Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

HONEY BEE.....12/30

A traveler of long distance
called upon by spring essence
a robber of the sweetness
to feed my habits while destroying beauty
I'm a love and a taker
my job is destiny in selfish needs
I taste every wild flower
licking from surface and what's beneath
A player in the garden
going from bush to bush
never putting claim on one
because they all belong to me
Every year untouched beauties
call on me with inviting scents
flying and landing from bud to bud
stealing honey with my endless licks
licks makes more honey appear
I get what I want
and quickly disappear
My habits is un-wanting
I never return to the same location
a thief with a hungry tongue
stealing a garden full honey
until I love that bud no more
and then I'm gone......HONEY BEE Registered & Protected


Got something on mind.........spit ur peace twist
There's things weighing on my heart^^^^
I'm not sure where I should start.....spit ur peace twist
can I share with you my art.........spit ur peace twist

See this was my problem
I was approached by a light in my dream
this light said I had rights for writes it seems
this light asked if I can be life of their team
this life was a pen, 
and this gift was given to me

My Second problem
I had no idea I could write in scribes
Never knew my brain possessed such
creation of poems inside
didn't realize when I was saying lines
I was giving stanzas in rhymes
So it never dawn to me 

when I was passing messages through statuses
those very messages being passed was saving some lives

Can I tell you whats on my mind...SUPT
putting talent in Sahra lounge....SUPT
becoming DC number spot for doing poetry
when I'm done with my piece will you remember me

Poetry is a birth defect
a gene past down to me
I didn't find poetry
poetry found me
poetry is in all of us and if you believe this
if poetry came to your dreams will you cease it
I live off food for thoughts,
so if messages aren't passed,
that food will get lost
and by any means these messages are less than it cost
I paint pictures through words
so my master pieces are pen strokes in arts
I'm passionate about writing
so I guess me and poems be making love
every piece is not a perfect size for me
its like Oj's hands in a small gloves

Got something my mine
Spit your piece twist
But hold up 

Welcome to our show
Sahra Hookah lounge is the place to go
Spoken world tuesday
Is where you find the flow
Wordspeaks is the host 

the dynamic duo
I thank you
For being here my friends with pens
special shouts to the guest

All my ladies and men
Its a blessing
That this path is open
Cause there hatin
They trying to close us
Like democrats on republicans
But we keep going
Dont stop wont stop
Its mad Hot
We're hot above hot
So thank you everyone for coming
To our spot
Spoken World at sahra lounge.

peace and I'm 

Inhale Experience, Exhale Poetry


every piece Registered & Protected