intersections 
flowing through our love lines
where placing rings on would be just the start
closing the tides, the distance is side by side
love signals shooting directly to your beating heart
a finders claim
a commitment followed by a last name
In God HE Says
announcing us
articulately pronouncing us,WE!
denouncing the last day of two single flesh,
to a union in front of a denomination
the glare and sparkle
that make you giggle to smiles that bubble
a happiness, no one could take from SHE
I want to give you the same attention you give to your ring
like the ring gives to you
that ring is me
to fit you properly
taking care of you responsibly
never having a reason of letting go of me
boasting and braggin and showing me
letting others approaching you know, they can't replace this thing
a glimmer that makes sunlight shimmer,
always falling in love til she cry
holding up in the sky close to the suns eye
even with undone nails, hands still looking fly
when she is sporting I....her ring
the day I presented the ring
on bended knee
you wear me
without leaving me
your ring
and that is me
the me that is.....

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I HATE IT, BUT I LOVE IT............


I hate kissing you
I hate it so much that I know it’s not hate
Imma fiend that’s craving you
I hate when I’m missing you
Cause I can’t get you back to me quick enough
To get more kisses from you and all that sweet, that nasty that funky stuff
I hate the fact that a kiss starts off good
Then it excels to great
I hate the fact that it, it, it might start in the morning
But ends when it gets real late or after a date
I hate when a cold can prevent me from
getting close
taking hold
and kissing your lips
but thank God for God creating a second place to kiss
on lips that is aligned with your upper lips
just a half mile down to your hips
I mean down below the oceans floor is your lower lips
and dayum they know how to kiss, liquid wet secreted kiss
orgasmic from licking, sucking, gyrate aquatic kisses back!
I hate the fact our lips have to release
I feel silence in my mind
kissing passes the time, I find this,
While we kissing I feel so at peace
I hate when I try to stop
You lean in foreword to take one more, more kisses come about
I hate that every day is not talking in tongue ties
Lips smacking
Hands holding
Quiet moans
Head turning
Body getting heated
Counting right now on both hands
The seconds this kiss will be repeated
I hate that you are not kissing me now
I just hate kissing but I wouldn't turn it down
I hate kissing you

But I love it!

by LeRoy Goetzendanner

Tuesday, March 1, 2011



I lost consciousness of conscious sense
they say that this heart is not filled with an high of spirited men
They claim I'm selfish to others
and abusive to close friends
I heard rumors I'm the devils helper
Chanting OMEN instead of singing AMEN

What kind of character do I portray in the eyes of my colleagues
lowering my levels beneath the faith of my Deity
God please continue to shine on me
show these people I am not what you see
that I'm the same Ole G....
so tell them stop judging me

I don't need confirmation to my guided heart
I'm true to my spirit, sun is still shinning around this sinning cloud
I pray for others,
but I think I should pray for me
I give more willingly to others
never giving or saying thank you to me
I'm not a reference to tit for tat
but I seem to be hearing the opposite
do I have to listen to those ignorant voices
these so called ANGELS that be gossiping
Still a standing, 39 years in the waiting
I am a man that is with patience
sucking in my pride, keep my thoughts inside
I'm never be rewarded for my high abilities through low tolerance

Why do I feel like I'm reliving the pains of ancestors did in history
if I'm that bad of a person I seem be from turned in claims,
why doesn't these actions speak through my poetry

I'm not going to give up, nor going to let true friends walk out on me
I'm sitting here a man that cries,
a man that lies
in a two seater car, belonging to a one man ride
and still
I keep hearing voices say
that I'm doing me

Maybe I need to install more mirrors in my surroundings
not to look at myself in the split twin within
but to see that green is not my color,
that the mirror wont hide the true spirit of men
If I look hard enough, will I cry
or smile because I'm proud
looking at the image who was a donated seed of making me
procreating to HIM
continuance because of HIM
and what I recieve from the messages HE sends in my sleep

my pen does not produce ink
only ejects the fumes from the hurting stinks
that pollutes the air we breath in love
trying to write without flooding paper with tears,
when constantly my steady hand is shedding blood

Maybe I haven't quite found love for me
the same love I dance around in praises to my creater
pumpin out frost bitten love of a cold heart
with an attitude hotter than the equator

I'm going to close my eyes after my prayers
hoping the sin that lowered with me on bended knee
stands still in the postions of a prayer
that my subconscious body will breath heavenly
as the sin remaining on bended knee recieves that same blessing in layers
So I can wake up saying thank you
screaming " I care! I care!
and in my eyes, I will see angels in every passing host
and believe in my loyal focus, like I'm possessed by the holy ghost

I'm not that man,
I'm that better than
just stay in the pews and watch me
watch me ease on down
ease on down the road in dance
giving daps and clappin towards the ceiling
kissings hands, and raising others hands
its not over for me
as my dark clouds part like the red sea
and I walk slowly to my last days
GPS navigated


By LeRoy Goetzendanner