Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Am I racist....
Am I against my own kind
when in my own mind I'm one of their color
How can I call you my sista's and brutha's
when we don't share the same father or mother

Am I racist.....
if I feel some kind of way
when our race have days
they display
and down right stupidity

Lost villages turning into community
but we don't have community
cause black people have no unity

Am I racist....
when I judge with no jury
that every black man is guilty
or every black woman with children
lives in poverty

children with no fathers
and woman with multiple baby fathers
living in projects
and the government projects
is keeping you below system
education of lower higher learning
but you street wise lacking school wisdom
Now we prove the change
where blacks stands today
but we still live how we walk in name

Am I racist....
if I look around like I'm white
when something derogatory happens
if the N word pops off
when a little girl say the B word six times
out her mouth
the very moment where think every black person talking
sounds like a mad person talking loud

Am I racist....
if my preference
is sit by races of our opposites
because I feel like my race just don't know
how to act
or maybe because I think I'm much more lighter than that
and my presentation is much more better than that

that I came from low income society
but I raise my mind to be higher than cracks.....
in the streets

Am I racist.....
if when I get mad
I call them "ya'll people"
or "them n****s
saying its your fault for you actions
it's your fault how you living
So I was born in southeast

Naylor Rd was where I was claiming
moved on up like the Jefferson's
got my education beyond higher learning son

Didn't go back
but I remember where I am from
I'm not calling you dumb
we just tend to do dumb things
rather than move out low cost of living
you rather stay
while flashing high costly things

Am I racist.....
to hide behind my German name
talk above standard for acceptance

chanting the history of grandmas yard
work harder at advancing way past progression
never going back
even if the country is facing recession
stay within my catholic community
cause baptist is over paying for blessings
You are strongly accused of choosing RATCHENESS over

this is what you call spirituality

Am I racist......
but I believe "WE" can change and grow
"WE" are free by body
but "OUR" minds have a long way to go
"We shall over come"
but "WE" can't free ourselves from the past
singing "Free at last"
how are we going to be free of the past,
if we struggling with English and Math
how can we GPS our destination
when we are traveling a narrow path
How can "YOU" look at me after this poem
when "YOU" call each other hurtful names of the past
and "YOU" laugh,
saying that's the code of the streets
so the question is.....

back to the title of this poetry

Am I really racist?
Maybe you should look at the view
I see you.......But I'm not racist......

Just black man that is prejudice 
of the lively hood and future of our people

L.Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


I have an appetite for lust
in other words, "I'm in lust with you"
but who wouldn't
physique well in place
purity of youth in face
I'll be the coyote,
if you're my Road Runner for the chase
but there is something standing in the way
of my lustful visions
her first line of defense, "INTELLIGENCE"
by past her mind,
your one step closer to her heart
soon, her body will be sacrificial
See lusting got me on the creeps
but her spoken words defends
with a sign saying, "Play for keeps"
So I hang up me playing in these streets
cause that entree is an "all you can eat"
satisfying my hunger more than a side piece
That stance, legs in form, can I make a wish
bones get thrown, see the mind
is a better gift
just keep talking
I'll keep stalking
and I will learn and find
that rewards are not in pleasure
but treasure is of a beautiful mind........ Registered & Protected


Big lips
small lips
fat lips
thin lips
chocolate lips

vanilla lips
smiling lips
attitude lips

tight lips
wet lips
and loose lips
kissing lips
pouting lips
puckering lips
wide lips
mad lips
happy lips
griting lips
smirk lips
upper lips
downer lips
with lips touching lips
smacking lips
whistle lips
bright lips
lip glossed lips
weed lips
on girl lips
girls on a girl lips
exposed lips
inclosed lips
open lips
closed lips
clamping lips
draggin lips
vibrating lips
and absorbing lips
but no chap lips
I LOVE LIPS. be continue Registered & Protected

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I finally change my relationship status
I'm no longer filing single
claiming happily dedicated, so publically 
my love is now IPO
I've been keeping her a secret so long
when it dawn to me,
that I was doing our love wrong
Mr fix shyt had to to fix this
before the flame on our torch was gone
I mean, the special commitment between she and I
was fading like shirts in tie dies 
the birth of our life was going to die
and though we promised to be together
even in the after life
we had to make it there
by keeping our love alive 
while mortally and spiritually staying alive
and no lie...
I can't let nothing bad happen to us

cause I'll be getting mad.....about
fucking up the good I had.....and
the love that made me man.....makes
destiny as my blue print plans.....this
created by Gods hands
Don't want to be saying all these sorries
with unwarranted apologies
like, "My bad"
while watching my secret in single status leaving
So I decided to announce this secret love
by singling out my vacancy with an neon sign saying

well 3 minutes into my new status
I got more likes than Tom

received more pm's in my inbox
With messages saying, "Who's the lucky one"
Then came the pics of my wedding hand
having a wedding band
with her name inscribed on my gun metal
curiosities, became nosy folk playing investigators
rumors started about who and what
from my instigators
and my twitter and instagramers
were tweaking my tweets

to find a insta pic of my insta-chic
but patience folks
my candy love was going up Now and Later 
the morning my status went up

by the end of a 8 hour work day
timelines blowing up
Inquiring minds started showing up

by then
her name, pic and our love was going up
that this pen dot com player, writer of words,
and poems in porm

was hanging his sinful ink spills up
and as the tension went up
like the Dow Jones
my friends list dropped to a low
being a single pen of interests
was losing interest
and the interested wasn't interested no more
and that's cool
I was loving the magic of love unfolding 

me and she, 
sharing love through selfies
This she, I'm holding
I didn't wanted to be the "PEN IS" big to close doors
secrecy was going to be the death of me
blinding me of a love I see
death to love sounds I heard through def beats
and my heart beats are dope beats like Dre beats
so when I'm in love
its live in HD, coming at me in 3D
so I know my love is in sight and sound
surround sounding me
You'll never see me being a broken record
our love never skips a beat
So who dat you ask,
who's got me crazy in love
and making a relationship 
my celebrated status
Well that easy
you seen her all the time with me
heard me speak of her endlessly
you still don't get the Why, what and who she
She's the love of my life
You know her
her name is POETRY
and we're finally a love status
no single out love in secrecy
WE didn't relationship poetry
poetry relationship WE

~TNW Registered & Protected