Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Look at you,
Yes, we see you
Yes, we hear you

Walking all grown
Appearance so beautiful
A collegiate individual
No  more child's play
Today is your day
Commencement to Presentation
With plenty of education
This walk advancing a boy to a man
A woman, promoted from a girl
Enrollment until graduation day
It's time to meet the real world
Common sense brings you fashion sense
with maturity come intelligence
Look at you
back straight, head high
We, admiring you, as you walk by
In route to all doors of opportunities
Now you're an adult
Taking on, your own responsibilities
Becoming the generation "NEW"
to pick up, where we left off
This world's for you
More like it's inherited to you
Like it was for we
So walk that walk money
talk that talk honey
Be free, live free, love free
But the world ain't no silver spoon
So life will be a struggle
Meaning, it won't be that easy
It's a new life waiting for you
It's time for graduate to see their career place
no longer will you be a student of education
You're a professional on this runway
We see, confidence in your walk
We hear, maturity in your talk
transforming from clothes that sag
to a professional with swag
Singing to your parents "WOW!!"
"I'm a big kid now"
It's graduation day for you
Professional walker in a professional space
To create your new life, on the new worlds stage for you
The next new chapter, the starting of a new page for you
A diploma passed to you like a torch
A relay towards a finish line of life
Young's time for you to move forth
You are 5...steps
til you get your degree
4 steps
4 steps to your goal
and 3 wishes
from being on top of the world

 Registered & Protected


What happens
when your favorite pen....dies of dehydration-
due to neglect and lack of love
What if it slowly died from ink UN-used

You know 
When modern technology caused you
to go paperless
When baring arms
was writes going penless
And those used-less pens
side eye-ing you in falling black tears
when the computer is the choice a writer usage

Now picture this
blue and blacks are holding silent elections
looking for a skill craft men
who won't pass up the aisle
where pens come in multiple selections
Papers and journals are joining the rally
fear of their own extinctions
buried in penmentaries
the home they will call Death Valley
So what happens
when your electronics goes down
Voice recorders aren't around
and you need to pen something down?
and Through it all
that pen your forcefully retired

will still be your corner
papers will lay flat, white, with collegiate lines
with red lines serving as the borders
Hands will become sweaty
possibly shake with grasp

unused muscle grips may cramp
scribing will look like heart monitors
while papers will pile up like trash
So what will you do
if the pen that got you started
do what you did to it
and later gives up de-penning ink for you

for writeless and voiceless spits........~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I invite you to this platform
See, my stage is your stage
You don't have to be afraid
but if you are it's okay
You are a hidden star
To stand before a crowded room
strangers and friends looking at you
this is the height of nervousness by far
but tonight is your light to shine
to become your bucket list star
to share your thoughts and dreams
as we make your dreams part of  WordzSpeaks team
This stage is made about who you are
Don't worry about the poet that went before you
or the one coming after you
just come up here, 
do what you gotta do
read your poem,
in your voice
in other words, just be you
See, I'm telling you the truth
And Yes, I'm talking to you
the silent poet
the smiling listener
the shaking knee wanting to come to the  mic
the beaded forehead from venues with bright lights
Don't make this the "Maybe the next time"
I'll sign the list

Don't make this the "I shoulda, coulda, woulda"
moment for you to spit
As my boy E-Baby says, "GET YO ASS UP"
see you need to spit your shit
Be brave,
put your name on the list
See in this venue
We need to hear your mind vent
Fuck a therapist,
let us stop, stop
look, look
then listen
Demand us with your delivery
Command us with your poetry
Pen us in swords of words 
makes us have your full attention
this what we do
as poets we do this with full intentions
See what you be spittin
could be the words possibly hitting
close to home
or heal open wounds

mending ones heart
for the dark clouds that bloom
So, give us your writes
share with us your mind
there is no next time
tonight is your night
You can shine
You will shine
fear is all in your mind
Bring us sight through your vision
help us hear your words 
and take us out the blind
So when I call your name
don't run for cover
puff up your chest
approach with nervousness
and leave the stage as your best
know, "You're the New Poet" by request
that we discovered and uncovered
There is no time to run with treason
this is your reason, 
to hear hands clapping & your name called
So you can be "THAT POET" for this season 
Just stand up with pride in your eyes
and if you like
we will stand by your side and hold the mic
while you workout the whispers
until you're shouting out your lines
open mics, cameras, then action 
This is your INVITATION for you to shine

at SPOKEN WORLD TUESDAYS Registered & Protected

Saturday, March 22, 2014



I sleep with my laptop on
cell phone next to my face
pens clutched in my hand
and notebooks as my pillow
My crumbled papers are mattress pads
Jazz music playing
creates images in my dreams
Luke warm coffee's or teas

helps me decipher ingredients on relaxing taste
I lay with closed eyes
just a temporary long blink in stares
Another poet friend wrote, "Do poets sleep?"
but my reply, in my grandma's cries
We are only resting our eyes
cause with closed eyes
there is so much more, Our eyes can see
Every night I lay
I pray I don't fall to far under
Hoping to spring up
then get up
and write about that image or word
before the inspiration becomes no longer
.....~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


The Advertiser
Wordsmith promoter
Unpaid passionate distributor Supporter,
network connector
on all social networks
I’m the GE on the scene
bringing great connections to life
the words and writes are my rights 
I put hype
before your pen strike, 
or before typewriters type
the reason for past seasons
the lost ones, once the dark ones
Have a heart, a brains and courage …
and can see the WIZARDS stage lights
But I forgot I about my life
forgot to push my hype
solicit theirs more than mines
but no one’s pushing mines, RIGHT?
when you aren’t pushing yours
This ain’t no delegated chore
its clause for the pause no metaphors
just metamorphic exchanges that evolves
I don’t do this for the props
I raise my writing hand to my pops
I do this for love and not for ya’ll
swerve, brake and pause
Let me have your attention ya'll
A rebel without a cause
Dayum I promote so much,
I deserve an award
and my reward
support and being on one accord
but what I can't afford
a break in circles and links
I'm protecting this community reputation
like chirp chirp, from brinks
but really tho, does this message sink
I can give a what, what haters think
cause haters ain't shyt
and you know shyt stinks
But me
a promoter?
a advertiser?
the go to
when you don't know where to go to
that ain't me at all
cause I don't do what I do as promoter
I do it cause I do it
for the same passion that pushes us all
And its my fault for pushing this game
so I can't be mad at no one for 
respectfully earning this name
but I'm a writer first
a poet with thirst
TwistNWordz is my name
and poetry is my hunger games Registered & Protected