Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



I got to admit to you
when you walked out the door
I took off from work
and laid in this bed
so all day I continue to smelling
the leftovers of good love making
all over me
from all over you

and even though I woke up to sunshine
outside displayed the happiness of pouring rain
experiencing hurting inside
on my side, the right side
and lye in this puddle of extractions through chain reactions
and every musky imprint on the sheets and pillows
still screams out your name

When I decided to wash you off
I went on my rooftop
in the natural state you left me in
and let the pounding rain
caress my frame
and turn this thugish man soft


I closed my eyes to pretend that it was your essence pouring on me
that the wet spots on my risen spots
was the images of you consuming me, and taking me
and you stroking slowly to 7 second heart beats
while we bonding, with you riding on top of me

I open my mouth to count the rain drops filling up taste buds on my tongue
I keep my eyes open, I keep my mouth open
while I taste the heaven crying to the earth
wetting me, warming me,
down my throat
is how I felt your cummm


They say men don't cry and if they do
they only cry in the dark alone
but if you would have watched me toss to your stokes
cramp to your silent moans
became a visionary to how you rode
to the side, my head lye
and where my face met the pillow
I let many tears drops go

I ask God not to stop the rain
please continue to fall on this lions mane
remind me of a angel I die in love making
to wake up to every heavenly morning
in sleeping whispers, only the Lord
will hear me calling your name

I'm in love with you as I submit my vows in poetry
I'm in love with you more than yesterday
in love with you more now
then the first day you said hi too me
I'm in love in my lonely state
I'm in love til my smile grows wide
the minute you walk back through my door
at a quarter til eight

A lovers confession

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Deep like trapped miners
wrapped snugged like white straight jackets
Fallen hard for love

By LeRoy Goetzendanner



truth about my love
proof by lie detector test
guilty for loving!

LeRoy Goetzendanner

Tuesday, February 15, 2011




I fell to bended knees and ask for your pen to wed with mine
You said “I will” in spoken vibes
With this spotlight shine in your eyes
Preparation began
The day forming to performing  like the day of creation of sand to man
we will come dressed wrapped from foot to head
in just the of poems we’ve scribed
instead of peddles we walk on, it would be notepapers in line
poets standing at attention holding up their pens like swords
the pastor would be a poetologist
who deliver our vows in spoken words
Bic’s and Scripto’s would be our witnesses
our families, Meade and Xerox are side by side
To hear vows in a exchange to sound checks, introduction of names
Slamin to spoken spittingships

mics hangin down to mics standing loud
stages smiling proud
that today is the union of emotions
in a wordly connections
I take her with the first line that caught her eye
she got my heart with her style a smile
Followed by conclusional rhymes
today we will be one like a sentence
joined together like the number 11
shouting out big with our messages in it
Today is an official poetical closed parenthesis union
placing on your finger and mine
three ring binders to unite our love
And drinking red inks as our communion
opening cages, setting free the paper planes with our poetry floating above
our Penposal was truly a blessing a performance that was done out of LOVE

You may now collab in a life of scribes


By LeRoy Goetzendanner

Friday, February 11, 2011

You thought this poem was written for you

You're so vein,
you probably thought this poem was about you
you're so vein, so vein
you probably think this poem is about you
for you
for you,

You're Misreading me
leads to misleading see
you caught up on a high and why
cause you say to yourself this piece was written for me
neva did I mention no names
neva did I say
this is the one I love
See I write, 

I love how I write
So let me be polite
I'm a poet with a vision of putting emotions in a piece
I send shout outs to my poetry
more than any name I can mention
so release
release the idea that every love poem
every erotic session
was not a poetic shout out to you
Now breath......

don’t love the poets words

me as in I be the poet, that is why
poetry is a sacred scribe
if I share my work on the web or perform it live

lets take the edges off sharpness to my pens write
and bust your bubbles of reception
and bring you back down to the ground
in which you saw and felt a lyrical high

don’t fall for a poet

if I write for you and when I write for you
I don’t need to succeed by sharing my read
to the world for you
cause in secrecy
my poetry is an internal world for you!
like sex
no one needs to know how I put a emotional flow to you
how when applying tongue application from my lips
before I go on a lyrical tour on you
so don’t get it twisted
my words online
on the phone
and in person
can sound so dayum convincing
but if I don’t dedicate
start off and end off with shouting out your name
then its you getting carried away
by words........ that I say

You're so vein
you probably thought this poem was about you
you're so vein, so vein
you probably think this poem is about you
for you
for you.........

they are not, but this one was. 
BY LeRoy Goetzendanner

Monday, February 7, 2011


I mis-placed my thoughts immediately after my heart was crushed
my pen couldn't perform for me, my blood was no longer a rush
sitting in corners pretending like a man can't cry
didn't think about how you felt every time I told a lie
convinced myself that I can fix this
fix this broken situation from pieces smaller than powder
screaming out your name, but the demons in my head speaks louder

so instead be a leading man
in your life
I became the misleading plan
by the knife

constantly bringing forth my promises in his deception
played around with your trusting serenity,
unrehearsed spreadings from hidden affections
Yeah I stand tall as if I was man
cause I stood tall on arrogance shadowing my erections
taking you down the punishment of demonic poisons
leading us way beyond the blankets of unprotections

every stroke to your waist
was lies of. " it will be ok"
and kiss to your soul
tore down your emotional walls
while spreading away your saving space

setting free fires of procreating seeds
as my mouth murmurs I love you
knowing when I put out, I'll be pulling away
and denial would be all the fertilization you knew

abandonment immediately after our desire evaporates
re flashes of combustion, in words before we separate
I hate this side
blaming it on the zodiac sign representing the twins
lies painted good pictures of bi polar innocence
no need to pretend
every meeting is a plot with soothing poetic words
lies to cover up the truths, earning a extensions
towards a reality for hurt

I want to act like I care
but I'm a actor who walks like
talk like
portraying the role that I care
and as you stare their looking through me
with suicidal tendencies
seeing if I could flinch when your razor eyes cut through me
hoping I cry when oral fixiations in gnawing greetings
would bring upon pain on my face, while starring at me bleeding

but I show no sign
watched you slowly die
and parish in the puddles that soiled the place you were rocking in
smiling with tears,
no need to look towards recovering

slowly dying
to very poem that brought you here
listening to my performance
now I know what brought your heart near

swollen eyes that shed only dry tears
of love broken hearted
the false imaged love in pretending
A image of fabricated love,
I could have prevented!!!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner