Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I wonder if she is waiting on me
like I'm waiting on her
I wonder if she is anxiously
waiting to sleep
so she can dream on us
or maybe she's starring at the moonlight

starring back at her
that moonlight being my eyes or her eyes
wishing on that star falling

Maybe it's my name she is calling
during the heat of passion
she probably see's me in visions
beyond the lust and deception 
I know I don't know you
never seen you
but some how
I know you are out there
You know, I'm out there
So hopefully I will see you and feel you again
I know right at this moment

We both falling on our knees
asking for our messenger in prayer
So we continue these travels
confronting the wrong scenarios
chanting out loud to ourselves, "This is the one"
holding our hearts with feelings of "The search is over"
but our loves GPS indicators
and our occupation
living off loveless situations
that reaps no benefits or marital vacations
so I call off the love lost search
posting signs around every location saying
If you are reading this
yes you, 
the one I'm waiting on
and if you are reading this

the one's that are wondering why "he is still single"
for so long
I hope this poem answers your question
I hope, my words, are the answers.......for her
because I'm still here

and preparing to receive you
No more will I sample
through dating examples
or look to every face as my potential
My mind will light up
My body will flare up
I will say yes then look up
and my soul will expose my spiritual
Because I'm waiting on her
The first and my last love
the one for all these years
I felt so much guilt for
because I thought my impatience
caused me to cheat on you
to replace you before your arrival
to think that life would marry me loneliness
so occupying my vacancies was a means of survival
I'm ready
patiently waiting
no need to rush for that one thing
that everything
somewhere out there, 
I'll find what I thought I found but with you
So if you ask me why I'm single
it's because
We are patiently waiting on TRUE LOVE

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, December 26, 2013

AMNESIA (of a short term mind)

I can't remember my poems
I'm, unable to focus to recite
I get memory lost on just the title alone
I struggle with haiku's,-
less than 17 syallbles
I pace back and forth
reading two lines at a time
until at least two lines in my mind
become two lines I can say in the blind
so I decided to write shorter pieces
from memory
In my head, where I freestyle my creativity
but I can't remember
after reading it over and over
about 6 times now
dependency to reading
On my PDA, until vision becomes blurry
and then I worry
that one day,
I'll go blind and I
I will not be able to read my write
so why
can I
memorize my poems I write....

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

The "WRONG" poet, for love poems

I should never wrote a love poems
it's not that I have no experience-
or feelings to give towards writing love poems
I'm just not my love poems
or in love with my love poems

I can't give you the perfect love poem
with a happily ever after ending
I'm living the perfect writing
from imperfect poem I'm living 
I shouldn't wrote any love poems
I'm not really a poet that loves at all
it just sounds good on paper
My scribes, in the 8 lives my mind made up
without poems, I can't say I love you at all
I'm fading to black, or blues-
in the way I'm feeling
I see the applause from ya'll
I'm glad this writing is giving you proper healing

I shouldn't have picked up my pen
I should not have put imagination in what's written
I should not have reached this stage
and sound out feelings in the words I'm spittin
shouldn't made faces like I cared
or change my voice on certain lines
I should never closed my eyes
cause I was about to cry....
cry a river of written lies

I should not write no more poems
especially those love poems
I'm the wrong poet for love poems
I'm the wrong love poem, by a poet
Why can't I
how can I
When will I
Stop.......writing love poems

~TNW(The "WRONG" poet) Registered & Protected

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I stand on trial with my heart
civil law suits from my mind and body
because, "WE" once again failed longevity
"WE", again fell in the quicksands of promises
"WE", wore the clothes of deceit and lies
"WE", committed to act alone for love 

without consulting our mind.
I stand by my hearts decision
so now I stand as my hearts witness
maybe there was a crime committed
maybe, we both acted on intentions
but we ignored the minds suspicions
that "THIS LOVE", was a lie from the beginning
my mind kept warning me of scenario one
how those images never healed
that my disappointments was never done
that every time I lose, 
it was my broken emotional mind that won
Scene two
then came you

parading around
as if love was your coat of armor
holding trust as a tool for battle
promises was the best poem you read to me
I never knew our love story was only six words in length
your hi boo's 
was haiku's that killed in full strength
all of sudden
the words: commitment, trust and love
disappeared in my thesaurus
only becoming a spoken word myth
where diagnoses could no longer detect my beating heart
I was pronounced heart dead,
while my brain kept me alive
with reminders of lost,
clouded shades on the right side of my head
how many times must a human being
be human at his own mistakes
my heart breaks was a common tour like New Edition
I wasn't praying on love, 
I was too busy hoping and wishing
conquered by my statements
the trial was hung jury
because every juror chosen 
were already hung emotions, my hanging emotions
of love once held by me..
Now I'm....
looking for the strength for a "PHASE THREE"
but it will take a lot convincing 
my sentencing to forever repenting
before I can open doors for love once again
that same love that will later take over me......

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, December 23, 2013


Breakfast for two
made of one
Entree includes
A main course of your love
double side order of kisses
one large order of hugs
Juices from the deepest wells
churned from the widest swells
cannibalistic feasting
buffets can be all days
taste great less filling
Served with service
naturally raised and uncooked until ready
Breakfast in bed
resurface for air
What's for lunch???
Undercover I disappear.........

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Loneliness has been one's occupancy
not to let closure set him free
to place love behind a wall of blockades
truly to be part of his fearful place
beat heart beat
beat once more for me
beat heart beat
beat to set me free
I found my release
discovered peace from a piece
the easy way out to my sanctuary
I identified love
through a kiss
the key, that set me free
the day I put loneliness in R.I.P.  

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


I want to read you a poem
in lip sync
and your lips would be touching mines
while you're listening with closed eyes
decipher what I'm saying through moving lip syncs......
on yours something like kissing

but its me talking on your lips 
while I'm reciting
Each line read slow

then slower and much slower
heated with a winter-mint flow
repeating certain lines
until your smile on my lips, show
I want to read you a poem
with our eyes closed
our lips slightly touching
fingers inter-locking
clutching in squeezes

when that message means I want you
comes to surface....with lip movement
and lets be honest
I know you can read
so which lips would like me 
to sync on 
anyone can feel me and hear me breathe                                  
your lips can feel me......from my lips to your lips 
when reading lips on listening lips 
which lips can read my syncs on
can I twist words
mix up different languages
kissing you with period endings
and back spacing with my tongue
to a new beginning
I want to read you a poem
if only you will use your 5 senses
minus 1 while I'm reading you a poem

in lips syncs and touching lips
that says "I love you" I need you" 

"I want you now"in silence
If you can read my lips minus the kiss

I'll lip sync my poem without you opening your eyelids
SO read my lips

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Greeting you at your door
opening all doors
helping you when you seat
Standing up when you excuse yourself to leave
standing again when you return to your seat                           Walking on the outside, protecting you inside                                  is why I walk the curbside when we're walking                               in the streets
Calling just to say hi
Saying good night with a prayer on you and I
flowers for no reason, visibility for all seasons
educating her senses for all the right meanings
compliments with direct eye contact
hugs for memorable meets and departures
Listen to her thoughts
listen to her views                                                                    Listen to her heart
Listen, listen and listen
Mental notes of likes and dislikes
shows how much you pay attention
Share with her your environment
share your home of prayer
let her know she is a destiny to a goal
and even when death do you part
you'll be waiting on the other side for her to get there
This is only few things listed
purposely a few things missing
action speaks louder than words
where I stand, is my few things listed
It ain't dead, is what "ME" said
its just being upgraded,
and ready for distribution and teaching
you can't get what you aren't looking for
let alone prepare yourself for receiving......
the three C's

What happen to
Introducing yourself properly
I mean with Government names
complimenting a woman
without eye gazing at her frame
When exchanging numbers was okay
and calling one day after, was the way
When did we stop being presentable bruthas-
on first date
Introducing yourself to her parents
was a mandate
Insuring her safety
before you left her place
leaving your "CONTACT" information or cell number
as a "Taking their daughter out" a gentlemens way
Are we in a race
why aren't we beside her
instead of walking steps in front of her
or slowly side stepping
to check the back of her
praising the ground she walks on
don't make you thirsty
showing your emotions for her
don't make you hungry
she just use to the opposite,
tough love from them thugs
which leaves her love starving
Show her a change in a man
that you raise your hand to God
towards a praying man
not for hands laying hits on a woman
hold her hand
make her a part of your goals
before she becomes part of your plans
These are just reminders
a real mans needs that's listed
Chivalry ain't dead
it's on foreheads, in font 23 saying
We can bring back those listings
they don't have to stay unlisted
this is part two of 3 C's
inspire her of what she has been missing..
Courtship, Chivalry and Commitment, coming from a chivalrous man, Where you can find TwistNWordz listed ........
~TNW Registered & Protected


I'm in a race
not a political
or ethical type of race
It's not about a color line
or crossing a finish line
for ethnic race
not even recording my heart at pace
I'm in a race
to be on time
from being patient at times
when judgement and being opinionated
is ones leap towards faith
I'm in a race
for writing lines
without writing rhymes
recording all in my mind
on a stop watch without a face
I'm in a race
to promote common sense
over nonsense
while pretense is making a sentence
without me being sentence through a debate
I'm in race
moving fast in a slow pace
I'm in a race
in rush hour in slow hours
with plenty time to waist
I'm in a race
I'm in a race
I'm in a race
running up your reading time
cause in my race
I just tied up all your attention
without knotting up a lace
I'm in a race.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I am
See I am

Tuesday Words Instantly Spoken N Worlds Overseeing-- Relevance Deciphering the speaking
thats TwistNWordz I be

but technically speaking
the Wordz that be twistn words but without Wordz
I just be just freestyle wordz like Mjg be Speaking
No cost when getting lost as I floss like boss
I mean floss like gums started bleeding from teething
We are the believe in when you see in
so don't be deceiving, when receiving this messenger unless you 
the believe it or not when I pause to my words 
give me moment......TwistNWordz needs a moment to start breathing 

and I became Spoken
I speaks when spoken too so be careful when you spoke what you speaks
trample words all over you while I'm running words all over you
you swear up down that this clown is wearing cleats
and I embrace defeat
I eat words like campbells alphabets in soup bowls
and my loop poles is my beats when art- a-chokes those
go against vegan beats destroying all ground beefs
bangin bass like the Helen Rose Project in my earphones

Then Came the WORLD

See Sivada Entertainment got me Cradle 2 The Grave
Da Luft is the truth, check menu for food
might I suggest the oysters or cat fish entree
Back to my intro to my flow
I'm not quite the heavy rotation
just a factor more like that subtraction equation
like dark persuasion running from Caucasian
I'm lover not fighter
I leave that shyt to our fuck up nation
I write words 
that make love to the world
no need for confirmation 
and my word compensation
Is me concentrating
waiting for my turn
like the earth be equating
on hemispheric rotation
I rest my pen
giving entry to the next compilation  


Where you can find me, find D
and Kei or Speaks
spilling new rhymes, from pouring artist
you can call us wiki leaks
Where we chose the chosen
and those chosen will reach ya
Where in bright lights
you see high lights
no spotlights, we only do features
leaders and teachers
the speaken to the spoken
the spoken turn Speakers
So look
try to understand me
Just listen

I come with the beginning with a bad ass ending
see I'm technically speaking wordz
I mean I am Words that is speaking
do ya'll hear me
bump it
I'm Tuesdays,
World Tuesdays
Spoken World Tuesdays
the other half of WORDZ SPEAKS Registered & Protected

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

IMAGINARY SIBLINGS by LeRoy Goetzendanner Jr.

I wish I had a brother
I would have been okay with a sister
not the loneliness of growing up alone

mom played with me
so I guess she was my sister some days
mom threw footballs,
some days she was my brother
was hard working
was the provider
was militant
had very little time to be.....

I wish I had a brother
well I did,
under single lights
the shadow on my wall
was the twin in light
We did the same things
at the same time.
but when the shadow was gone
so was my twin
I just wish I didn't grow up

LG Jr. Registered & Protected

Monday, December 2, 2013


You birthed with me
though you were here
before me
traveled through the right hands
of my family tree
the bean, the root and stalk
of my writing
I can't emphasize
How it was you that found me
An accidental meeting on purpose
a purpose with a higher serving
A delegated gift that was well deserving
even when I thought I wasn't worthy
I found love with you
define love through you
I made love out of you
lost love because of you
You are my winning
towards defeat
The reason I stay my lane
whenever my words are slurring

was times my pen strayed in cursive-
causing pen strokes to start swerving
Never knew I would have the nerve
to bend my mind, heart and soul into words
passing messages by the herds
as my brain made my nouns
and my tongue flips the verbs
I thank you
I can't tell you how much I thank you
how much I need you
giving me life
saving my life
showing me the rights
teaching me how to write
you protected me from insanity
at some point,
made a man out of me
kept me on straight paths you see
help to censored my Navy profanity
my delegation
the reason why connections in
the arts and social networks
are spiritually, a poetical congregation
and you
my bible and deity
this is an overdue Ode
to my only first love 

and that was with POETRY
The speaken to my spoken
My thoughts that continue thinking
my blood line 
are slurred lines
the reason my Ivy is full of inks
controlling my black and blue bleeding
thank you for the therapy
thank you for my poetry
thank you for choosing me
I am TwistNWordz
and I
I am a poetic junky......

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Sunday, December 1, 2013

HEARTED ME 3......

I found love
on a three way leaf
I'm lucky in love
searching though a field of clovers
ignoring the rainbow
that may lead me to endless treasures
hands full of green
but not the colors of greed
hours in my search
Luck finally filled my thumb and index finger
My heart raced in discovery
I found my good luck clover
in shape of hearts in three's

I'm lucky in love....

By LeRoy TNW Goetzedanner Registered & Protected


Defrosting frozen steams on windows
of our condensation breathing
from hours earlier
Where every breath was exhales
like cigarette smoke
without nicotine burning squinting eyes
Kisses so aggressive, its like
sexing though our mouths
Temptations, inviting us to go further
like my warm palms on your cups
and your hands massaging the inseams
where my branch lays
Parked in the parallels of nowhere
we continued to duel in tongues
as the Moons light beams heavier through 35% tint
my moans answering to your moans
where open mouths
leaves us diving to clamp on tongues
Over heated bodies
makes heated seats feel cold.Stopping wasn't part of the plan
neither was us kissing this long
We are stuck like skin to crazy glue
waiting for the magnet to demagnetize
these A and B metals
The longest kiss
making love noises with heats and
touchy feely moments
Good thing the arm rest kept-
our gyrating bodies from connecting.
The courting went on,
until slow jam hours turned to hip hop mornings
Stopping wasn't part of the plan
but neither was the flash light from Park Policemen
We ended our entanglements
until I dropped you off
and we started again
"The long Kiss good night"
the evidence marked by HAZE.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzedanner Registered & Protected

Friday, November 22, 2013


I close the doors on yesterday
Slept soundly through the past
Expiration has settled in
My frowns and made of new laughs
This deal was closed
the minute it went into foreclosure
If this is how memory lost feels
then my gain of lost is my open files of closure
No more adjustments
broken down foundations trying to fix rates
no movers outside to pick up my three crates
containing: Emotions, love and expectation
I'm burying these crates, in a remote location
Back to I don't cares
Been theres, don't won't that
Selfish old me they say
Let me show you how selfish really acts
Nonchalant greetings
Indirect hello's
hand shakes with no hugs greets
looking at my new friendless foe's
I'm on a mission
traveling on a one way ticket
took out my rear view mirrors
so I don't have to look back
only enough gas in my full tank
one trip, without coming back
I been there, I done that
My love came with a steering wheel
and as a license driver
you still couldn't handle
So wish me farewell
no luck on new beginnings
My newness already started
the day my ending started with me LEAVING

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

ROMANCE DEUX............

I'm force to make choices
between Love and Passion
Love and Passion, Love.....

My left hand
connected to my love line
I give love just as much time
as I give passion......My right hand love
The attention without seeking it
"I love you's" without speaking it
Passion sometimes requires all my energy
my work force by her force
sometimes I disappear with love's force
just to wake up out dreams screaming "PASSION"
Love is my outer force towards
the inter-course I have for passion
Passion appears to be over confident and overstanding
with the situation bringing understanding
for the love I have for LOVE
Love won't compromise sharing passion
doesn't quite communicate like passion
but love always has words to exchange
when she is jealous and pained by 

passions visibility.
Confrontations are based on LOVES insecurities
she threatens to leave me
with ultimatums of confronting she(PASSION)
Passion is just experienced to passing words
like Love words when Loves words are hate words-
towards me and she

Love and passion
But I can't divide this circle
We are a packaged deal
I love you both
not one more than the other, this is real
again we come to this crossroads
Please.....don't make me choose
cause my last one
being my ex one
will make you the next one
to lose.....against Passion(My poetry)

Love or Passion

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Caught in the the blind of
silk designs
defined by limbs perfectly built
How they stretch nylons against colored skins
I'm amazed like a child seeing colors
My thoughts are racing my stimulation
for applause in 6pm standings
I'm trapped perfectly in between stitching
Through my staring eyes
I wonder if its worn:
thigh highs
knee high
up to the waste
or body suit in lace
A daydream to every passing
With all walks in heels are connected-
to a naked torso
I get chills on perversion visions-
of those dressed up legs-
rubbing against my face like
cats purring against your legs
Waiting patiently to be the next catch
Caught up in those legs locks and-
silk persuasion of your FISHNETS.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


I approached you with intentions
you were not a target
or my piper hit
longevity was the idea
not applying for a job
that I would hit and quit
Wasn't looking to tax you
I was hoping to build love with interest
Why should I keep on renting rides
when I can parade on ownership
So let's be like Gilligan and Skipper
and convince ourselves of a 3 hour tour
that will last 15 years on our SS Love for life ship
whats the point of working hard for a girlfriend
when I want to slave myself
to make you my life
Place full coverage on this insurance plan
bumper to bumper life term
I want the marriage with the 401K plan
to death do us part
with plots for his and hers
So let me reintroduce myself
as Mr Last stop
because the vacancy for your love is now full
no more openings for a job to your heart.

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Me and my poetry are turning
another leaf
we decided to write and perform in vegan
cause we are tired of all the beef
I'm going to play the seeing eye dog
some of our leaders forgot how to lead
I got the blue cross and with red shields
PEN I cillin for pens that can't bleed ink
I switch religion on beliefs
I'm raising hands not bars-
dem bars are for drunks and thiefs
I reach stars
like Mars
when he jumped with 23's on his feet
I'm a cat-lick in practices
My ORAL-gin is verbal messages--
1 man Justice hero without the Justice league
See I'm tired of the pep rally's
I need more involvement in protest
to be seen like pimples on foreheads
crossing you in zigzags like Zips shoes leaving Z treads
But I see heads
putting me back of the their list
like good guys come last
LeRoy, you're not quite the dragon
so Bruce, you're going last
weaving together lines
like hairlines baring head dress on baldness
see all your darkness before light
like convalescent eyes during egress
I don't beez fresh
I beez beefless
I've been heard and seen less
like A cups in pushups
lying about Being B breast
I know this a test
they call it helping me to beez the best
Hurting aint healing
making faces like I'm careless
walking in my shoes like I'm payless
my recipes
is much needed rest in peace
I unleashed for peace
before I let go my rest in piece.................

~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Warm sways and embraces
skies cry and fall upon our kisses
light winds play our song
we move slow
we move warm
we move wet to a dance
Flickering flashes across the skies
moaning to a different jam
we sway and we embrace
with drenched clothes outlining our excitements
dueling tongues tangle
with open my mouths sipping down pours
dry grinding against wet clothing
passionate we became
the instant we kiss
and swayed and embraced
that's when the clouds huddled
and then it began to rain
and then it began to rain
and it rain, and rain...until
Sun appears as soon as we opened our eyes
drying off to lips released
but we swayed and embrace
natures RAIN DANCE.......

~TTNU Registered & Protected


You light up my eyes
You keep me warm
when my eyes are......

on you
staring hard not to blink
not wanting to miss our eyes
in sync
Tender kisses
in pink
Cherry flavors are life savors
mouth watering.....salivating
tongues dancing to a sin-from-me
Wide eyes shut
anticipation was worth the wait
that final call, the last call
on how we end our date
Lean in like metals to magnets
as we meet half way
hot mist from anxious breathing
with mints surrounding our space

you light up my eyes
you keep me warm
when your eyes............
are on mine
When we kiss.

 ~TNW Registered & Protected

Sunday, November 3, 2013


Time will heal open wounds.
I place a band aid on ours,
with kisses and hugs
so the pain would go away
Some wounds are scratched
others, deeply inflicted
never were they intentional
but blame become our exchange
I wish they never happened
Much bloodshed from spilled tears
Happiness always came back like
forehead kisses from mom
a smile would appear
like lights to a deers eyes
so we couldn't see past hearts that bonded
while we danced to uncoordinated heart beats
from chest compressions
expectations were tattooed "In love we trust"
but lasted only as long a job probation
disclaimer: I'm at fault, I'm my flaws

My pen should have been first aid
my words should have peroxided
any cuts and bruises
my apologies should have comfort
my sorry acts
but resolution came in silent therapy sessions
cutting eyes with knives
that started these lacerations
perfect attendance
was becoming inconsistent
with "Disappearing Acts"
becoming are story line
I'm glad actions moments
are caught on stand stilled photo frames

Time will heal open wounds
maybe not now or later
but I won't give up
rehabbing and caring for this wound
until this wound is called, "FLATLINE"


By LeRoy tnw Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Im a season and reason
and that's why....

For no reason
I want to give you
flowers around your bed
breakfast in bed
and love on the bed
until the bed is our life bed
to our forever togetherness
rest us on this bed to be
our "To death do us part bed"
but our reason for staying in this bed is.....
For no reason

For no reason
I will prepare your dinner
for no occasion
more like a "just because" scenario
and if you ask me
it's because I felt like it
I did it without you asking
wishing or thinking
you were home first
but I still beat you to the kitchen
I was itching to do some spoiling
so my rewards was to reward you
but I do this.......
for no reason

For no reason
I will steal kisses
and smile every time you pass me
without an excuse
I'll give you hugs
and tell you I miss you
even though you
been in my presence all day
which don't seem like a lot of time
and I enjoy my time.......with you

So I do this
for no reason at all

For no reason
I will photo shop our faces
on wedding photos
and sunsets in Jamaica
and then send you emails
of trip confirmations
with your Boss giving you
to go on vacation
cause we are so cool like that,
that relaxation is a second job situation
and first occupation
is us salivating on just because type situations
but some how we need this and do this
for no all

For no reason
I wrote this poem
for that same reason
I was thinking of you before I wrote this
for no reason
you inhabit my mind and my words

for no reason
I come up with excuses for an excuse
for you to become my lies, truths for no reason
but ex....cuse me
for no reason
I need to tell you I love you
well okay,
that phrase
I would say for a reason
but I don't need a reason to say it

no season to feel this
just a reason for a reason
and my excuse for all this is
For no reason........

~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


How can you not love a man
that loves you
but be in love with a man that lust you
Looking for love
in all the wrong places
thinking its love
when he fills the right spaces
but you claim it trust
and your heart no longer beats
in a ice box
where you heart remains to be
You should have seen the clues
when chivalry decreased in his pace
the minute he got the dras
you were no longer the chase
you went from prime time
to being side line
in his personal title belt race
conversation went from talking to texting
until the only communication
was sexting with organs below the waist
But things changed
remember when flirting was when he was hitting on you
now a days you pray,
that this man will stop hitting on you
then telling you he loves you
just so he can have sex with you
may buy you a couple things
I call those shut up gifts.....truth
what happen to your faith.....truth
The spirit that made time to create you
you exchanged for the name representing the red suit
allowing your sins completely rape you
believing that mortal lie is being faithful
he love you was the bait boo
denouncing all your spirituality
cause the snake is still talking to you
he had no interest in making you a queen
just another concubine heathen
inviting you to his bed,
a lie that he called the Garden of Eden 

Didn't you know?
you were nothing but a reason
to be beau-ed for two seasons
you fall for his winters
while he springs out in summer seasons
introducing you as wifey,
while wearing a wife beat
how you going to be wifey
if your fingers have no "this is for life ring"

You are more than a call and a one night thing
you are the completion of a missing rib
the one thing that is everything you are his everything
and everything is you

**some people see love as a modification

a four letter being heard
with mis representation
when you think you have that feeling
sometimes it's when he fills in.....
the void
that had you walking around town 
with a sign saying VACANCY
or working for love, 
taking donations or please, please pray for me
you need to be loved with intentions
not for own your intentions 
to no longer be lonely
Trust, honesty and communication
is where I hope this message 
in my poem be taking you
You waited for the messenger 
from God this long
Your blessing is on its way to you
Is all I ask
patience, a simple task
yo, meet half way
from minds, mouth and body
we can be on the same page
this is OUR calling
no more do we need to run from it
we can grasp this, and keep this
and thank the Universe above for this
let's act now
so we can take advantage of this
live now 
love long
Contributing love 50/50 in abundance
and in the end
we will both be able to keep our love 100.....

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


In these poetry fields. 
We slaving, 
working hard at picking Words in silence, 
to Speaks FREE out loud. 
We are on the run, 
escaping WHIPS of hatred and hangings from BULLYING.
All I got is my links with no chains
my Pens and Paperss
while Mjg Speaks would say.......
I'm a slave, I'm slave
I'm a slave to poetry
now we hundred miles and running

couldn't stop for 
that promoted mad hate
trying to hold us in schackles
but we out ran the dead weight
running fwd to the next decade
uprooted around the 70's
but I wasn't doing heroine or coke cane
I was injecting my veins
with blue and black inks
getting clotted on my words
like clogged pipes in sinks
We ain't about the industry
you can't have one without the other
the underground escape for upcoming authors
WORDZSPEAKS, found at Da Luft Lounge
WORDZSPEAKS where it all is going down
We won't be FREE to WORDZSPEAKS until WORDZSPEAKS speaks words FREE

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When I grow up
I want,
I want to be in love
and Not that I'm not grown enough
I just want to fully mature for love
you know
like them "love honor and cherish" quotes
similar to ones in a marriage
as close to love in the poems I wrote
Where every breath I take is...............
4am cold brisk
cool and refreshing like an un-invented sprite
with a hint of mint
where every kiss
would be like that first kiss
but longer than those big red commercials
naturally happenings
without the rehearsals
So Look
lets skip the first date
go from Jared to the church
and make two people happy by..
living off one love, one last name

When I grow up
I want to be grown up
grown in love
from the ground up

I'm a worker in progress
moving slow
but I love the process
that's what love is

Maybe I'm moving to fast
but when I'm alone in my room
I'm thinking of you
and me
which turns to what if's
with we
wishing I could go back in time
to be your two kids father
plus one makes three
See I want this so bad
that I silently keep it to myself
but don't get me wrong
I don't need no ones help
I want you more then I want myself
I love you more then my heart can help
I'm losing sleep without your body heat
chained to your love
so don't you set me free
I'm growing from wants 
to make you my needs
so please
when you walk away from me
leave some bread crumbs
so you can find your way back to we
gimme a chance to prove to you
that "WE"
won't hurt no more
lets redesign and define 
my words, the music and pictures
creating a library of just love books and movies
and book mark of love parts of the bible
by LOVES scriptures

When I grow up
I want to grow old to young
pray for us on the next life
where you would reunite with me
in the after life
as my second life wife
to death do us part right?
I'm not a poet 
I'm being a human being
without my writes
smile again for me
and bring "OUR & US " to light
so "WE"
can GROW up together
and bring these dem flames
to a spreading wild fire 
waiting to ignite
WHEN I GROW UP.......I have a lot to do...
I'm growing up to be grown up
I know I'm growing for the growth of you

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