Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I was incarcerated by a crime I purposely committed
I knew the effects of verbally attacking those who didn’t want to listen
Totally accepted that my actions may cause some kind of movement
I couldn’t wait for the sentencing and punishment
Locked down for life in a room filled with just the words I spoke
Laying in death roll to the sound recordings of murderous pieces I wrote
Wrapped in a straight jacket of messages I try to pass to those not in the know
Always speaking loudly to extend my time, insuring no possible parole or releases
Warden saying that I’m wasting government spending in solitary confinement
I tried work release,
But it made me to free, so I became  a beast at flow while his soul released
They came after me,
100 miles and running these anklets and bracelets of metal attached to me
I wanted to be free
But I ran hard and slowly so they catch me
Its not worth to be in society passing these messages if they ain’t going to listen to me
So I fall to fertile ground
Surrendering to spend my life time to a life of time
on a crime they said isn’t a crime at all
bump this,
send me to the chair, place me on the injection table
this mortal body is only taking up space
no room for an artist to take his place
I’m ready to see white lining on heavens face
Im a slave to this art
I'm a slave to this art
I don't want to be free
My job is done here, step up newbie and take my place……

BY LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, December 19, 2011



You will probably won't hear this announcement
because you are busy moving your mouth and
you are the percentages rank at the lower averages
that lack open mind men 
so Of course you'll will never pay attention poets messages
you get more convo, from Quevo, Hennessy and your Newport's
being the loudest in the back row, choking and heavy smoke
pretending your profession is ESPN sports

But let us switch places
next up to the mic with the loudest faces
Now mind you
you ain't getting paid for this
so all that talking and interrupting
Try doing it in front of my audience
see I'll be in the back, doing laughing and talking attacks
while you trying to do your thang
which is poetic slanguage in the form of ignorant crap

So did you get the message?
Can you tell me the title of first line of my intro
I guess you didn't get the text message
about this being a open mic flow
what did you say was your name was and level of education bro
oh now I got your attention
you all in your feelings
and wanting me later at the front door

See if I needed ad libs or sound effects to my pieces
I'll know who to come to
but since you aren't part of my show or any of my pieces
shut the fuck up dude
or Mz rude,
the loud tipsy chick talking over you
I know this is your around the way bar or lounge
but can a brutha ask you for the right to remain silence
while I'm breaking this message down
in fact
it pays to learn and listen
because there is stories being told
you don't know what you missing
instead chatting out loud and being bold
and to us, you are literally dissin
let some these strong minds,
and words that cause movements
bring light to your darkness


My poets, artist wordsmiths
or your pens that I would draw like swords
chop these individuals down with my stabbin words
but these words wont be murderous
just a bit confusing to mind
and your learning something may cause body infection
leaning towards messages may cause learning contagiousness
did you catch that,
articulate words flowing out

and once again,
a messenger is passing messages,
words to food and food for thought towards good health
I'm not bitter
far from a hater
just a poet,
performing in free show biz
So listen
and maybe
just maybe,

By LeRoy (TNW)Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Friday, December 16, 2011


I wish I could be part of you,
close to externally and internally,

 the bone marrow to the epidermis skin level of you
that Divine art and the part that are sculpted pieces of you
so I can always be with you in so many ways
so you will know
that I'm there for you
and with you
at every ticking minute
towards moving moments of you
dawns early light to the closing of the day
Now there are times I have to draw a line
cause I know you need your space
but the way I want to be part of you
is the blinking pause when love is at a continuous play
trying to be a  CAUSE just because
I'm being a PART OF YOU

I wish I could be the blanket that keeps you warm
heavy on your features,
protecting goose bumps during freezing
holding you heavenly like you see in movies and pictures
warming you to until I over heat you
this what I mean about being a PART OF YOU

I wish I was the towel drying you off
jealous I get
thinking about that 70% cotton, 30% Terri cloth
touching and absorbing your fresh skin
pressing moisture back within
patting and rubbing all areas( some more than others)
and trying hold tight in your bare nakedness
while you're applying your skin so soft
I'll be the last dry off  to wipe off slow touching tweak
on water spots, close to drying spots
dayum if this towel could only speak
I be the super absorbency on your serenity
that's tickle of that last shower drop trickle
bringing your chesticles to full high beam on your mountains peak
just another reason
I'm explaining why I want to be

If I can only be your ring
the one on that clings
on the third finger next to pinkie on the left hand side
the one that have has the love connection through vein intersections 
flowing through our love lines
where placing rings on would be just the start
closing the tides, the distance is side by side
love signals shooting directly to your beating heart
a finders claim
a commitment followed by a last name
In God HE Says
announcing us
articulately pronouncing us,WE!
denouncing the last day of two single flesh,
to a union in front of a denomination
the glare and sparkle
that make you giggle to smiles that bubble
a happiness, no one could take from SHE
I want to give you the same attention you give to your ring
like the ring gives to you
that ring is me
to fit you properly
taking care of you responsibly
never having a reason of letting go of me
boasting and braggin and showing me
letting others approaching you know, they can't replace this thing
a glimmer that makes sunlight shimmer,
always falling in love til she cry
holding up in the sky close to the suns eye
even with undone nails, hands still looking fly
when she is sporting I....her ring
the day I presented the ring
on bended knee
you wear me
without leaving me
your ring
and that is me
the me that is.....

By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


You must be African/Goddess of the mother land
Cause only skin with that kind of beauty

Must come from the purest of Sierra Sands/
I'm a wondering man
Looking to have your hand
It was God's plan

I know HE must be shaking his head with pride/
cause he added too much sugar and spice/
with everything nice/
He's actually jealous-
that you're not by his side/
Prideful woman of waters clear as falls from- melting glaciers/
The day you enter my life,/
was the day you made this man from a boy,
and a sinner to a savior/
the answer to my sleeping prayers/
let me look through the 12 month calendar
to see which days in the year
is dedicated to ISIS day, The birth of my Rib
looking forward to celebrate to end of my days
A wonderful sculpture you are
a radiant light in reflection/
you put a smile and warmth on the sun's face
even the moon comes out during the daytime-
just to receive such vibrant affection/
I never seen beauty captivate makeup aisles/
from just your smile
Where Products bow

as you walk by/
Lotions stand in a perfect line/
hoping you pick them to grace your skin/

in ethnic foundation without make up lines
unbelievable to mans eyes
its no surprise when I....say

You are a flower surrounded by roses
So I call you my "Star Gazer Lilly"/
the gift to me /
that was born from the side of me/
I would give another bone for you
in my body just to make another clone of you/
just to wake up to you all over again,
with you laying beside me
I sleep to a dreamers dream,/
so in my dreams your kisses-
give my lips something to moan too/
Setting my heart alarm to you/
so I can get up early than you/
to look down as you sleep-
and continue to adore on you/

Mi Amore Tu'
I love you more than my first and last day on earth/
and for the time I spent and wasted without you-
the tax return of you to me,
was indeed my money's worth/
Would it be over doing it
if I greeted you on my knees/
bow to you like a servant
kissing your hand in stealing taste of a dairy queen/
Rise by your command/
stand proud as your man/
and rule in our first born land (Africa)/
I can see it,/
I'm your King,You're my Queen/
but you'll be the words I'm speaking/
the strength and inspiration to a kingdom I leading/
We can start our on tribe/
that will walk on trails/
and not on trials/
Speak on truths/
not spoken with lies/
and no faults will truth on false/
that makes you my queen and my spiritual walk/
and not the tail end of a cold mans heart/


queen of seduction through verbal stimulation's/
you got my soul on fire where the very tip of my standing volcano,
has me erupting,-
but only through your bodies communication/

no penetration
I just pen for relation....ships


Can you kiss me like you do in my dreams/
where your lips have a hold on me like hands/
your tongue moves through my mouth like
a tribal dances/
and when you release your lips from mine/
I taste fruits when I lick, exhaling in hot /
and I inhale in the hottest cold creams/

Why life is a waste without you/
I know I can't do without you/
you are the MADE in mankind/
a lost treasure worth the find/

and the earth is motherless without you
Ebony queen

please continue to be

our mothers
and the weight of our race
the Queen to me

............................My ISIS!
 BY LeRoy (TNW)Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Her voice blocked my attention
like blinders on a horse

took away everything I heard like loud quietness in space
then she kissed me
kissed me with passion that made all discrepancies
look righteous again

my hands grabbed hold of her backside
and my strength raised her with strong arms like a forklift
her waist was then aligned to my waist
our moans heated February with wind currents from July's weather
the taste of sweetness from her tongue to mine
was a stimulating disguise of me kissing moscato wines
I watched her watch me with both of us in closed eyes
we stood to the balancing acts of strong legs wrapped and locking
and me holding for life with this life, was locking tension in my arms
we sway to my throbbing muscles and her secreting communication

we stood there, in the middle of everywhere
dancing to the flashing street lights, car horns
and pass bye rs chanting this couple kissing like the big red commercial
this was not planned nor rehearsed
A planted cursed that started with eye contacts
and a lot of smiling

for a while now our lips danced the waltz
and tongues dueled to a symphony
lips came to a stop as we released in silence
but loud enough for dogs to hear
and avalanche's to occur in snow filled glaciers
That was the end of hologram like passion
that was the end of us caught in the moment by ourselves
stopping started crying in sadness
crying with a memories of happiness
smiling in my painted tears
hoping to Kiss her again in the next full months of winter

global warming whenever we bond
dreaming for this in bended knee and prayers
soon I suppose,

soon as our warm kisses hit the minty cold
soon as the brisk air and snow appears again......Hoping!

By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, November 28, 2011


In a world where everything seems to be falling around us
where the fight between the Heavens and Hell-
seems to be leaning towards the devils favor
when right at this moment, you don't want to get up to give up
that turning to the bottle seems to be the most reliable friend you have
cigarette butts become monuments in many corners of your residence
when fear of checking the mail is not none of your business
I swear things feel, look, and taste horrible right now
but writing
writing about it or about something else
seems to save lives
creates a place where nothing could go wrong
where, your very dreams are no longer visions in closed eyes


stop waking up to look around
just to fall back to sleep


stop worrying over more worries
because your worries is more worried about you


stop deprogramming your mind to writers block
thinking there is nothing to write about


I know you have a pen
a paper, envelope or a bill to write on the back of
scribble all over your walls,
you can paint them another time when new life again calls


whats your excuse?
Don't feel like it?
nothing occupying mind, so whats on your mind?
not the feeling you want to feel in your heart, so what do you feel?
its not what you are trying to see, what are you looking at?


Stop stressing over not being right and just WRITE
Its saves lives and you will see that heals wounds


I mean now,
right now!!!
after you read this


By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I'm not trying to hold you hostage
I'm trying to imprison the love we have
keep it in darkness out of suns light
so shadows can not mimic and share us with others
and it will be written
that our love, that is as sacred as tombs of Egypt
sworn under oath like a priest in the catholic community
will travel the true distance of the earth to the sun
I want o close my eyes and never opening them
because my dreams
has no interruptions of destruction's
little less faults in flaws
lies would not even exist in our world of truth
so to continue to live under a life universal darkness
like those in Jerusalem nights
so I tint the windows in  my room
place my entire residence in dark silence
paint stars on ceilings and walls in phosphorescent paints
so are long sleeps would be protected by star lights

I'm not trying to hold you hostage
I'm trying to imprison the love we have
and if protecting my investment and infinite means
separating us from the world
to put our love in hiding like Bin Laden
and only be re-discovered by archaeologist
that two people died in loves confinement
please allow my sentencing to loving you begin...


By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Not sure of my faith for love
not sure if love has that purpose, that feeling
everything and anything is about lust
courting is now called dating
communication is through texting not talking
a union is all about financial mergers

Where is the Love?

We having children out of wedlock
children in wedlock is not a need but a happening
houses are no longer homes
just a means to avoid renting
Husbands are not always a bread winner
the wife is no longer the house keeper
more like the financial contributor
grandma's raising their kids babies
babies are going from 10 to age 20
by 12 you already been sexed or a parent already

So Where is the faith?

Church is not in the home
won't find the spirit in most folk
swearing is being accepted by older and younger folk
same sex is increasing in marital status
while opposite sex rather keep dating, looking pass marriage
getting a job is just for the money
no passion in the work today, just making it from Monday-Friday
Health care is no longer fare
health care physicians, don't care
living is just an option
while dying is another thing thats going to happen


No longer we will have family reunions
but block parties are on the rise
a lot less houses being bought
but apartment buildings are on the rise
mom and dad stores are seeing less visits
and super markets have less employees committed
neighbors dont know who you are
but they know your name in chanting mating calls
a village won't raise your child
but the streets surely encourage them to be wild

These are my views in doubts, things that should change
but will stay the same
but since I'm a poet
I can no longer end this with a signature of my government name


LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


How well is your skills on me

Before you answer me
I need you to fill out this wavier please
First line is a conscent of what your taken
every hole is an option with no mistaken
Advil and KY on the table for ease and aching
mouth piece for your bite downs,
while the body is quivering and shaking
bottom line
where you will sign
a garuantee and warranty
My satisfaction is guranteed
and expansions, damages and stretches is under warranty

Now that you agree do you have the ability
spreading your pussy cat with leg locking agilities
while your mouth on my wigth times length utilities

8x3's they measure me
my arms are at lock, feet flat on the floor
strong back flexibility
with soft like lotion on nothern tissue
lips and my tongue exploring and conquering walls freely

See, this is not just a new position we are comparing
and sharing in front of BlogTalk
I'm trying to see how fast your legs will collasp
from my clamping lips and scrolling tongue
and that was just a small application from me
eating thee on your hands is how you'll walk

I guess you thought with your hoover like skills
and BJ's like if lips could kill
then I would die with erection
while body stands still
I'm the extended version of a viagra pill
my contributions for extended usage
giving me more hours to produce some orgasmic/ejaculated spills

dayum you good though
and you know I love good head so....
so I lift one hand, keeping balance man
and placing it on back of your head
and forcing me up working dick down into your throat's that for show man

I feel you pulsating
want to look so bad how my face is buried in between you place
my moanin in baretones
makes air pockets loudly escape
you giving me joy with your legs and ass jigglin
causing orgasmic quivering similar as a six speed vibrate
its too late
I'm not stopping to I get that rewarding taste
hurricane tongue rolls
I even rub your clyt with my nose
slurping and sucking
and tip taping your back hole
no time to come up for air
without your cream wasting on the floor

look at you half assing the job
so I have to pushup mi waist
i dont feel your tonsil
you didnt take a moutful
if I bust off my off load
its going blast heavier than high pressure hose
warm fires to mouth down the throat
you earned your pearl necklace
protein mustache on your face

Hitting thug hard, while man soft
of course I and I the Gemini
meaning two I's
You jus had a menage tois

its been a minute
I'm devouring your kitty
like the release of 30 year convict
I'm smashing to win
I'm licking to get it in
yeah she moanin
screaming she cummin
fall to the floor
left my erupting throttle
now she is in a fetile, with her pussy uncontrollable spittin!

keep your balance! Registered & Protected

Monday, November 21, 2011


I get scared every time I see the reflection of glare
my lights and there shine battling
dunno what to do
do I move
will it move
what will be the consequences if we meet
someone may get hurt
one may die
might be both of us
too early to be this alert
but this war zone that won't let me sleep
the enemy is trying to be friendly
out of curiosity do damage to me
or themselves
true, we invaded their space
and they are fighting to keep a home
to roam freely but no place to go

so here we are

my movement to their standing
As I move into their direction
they respond to move towards me

someone is going to get hurt
one of us is going to die
it might be both of us
I just dunno what to do
when riding this road
and see that
from a standing deer


LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, November 17, 2011


You send a rapture of love sickles to my heart
I count everyday to the day I will see you
the day my chest becomes see through
and I'll stand proud as a man
but inside I cry to joy like a bride on her wedding day
This reunion has taken too long
but while the distance produces love so strong
I can't help to wonder
Will we be in love at first site?
even the vision of your lips creating a smile
warms me in freezing below temperatures
My heart plays a solo in loving concerto
in the communication from native drums
the ones you would find in the Congo
I keep back spacing and spell checking
cause I'm so in the rush to post this
that you wouldn't know,
this poem was on my today's list

I wrote this piece for you

I know you're reading this
I can see you smiling to this
cause our smiles rises simultaneously
and if your eye should tear at every line
then you too share the lines that brought tears to my eyes
I want you right now like a need
far more than a fools greed
I'm going to sleep knowing that full moon shines on me
your eye in my sky, looking down on me
and I, I am looking back at you
the sun will tell me
I'm a day closer to be one with you
to know the first day will be kissing you
the second day will be holding you
the third day will be bonding with you
and the last days will be.........dayum
lets go back to the first 3 days
this excitement has moved me foreword to day one
I open my eyes back to the day before 1
rain starts to clog my vision during my write
but that’s outside
my vision is clouded by my teary eyes
tomorrow, takes one day away from wondering why
so I write
continuing to write towards you
for you
about you
loving you
and my writing finally ends
when I'm writing with you

So I write poems in secret messages of
I'm thinking of you
I'm thinking about you
I'm thinking of loving you
no more thinking

I love you!

By LeRoy(TNW)Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I got a crush on you from a mile away
but see I don't want to step to you any kind of way
A flower like you needs a confident man type of approach
originality from the heart when introducing myself
I want to assure my first words are lasting words
that my impression is more than a interview
that I'm a interview man that's into you
See with me
its not about game
though I want to be consider for the draft pick
played as first string
and retire with benefits of endless gratuities of being with you

So don't get me wrong if I say, "can we go out on a DAY"
yeah I said a "DAY"
a date is not enough time
and I want to spend time knowing you, knowing me
and comparing notes

like if you and me can become WE at the end......
of the DAY,
don't doubt my confidence
but even the toughest guys can be the shyest of men

Can I get pre-school with you for fun?
send you a note asking questions
with boxes below saying YES, MAYBE, or NO
Give you my number for phone calls
and not for texting
because your voice sooths me in hidden messages

Can I, have a DAY with you
maybe grab a light meal
or walk around and embrace each others aura
while nature shines her best on us
learn each others interest by getting into each others interest
see how many times we can smile at everything
without looking on anything
look but not stare and create our own
facial expressions, "like umm she's fine"

dayum he's fine
talk about the flaws in us
because I can identify from a far
there is good in us.
Lets lay choices on the table to decide
if we can accept or compromise
See I want this to be just right
real nice.

I have an interest in you
more than a crush for you

but from a far, far away view
looking to step to you for a interview
cause I'm so into you


By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, November 14, 2011


Greeted me with a good by kiss
softer than swallowing Jello topped with whip cream
a touch that only lasted for seconds
as it stays on our lips for eternity
we shy about the exchange
smiles turned into brownish complexion of red
it was only a kiss
barely an embrace
just leaning in 60/40
moon illuminating in spot light path
and saying good by with a taste.
By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


I found love that is more eternal than a womb
no boundaries growing with the expansion of the universe
a feeling that overrides your bodies like every disease known
to break down blood cells, immune systems and antibodies
This love could not be broken like the mystery of the big bang
it took longer than Genesis, 7 earth days to make
it takes longer than reparation for lost deaths to break
its my resolution like a cold case
its built on a strong foundation that last longer than mommies
in tombs, still Born's in wombs
and much taller than Everest
and fully together than a liars expressions on face.
I found a beginning with a perfect ending in one life time
and in this life time, I will build my lifetime through lifeline
of my soul mate.
Our love was seeded when we were conceived the day our generations seeds was ejaculated.
If I die before I wake,
when you find the remains of me and my soul mate
you will know we died
Til death do us part, and together is how we stayed!
6000 years later discovered and we still holding like when died that day.

BY LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


The wind slowly sings to a moment of cool
wanting to run threw fields and dive into raked piles
laying in orange, red and yellows once green
looking at the sunlight beam in a lighter radiance
no bugs around,
very little noise, just the leaves dancing to winds
watching how the barks and branches
stand naked with out their summer greens
I become my own shade in dim lighting
its that time of year
comfortable, not really cold
just relaxing.
a little more clothes worn than usual
but I'm cool with the cool
we both just
and it feels real cool.
this season,
I drop like the leaves
as we fall like the fall to embrace autumn.

LeRoy(TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Saturday, October 29, 2011


She does not want any words at this time
all her ears beg for is sounds that can't be share to the public
No words
clothes being ripped off
as hard kissing smothers breathing mouths
to exhale heavy through noses
crawling up to my waist pending me against the chair
it's no mystery how kissing can turn a mild scenario steamy
she was the giver tonight
no hands may touch her body
this is theft in progress
I was the victim
not saying she works for Nascar
but she was able to change us from
being clothed to stark naked nude in record minutes
we usually play protection like a offensive lines to a quarter back
but her hand,
guided my stand
and insertion was made through slippery slivers at her entrance
the tip made her moan
3 in made her lips smack in wetness
the other five made her bite completely down in skin
she held me right there
absorbing me from inside with the muscle clamping
me responding back in hellos with stem throbbing
her eyes look down on mine
and they burned right through me
she fuck me many times through a blink
as her ride begins
she push my forehead back like Pastor healing the ill
my legs at spread, her legs wrapped around the chair
she mad it painful on purpose
called me all kinds of you MF's Oh Gods, Dayum that D**k
but never once saying my name
I was s stranger she knew from sexing
her liquids disbursing in masses

her grail was also familiar with my pinnacle
all that was here:
was aggressiveness
self satisfaction
dominance to gain
and releasing from both
leaving us both paralyze

with No words
time gets closer
this commencement is reaching graduation
she knows my meters minutes
she worked harder and slower
thrust against me patiently stroking
until her body started shaking
like a hypothermia victim
my release was like high pressure hoses
she threw her body into my face
embedding nails into skin
the sounds she made
can only be heard in third world cities

during cries of death
her mission was complete
our moments of back ups
become temporary validity's in deplete

and she left with no good bye
leaving me naked

By LeRoy (TNW) Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Backed into a corner
I knew
I knew this day would come
late night arguments after coming back
from late nites on stage
silence in two different rooms
when I'm engaged in memorizing todays written page
She said I'm too close to my work
its almost like your cheating on me through words
I read your pieces
not one about me or we
in vocabulary, phrases to languages that are unheard
she said I wont pray with her
but she witnessing me giving thanks to my pen
raising praises to my leather cover hard back
camel complexion notebook(she gave me)
as I smiled in AMENS!

She says I shut her off somedays with my Ipod touch
hoping on night my hands were softly touch...her
my eyes peacefully closed
sometimes smiling
somedays shedding tears
her looking at me with jealousy
cause in heart, she dont want to hear what I want to hear (me)

So she threatened me one day
said she would take my life
my lifes work
place it in a pile
and burn in front of my face
I took on another face
that day(gemini showing colors)
You burn my work
you already killed me
and this will leave you lonely with me still here
So I said,
I told her I love her and I was sincere
but lets makes this perfectly clear
love is love, but there are boundaries passed here
so give me options, dont make me choose

Her reply with tears in her eyes
She said then you must choose
who is going to be your infinite
over being a definite
who do you want to wake up to
to smile too
sleep in embrace too
and die together too

I grasp my pen in sweaty palms
clutching my notebook in my arms
as tears fell to my eyes
and she too begin to cry
Dont make me choose
dont make me cancel this longing
this feeling
dont make me break the very foundation that got us here

You're asking me to choose a love over being in love
my head fell buried in my book
while my tears bubbled against the leather book cover
my first pen, with initials inscribed
are fading from heated palms from sweats
I close my eyes
and prayed to my Lord to save us
I pray loud enough for her to pray for us
silence became out breaths
listening closely
are heart beats communicated for us

I got up to embrace her with pen and notebook in hand
held her tight like the responsibility of her man
slightly moved back
kissed her gently
told her I love her......

Years later, I often think about the last night I saw her
and days, months and years after my spoken words got
I was a lie living with a truth
lying about who I loved
and who was just a love
I'm sorry I just loved you
You woke me up that night
when you ask me to choose
Since then
my marriage to poetry has kept me happily ever after.

No more choices, just choose happiness!!


By LeRoy Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

GLASS BARRIER Registered & Protected

Only thing between me and love
is the punishment behind reflected glass
where future's are too far away to speak
this very present is baggage of the past

beyond this clear view
I see
somewhere out there like flashing signs
neon lights
a messages written in the sky

only thing stopping me from getting to you
is this wall of glass
that stands in my path
that smeers the my finger prints
when I'm reaching to give you my hand

Night dreaming across the streets of nakedness
hoping that the path you are walking now
is being announced by flashing street lights
in codes of directions point my way
that you would only get green light
and turn signals
that will conclude your ride in my space

the only thing between me and love
is the reflection of you
staring back at me
through wall of thick glass.....

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It has come to this
war of the words and these words against the world
truth is, you ain't ready to hear the message we spit
expressing are deepest thoughts from mind to pen
open books letting lose closed spirits,
beating hearts bump to everything we vent

they don't want to advertise us
they don't want to televise us
listeners are afraid to subscribe to us
politicians don't want to ride with us
they beep are messages, "its in God we trust"
but you can't convince the devils helpers
so are words will eventually die with us

see no wants to hear clearly, so they make noise while we are speaking
very few want us to demonstrate proof to what we are reading
the scary truth is
that we speak truth in volumes
so they block all sounds, when they fear what they are hearing

liars representing the public want to;
sensor our words
gag our mouths,
cut off our tongues
inject us with hallucinates to make us forget!!
What we think, has to stay trapped in the undergrounds we run
they should never meet the surface
or touch the radio air ways
because someone might just listen

Our every word is combine to form lines
and these very lines end with action words
that end in rhyme
rhymes are reason to bring you back to define the last line
are reasons need no reasons when we recite and write
on the dotted line

I heard the pen is mightier than the sword
though when we're collabing with the tongue
it always seems to cause damage, while striking cords
Its funny how we are all free to speak our minds
but what comes out of our mouths,
seem to instigate verbal wars
and with these restrictions
poetry is the beginning of hurt and truth
oppositions are forming enemies
by creating haters through spoken word youths
with untruthful scores of hated words
through rappin spoofs

truth speaks volume, as lies influences minds
truth hurts ratings, but empty venues are on the rise
filled seats mean profits
cancelled shows, is a lost of ap publics interest
leaves your viewers going for an exit to catch an artist message
spoken word is a gain to add names to minds at lost
lost is when we make up the majority of listeners
listeners are the seat fillers, paid billers,
insuring you, your poetry venues don't get lost

we are spreading like diseases,
for a wild flower we are agitating weeds
we are your commercials
inserts in books you read
we are the exhale and inhales
the hungry wants before your needing
we are the cuts, and then the band aids
when words inflict pain to wounds that are bleeding
we revive you, when you die on us speaking your thoughts
I guess we are the reason why you're still breathing

I'm reaching out to all my poets
I know of the struggles sometimes
make your heart hurt like mine
cause we are force to hold back what we think and say,
this inner connection to what we feel displays on face
bodies filled with wordily suppression
heart pumps for oxygenated expression
thoughts are release in messages and make some kind of connection
these expression start with us saying
saying produces sounding of words
words we speak to become spoken heard
Fear of hearing makes outsiders neglect us
it took this long for readers and listeners to accept us
slipping on the tongues has leaders rejecting us
So why the fuss???
you created this mis guided madness
procreating off springs to help you correct your issh
now your disappointments make you mad
starring at your wrong doings, might make you laugh
but your laugh in darkness is frown formed like sadness
just admit it,
there's more of us forming in your futures past
don't go against us, jump on the wagon in your path

Let the poets speak messages in poetry,
cause the truth is

By LeRoy Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm, I am the name that you can say so freely
when your mind comes clear of me
that's when...
inspiration, starts to become the introduction to my nick name
see I remind of you of everything going wrong
so let me explain

Feelings hurt, or should I, as a man, feel some shame
that I'm only a thought through works of painted art
and tainted leakage through pen drops
but my way of treating you, is far from where your mind stops
see your heart may beats to a Congo for me
but when its near me,
well it beats in fear when its here with me, then those loving beats drop
and I'm not sure, if you're praying at the door way before you walk in
or do you anoint my surroundings when I'm not looking
cause the truth is

You and I are looking for a one good day after another
I don't even bother
with 1500 plus cellular minutes to use
my unlimited texting shows 6577 in the month of June
and that's not the good days and reflecting back to good times
those are the unclosed  for the arguing days of petty grays
the nonsense, that's now starting to make sense
so we should have made some kind of sense that day
and like a new pair of slacks unhemed
I need to fix this problem
and get things slightly aligned until its straight
but how can I make such a move
when it feel like I'm Hilary Clinton having a Sarah Palin debate
nah, let me wait
I'll take that back
but let us attempt to be exact... or either on the same page

your diaries of penmanship's shared on pages
graduating and making its way on stages
are plots of confessions that you claim out of your mouth
"it was never written about you, or for you"
I didn't mention your name
So do I feel this much guilt when every line silently calling my name
if wasn't directed towards me
how come days later in a confession of how your feeling indirectly towards me through poetry
I won't take battling a thin line of love and hate
strings hanging, material coming apart like our love
we need to sew together this dividing towards separation
stitch it up, fix this up and for this loving Alteration.

By LeRoy Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Waiting on the next storm to come
because I like the outcome of storms.
They bring refraction of light in multiple beams
the kind you only find when we daydreaming and wishing
I'm so anxious to feel the greatness and rewards of a emotional-
feeling for another who is feeling for me
no more chasers,
no more excuses about past abuse that made me hide-
in the barriers that keeps me from ever loving again.
Its coming soon, I seen the signs from HIM
So let it rain and storm
until cold showers defeats the humidity of failure
I'm running in the direction where the colors end
to get to my Pot of Gold of loving someone again.

By LeRoy Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I said ladies?
If you want to know if he is the one
to be the connections without protection
more than a erection and than ejaculation
to be a eternal man more than a minute in seconds
the one who you call the fadda of your daughter or son
instead of the bust off and get up and then he gone

then ask him this?

How much is my love is really worth?
if he love you that much
how come none of your dates didnt include
a blood test
and lets wait a while to the results back
So how come he never asked you out for a date to labcorp
see only takes one time
for imperfection,
to go inside without protection
to come out and say oh no
I think I got an affection
ooops my bad,
when you heard a pop from the top
of his latex protection

lets make the question even better
instead of chanting these how good its is words
during the time he be stroking
starting chanting out loud you want his baby
stop what you doing
take off the plastic
and put your unborn kids in me
see if his stroke is progressing with happiness, he want that
or is he making faces, while slowing paces, then pulls out confused and slowly...then moves away
far, far away
no where to be found until he wants to see that kid one day
of his life 18 year life
only to fulfill the curiousity of rumors and he says, she says
that him and the child might look a like!

or lets take your future investment in damage much higher
ask him, why havent I seen or heard you talk about your fadda
who is your inspiration as a fatherly figure
and tell me about your role
and involvement as mentor to younger kids lacking this niggas
your income is straight, but can you handle a third mouth plus her mouth on your plate
when she screaming, I'm late???
what about your other kids you talk about
the one you never seen him with
always going out,
trips out of town
with your boys, not your kids you plan to hang out with

now you want to be with she, implant a seed
even when in the back of your mind
she aint THE ONE you want to spend your life with

I'm not calling you a dead beat
but the road you go as a fatherly role
make us good ones look like dead meats

So who Fadda

Woman don't open your legs when his kisses beg
no let em side, if he aint covering his ride
see its ok to keep condoms in your nights stand
when he forgets
break out all the different name brand and sizes
for those who claims, girl theres only certain ones that my dick can only fit

Who fadda

Hes there for you in 9 minutes of pleasure
so what makes you think he going to be there
nine month during your evolving treasures
his patience to wait for the pussy was shorter
than getting the pussy
so analyze the possibilites,
that there's no future of you and he
where is the smiles and happiness
when a baby is coming out the pussy
like the excitement he get when he is going in the pussy

Who fadda

If he does own up and take claim before that day
no need to entrapp him to keep him
by giving the newborn child his name
far more than neccessary,
since you never had I love you's or ring on your wedding hand
then he was a eternal one night stand
everytime he got the ass
you werent in his future as the other half
just a ass in half in his plotting of getting ass plans
you calling him your baby daddy
when this boy claiming to be a man
never was a making of idolizing daddy
not even a guraunteed with a 18 year warranty
baby daddy or donor provider payment plan

So when you get approach on days like fathers day
with that question
who is your baby daddy
who is your childs father
you knew it during insemenation
3 weeks of fertilization
10 minutes of humping before ejaculation
the responsibility was yours while the donor there
your the parent in both roles
you know the answer was right here

Who FADDA??????

By LeRoy Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Purple satin sheets
Matching purple towels
With lavender baths
Jasmine, vanilla and Kush smoke
Fitted nightie, above knees
With purple slide on high heels, with open toes
Wine flavored black and mild smoke
One wine glass Goblet for two, sweet taste of Moscato
my hands catching your secreting, your hands on my throttle
Surround sound playing DVD, "Love Jones"
Reciting pieces with our flickering tongues
Muscle throbbing through fitted,
Blood flowing, total strain, pre-Cuming
Open window during pouring rain
hollowing winds making candle flames wave
blue light will high light our silhouette
bonding, thrusting and grinding
intertwine like pretzels
passion, purple passions
releases of screams in purple tears
two bodies numb
laid in soils passed out from the actions

This is a P-vite,
Except it and let us be this poem!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner Registered & Protected