Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Let me rewrite time when all you saw was deceit
the minutes your heart would only hurt
and your thoughts divorced your feelings
Let me offer my shoulder for every tear you cried
and kiss your eyes in magic happiness
Give me the chance to sign my love
over misleading messages
prove to you, that you can cry and smile at the same time
that love exist through my hands in yours
and I will only guide your heart through poetic scriptures
That I would make love to you like Danielle Steele novels
without the pictures

Lets rewind the mistakes in the present
and fast Foreward our love to the present
re-define the thesaurus and Websters
and place our love profession,
with confessions through profile pictures
it's only a matter of time
that my spirit will over ride 
those unwanted spirits
where the thoughts of me
would be your log in and passwords
and screen savers floating with my name
in your vision
That every kiss will prolong time
like day light savings time
That we understand our connection is
for reason of all four seasons
and that we were birth only as love
being our fine print in highlight printed clause
We, are not a cause
we, are a necessity,
never say we are impossible
that word divided will be IM POSSIBLE
I can go on and on, but
FaceBook & Youtube doesn't have enough GB space
for my love to be televised or be a status for the day 
To be continue......

BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, March 17, 2013



Your kids protection
are safe practices like sex
always cover them


Kids switched from texting
to instagram cuz they can't
read words just pictures


Diets are like church
you repent for bad habits
then cheat the next day..


may lead to ones jealousy, 
unfriend your feelings..


Woman don't like to
get hit on by strangers, but
take hits by love ones
. Registered & Protected

Friday, March 15, 2013


Born in SE of the capital nation
father was of West Indian and German persuasion
brown paper bag is my skin tone pigmentation 
Brown is my color
so why can't I put that on an application
My grand mom is Cherokee and Blackfoot mixed
she married an African American,
her parents didn't like that fix
mom came out yellow skin
she was hated by the white skin
but not excepted by the dark skin
So can we trace all our next a kin
mixture in our race makes us mex-a-can
she married my father and began creation
this creation creating a mutt in multi racial
a new DNA begins ethnic nation

So why can I be just brown?

History of negro, came from the Spaniard word Ne'gro
not slightly darker than brown skin
but brown men were are considered Moreno
I try not to react every time someone says "I'm black"
but I look at the tar streets
black crayons that were darker than me
my hair is black, but it don't reflect me

So why, can I be just brown

Black is beautiful

brown is down
light is close to white
while white is viewed in a different light
I watched how my submissions of applications
receives more call backs
not by my nationality or authenticity 
of ethnicticity 
but the German last name on brown skin
and my properly improperly speaking dialect

Brown skin

want to be known as......brown skin
I'm not sure how yours begin
but I know how mines will end

New generation 
wants to give new skin delegation
your cinnamon
or caramel
CHOCO LATTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Honey brown
hey there LIGHT SKIN
You vanilla if your lighter skin
MELLO YELLO if you're high yellow
Blue if you dark black than tar black
wassup BLACK if you just black

But why
why can I just be brown
without being some one's flavor chart
without being described as some tone remark
or divide to heritage pride
I'm just the color with other colors
inside a crayola box

I'm brown
I'm brown and I'm proud
no divide
we all bleed red
so what we claim on the outside
is all in our head
but if you ask me
ask me anything about my color bro
I say my color is spiritual
Human is my nationality 
without painting a color tone....


LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Praying hands
holding hands
trusting hands
your trusting hands
I trusted hands
trusting those hands.....I trusted
not knowing those hands would lust
those hands would be hands to touch
but not loving touch
but you claim you were loving 
when your hands touched
so I lost all trust
I trust until I felt lost
secret I was suppose to keep
on between us
but my us was found in trust
but us lost the trust
us fell into your lust
I lost the trust...

trusting hands
those trusting hands
defending them to
be my protecting hands
didn't see him lusting man
why you lusting man
those hands
dem not yuh hands
dem not yuh hands
man, dem belong to the Babylon
not weh
dem belong in babylon,
but not on mi

You hands are no longer the idol hands
protective hands
hard working hands
trusting hands
trustworthy hands
I trustful hands
mis-trusting hands
I trusted hands
lost trust in trusting....

It's hard, that word "TRUST" to consume
to swallow "TRUST" is like inhaling toxic fumes
your hands were suppose to protect not serve
they were suppose to help not self serve
hands that would hold one, but had the nerve
to frisk, pat down, grab and be involved in
a bodily part seizure then search

Lying hands
aggressive hands
empowering hands
abusing hands
I trusted those hands
I trusted those hands
I trusted to mis-trust those hands
I recognize that man, but not those hands
those hands I was suppose to know
those hands that guided me forth
those hands that took me on the wrong road
those hands out of gloves 
that claim they love, those hands
how they were THESE HANDS behind closed doors
those hands closed the open doors
and open other closed doors

Those hands

are not those hands that held hands
those turned to balled up hands
sometimes open hands
then to transforming to grabbing hands
I stayed quiet because of those hands
those hands made me frighten of other hands
every hand, look like and felt like those hands
Now when I see those hands

I see them lying across the room
because those hands, no longer belong to you
I hope you turned back into the man I knew
before you became........THOSE HANDS

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, March 7, 2013


Here, is where bodies once laid
extractions and disbursements-
were made
DNA's of clears,
were they mine or yours
or joining of secreted excitements-
that left this side of the bed, puddled
so bonding continued on this dry area
new puddles marked their territories
the sheets has very little virgin spots
these sheets were secreted and marked
they play spotted wetness at night
daytime signatures sets in 
with dry disfigurement displayed the next day
ruined in color
Stains remained in......


BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


The L word
four letters in a share word
emotional setting when it's said word
deceptions without emotions, mislead word
You can use the L with feeling
You can use the L with stimulation
or you can use the L with falsification
The L is what gives a heart its beat
The L, is what gives bonding incentive heat

The L, is what is known of dis-own in deceit 
The L word
The four letter words of L
Three words with four letters
Beginning with L
How do you use....the L word

BY LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected