Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, February 5, 2016

I CAN......

I can

Will be

And you can be, and you will be
Somebody, something, and everything

But first

A station Identification notice from this poetic sponsor:

The revolution won’t reach young minds

The revolution won’t reach young minds

The revolution won’t reach young eyes

The revolution keeps you complacent

And not allow you to rise

Its all in the things you young kids love

While the DEVILOUTION plays devil- advocate in disguise



But you lost all the possible by making impossible advantages

Take your free liberties for granted

You don’t aim high like intelligence

You keep your grades low like your pants- did

You have no respect for teachers, adult or your parents
So I’m here to teach you some things

Learn you something

A message for the masses

Coming from my passage

I can

Will be



You are more than a mortal body

You are a created body

A body embodied the spirit of the universe

To change life

Save lives, cause all lives matter

And Renew the wrongs of the unspiritual earth

I am

More than the streets think you worth

And this might hurt

But your home and classroom will love you first

I am

Higher education beyond lower income standards

I am

Better than those rap names

Better than those trap games

You can be a profit poetically spitting bars
and Theres no career of spitting, drinking or sitting behind bars

Besides poetry and rap, is the same thing

That thing

That thing

That thiiiiiiiiinnnng…

But don’t be a thing

Transform to be born as a person, place

But not

That thing

That thing

That thinnnnng…

Reach high young world

Stay wise young girls

Calm down young boys

Come back down from the high

New world

We have come along way

From being released from wearing chains

To wearing chains as the fly thing

Dreaming pushing whips

From slaves taking whips

Hanging from tree corners

To hanging and claiming street corners

Your life ain’t to be birth

Live short lives

And die for a corner

We deserve acres not corners

That mule to ride

Not cars cutting corners

Look at you

At the age, where pages state


So say what?

I can

I will be


And from me to you

You are

And I’m proud of you



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