Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, January 20, 2014


Closing my eyes
your voice gives me that late night sounds
moans of harmony I call them 

Let my slow blinking eyes be your flash photography 
every word puts goose bumps on my goose bumps 
whisper deep somethings in my ear 
give me that love talk and slow hands tone 
voice your opinion against my skin 
in fact 
moan in a different language 
say something clean 
so all my ears will hear 
is erotic late night tongues 
those after hours girl six tricks
I'll pay for your vocal fix 
I'll slave for your oral mix 
talk dirty to me in pg 13 tones 
I'll moan back when I want you to stop 
moan for me erupt me in foam
moan talking.....~TNW Registered & Protected



Poetry icons
are dying, who will lead us

HipHop word artist?

I'm afraid ya'll

waking up this morning
from a dream-ality
that poetry has lost its swag
putting up wanted posters
with a poets silhouette and question marks in the center
saying, POETRY, please "I want you back"
In fact
let me build a time machine 

to take me back to 1969-1973
Where words were secret messages
for revolutions towards the movement
for all black people in urban streets
where we combined poems & stages with congos
English literature mixed with street slang 
was considered lingo
where the creation of swahili 
was taught to us how to speak African
in our America homes
Hey poetry,
I know you are hearing me
I'm missing you, 
I need you to speak
and I as poet
I am afraid
that the poetry that use to be
is fading away
where new artist, 
with new styles and messages
are scarring others from touching the stage
now we slammin for wage
because the new art,
the spoken word art
claims a poet by
the amount of fans 
voice in cadence in commands
and how much this demoted rap star
is getting paid 
and now it's way over our heads
arrrticuuuuulaaaaatttting specific words they be speaking
so they get that "Say dat" finger snaps
and clapping hands
while dropping mics
after they did that.....
but what did they do,
and what did they say
all I see is you making it hard
for the next artist 
veterans or new comers to ROCK the stage
shutting down newbies with your fire recital 
having them hiding

their notebooks, papers or PDA's 
before signing the list & touching the stage
See from eye sight
which ears hearing recite life
right at the mic in the lime light
the audience is looking for the artist welling
the conscious acts mixed with swearing
because the only poems they know through poetry
is when poets are spittin cursing & yelling.
not giving you a poetry poem
What happen to poetry
What happen to a poem with a poet
who read poems he wrote as a poet doing poetry
what happen to poem that was a life story about
saving someones life 
through your life being saved
at the end of poets poem 
who saved your life though his poetry
Where is the encouragement to be poetry 
through poems they heard you read because
you heard a poem that made you write poetry
about a poem you read and heard
Who are we if we don't learn
whats a hot mic
if at every turn
everyone was not considered a poet that burns
I'm still looking around for poetry
see there's a lot of poets performing
but not enough poetry
Probably why I never upgraded to 
well the real truth
I never made it too
be a reciting spoken word metaphor messenger in delivery
so I keep on scribing pages, 
instead burning stages for wages
until I find recovery of poetic discovery
because at the end of me speaking
I'm just a poet reading some poetry
so please let a poem be poetry and let poetry speak......

Poetry, where did you go? Registered & Protected

Thursday, January 9, 2014

NO HUNGER FOR LOVE(a single mans fast)

Inspired by lines in Femi TheDrifish piece(Felt that poem homie)

Fasting from good love
Whats that?
Only being served artificial flavoring
genetically engineered by products
so my question
Why buy into love products?
My digestive juices can barely
absorb first servings

only regurgitating any leftovers
relating or sounding like love
Its gotten bad to the point
I was being called belimac
Trying to swallow emotions
but couldn't bare the bitter taste
with a tasteless tongue
and a stomach that's stayed numb
passing leftover heartbreaks is tough
got me wearing calliope bags for additional storage space
but my heart breaks, and emotional heart aches
were fowl move ins, BS like bowel movements
leaving me knee high in hazardous waste
look at my pale face
making me squinting in mean mugs
like having my first kale taste
love aint suppose to be this way
leaving a bad taste in my mouth
like morning breath smothered in toothpaste
I denounce you
on my menu
you can't be healthy
having me living unhealthy
surely you don't show up my chart
as one of the four food groups
I'll keep on this diet
this fasting for life everlasting
Cause as much as I love, LOVE with my last breath
I rather have self love like Kraft singles
where my expectancy has me surpassing those in love
pass the time of living you part

A Single mans fast
.........~TNW Registered & Protected

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I AM ONLY ONE WOMAN (dedication)

I AM ONLY ONE WOMAN........(Written for woman going through this)
Dedicated and written for V.J.

I am only one person
but I carry with me the weight of all,
behind these eyes of pride
is weakness falling in tears I cry
You don't know my story
you never felt my struggle
but I'm constantly helping you
always there to save you
no one really knows my troubles
I am only one person
I exercise my strength to carry on
but my bags I carry
are bags of others that need my arms
Being a provider at times
through my selfless sacrifice
Always being their smile to smile
when no one knows my frowns
Behind this shield
you don't know my happily never after
The silent cries in loud laughter
but I am only one person

A woman, like other woman
Who has carried the weight of her race.....on her shoulders
Who has held families together...with short arms
Who has sacrifice without getting anything in return
"You don't know my struggle"
"You don't know the tears I have finally cried"
With each smile that cures you
is more hurt on me inside
For every problem solved
I build a tab on unsolved issues
But I'm only one person

A strong will being misused
Fighting to preserve my beauty
Praying to keep my strength
I want more for others first
who cares less about me being free

They believe I am content
I must stay strong

I must look strong
See strength is all I need
because if I don't, then you won't
then we will all fall to being weak...

 Registered & Protected

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Dug a grave for the trials
placed it in a time capsule 
with no reason to ever unearthing it
13 I scribe on the metal
reminding me, "this is the last straw"
14 embraced me in open arms
prior to 13 leaving the door
I saw lights, prayers and blessings
inscribed at 14 front doors
Day 5
13 couldn't stay dead
claimed I buried it alive
reanimating itself to the surface
trying to reclaim it's host (me)
came with the baggage of troubles
folders full of issues
but in 14's world
that bad line was approve for dismissal 
I'm feeling the weight I lost
when I lost 13
but 13 still finds ways of feeding me.......lies
14 told me "look straight ahead"
there is nothing to view in your rear view
focus on the direct path
don't let 13 take you back
but I feel me slipping back
like speeding treads on black ice
see 14 has me free of pain
while 13 tries to latch on her "TWO CHAINS"
freedom comes with punishment
something always happen, 
when you are involved in the happenings
Please pray on me, with me and by me
I enjoy being free
but I can't flow on 14
until I'll free myself of 13.......

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Saturday, January 4, 2014


Don't close any deal
Do not compromise half
Being content 
don't stop you from being unfulfilled
You know
I know
we both know our worth
It don't pay to make appointments for disappointments
falling in love, 
when you are falling for hurt
I am either a better man
or just a man trying to be better
You are either a good woman
or a woman trying to do good
What happen to guide lines you followed
where is that list of requirements
for fulfillment, 
instead of settling with loving in the hollow
This is your down payment to life
you savings for a long term investment
will you give up everything
for the lost of getting return
Why settle
Why settle for anything less than
the everything you are more than
Don't settle
Don't settle on the idea of occupancy
while living the life of vacancy
You are God's foundation
you are his recommendation for someone
your credentials are based
on God's approval
so why go for anything
that results to lost and possible removals
Settlement is not a choice
its a delegated decision for life

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Friday, January 3, 2014


I was sippin on wine, passing the time
thinking in my mind
that Dayum!
Lately I become the fine line
on a list of prime time
of performers,
rating from 1-20
but I was pen in at #6, called at 19
the second to the last one on a performing
Speaks try to warn me
and I don't mind
in fact...
I get it
I'm okay with being alright
not quite the best 
in quest of lyrical fresh in spittin
even my introduction as 
the network foe
the behind the scene poetry hoe
but a poet
spoken word artist
ain't quite on the list of one's favorites
Spending so much time with
promoting your spot
making your network hot
but to get that same feed back
on what I got?
Probably NOT!
I get the big picture
which is more than me being in someone's
cellphone pictures
or facebook pictures
instagram don't mean a dayum
until I comment on your pictures
so picture this
I did more features then creatures
hosted more venue's than most performed in
have more poems and performing
than porn stars films they porned in
if promoting and visibility was shown on crest
I would have more badges for poetry
then boyscouts  have across their chest
so fuck being the best
I'm a higher award then that
is called being passionate
And as far as my background
I'm getting chased by jealousy and envy
like niggas being chased around
by guns and basset hounds
I know 
this is bit profound
from a clown
who is known as the grammar and error
I no longer use poems as my sword
its my voice with slashing tongues
trust and believe, 
It's been know to be a higher weapon
and without you second guessing
I believe when I end this piece
I will be ending performing a piece
No longer will have to 
build my congregation
or be present on others arrangement
set myself up for awkward situations
because I've come to this conclusion
no more signing up
promoting up
supporting, well I can't give that shit up
but the other things I will pass
before I step up stage
I'll read out of minds not my page
phone calls and texts only for my PDA
but I refuse to be the number 1's, number 2's ass
So before you sign me in
or pen me in
consider me first on the list
just don't call TwistNWordz up second to last.....

TwistNWordz Registered & Protected