Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


My name is TwistNWordz
And Yes, 
I am addicted to writing

I'm also addicted to words
maybe a little hooked on
phonics, dictionaries, metaphors and similes
Haiku's, senyru's and reading 
okay okay
So I'm strung out
on poems, poetry and literature
see my first high
was suppose to be the only high
so high,
like Michael Jordan dunking high
so I try to quit these 
mind gaming hits
Day one
I've been on this wagon for
7,304 days
that's 7, 304 ways
I wrote approximately 7, 304
poems in books 
with 7,304 poems to a page
I don't see that being a problem
I don't see me having a problem
I can't see this being a problem
We all get hooked,
We all get hooked on books
and writing
performances and stages

inks spills
sleepless nights 
with endless writes
but does that make you
and a addict to your rights 
maybe I'm a bit obsessive to
losing sleep
maybe I'm itching 
to scratch papers
while spilling some ink
When I'm alone in my room

I be.....masturbating.......
my thoughts
in frictions of 
hands rubs to pens
for exploding inks

so I can get that 
ultimate release.......
But I'm not an addict
I just a have a mild addiction
to diction
until writing becomes
what I wrote 
and what I wrote 
is now what is written
whether its cursive scrolls
12 fonts to bold writes I be printing
I don't have spats about this problem
so I'm up here spittin
Cause I'm a poet
is what I name me
Spoken World Poetry Tuesdays
is my stages residency
So don't look at me

like scratching my palms
is a problem
or itch I can't resolve
See I like to write
I have to write
its my only means 
to stay alive
its my only means
to clear my mind
My only means
I have an Addiction
and right now
I'm up here confessing 
during my intervention
my high hasn't come down
from early injections
black and blues
still flowing through my system
and I don't want to come down
and NO
I can't come down
No God Dammit
I won't calm down
I'm on a writers high
So high
Outer body experience high
and if I want to keep writing 
for a fix
then let me be
high and free
tapping my veins 
for the next poetry hit
I'm a poet

with an addiction
to writing poetry
you can't stop me
I won't stop writing
So you can stay in denial
make up excuses

for writing abuses
this path is what this writer
I don't care what people say
I only listen to my inside voices
that be poetically speaking shit
and if you don't like it
you don't have to like it
I like it
I keep writing and spitting it
Most you are writing for a purpose
I write for a high on purpose
and its worth it
On this poetry high with no detox
So again 
If you don't like it
Well my answer to you....
SO BE IT.....


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