Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


I said ladies?
If you want to know if he is the one
to be the connections without protection
more than a erection and than ejaculation
to be a eternal man more than a minute in seconds
the one who you call the fadda of your daughter or son
instead of the bust off and get up and then he gone

then ask him this?

How much is my love is really worth?
if he love you that much
how come none of your dates didnt include
a blood test
and lets wait a while to the results back
So how come he never asked you out for a date to labcorp
see only takes one time
for imperfection,
to go inside without protection
to come out and say oh no
I think I got an affection
ooops my bad,
when you heard a pop from the top
of his latex protection

lets make the question even better
instead of chanting these how good its is words
during the time he be stroking
starting chanting out loud you want his baby
stop what you doing
take off the plastic
and put your unborn kids in me
see if his stroke is progressing with happiness, he want that
or is he making faces, while slowing paces, then pulls out confused and slowly...then moves away
far, far away
no where to be found until he wants to see that kid one day
of his life 18 year life
only to fulfill the curiousity of rumors and he says, she says
that him and the child might look a like!

or lets take your future investment in damage much higher
ask him, why havent I seen or heard you talk about your fadda
who is your inspiration as a fatherly figure
and tell me about your role
and involvement as mentor to younger kids lacking this niggas
your income is straight, but can you handle a third mouth plus her mouth on your plate
when she screaming, I'm late???
what about your other kids you talk about
the one you never seen him with
always going out,
trips out of town
with your boys, not your kids you plan to hang out with

now you want to be with she, implant a seed
even when in the back of your mind
she aint THE ONE you want to spend your life with

I'm not calling you a dead beat
but the road you go as a fatherly role
make us good ones look like dead meats

So who Fadda

Woman don't open your legs when his kisses beg
no let em side, if he aint covering his ride
see its ok to keep condoms in your nights stand
when he forgets
break out all the different name brand and sizes
for those who claims, girl theres only certain ones that my dick can only fit

Who fadda

Hes there for you in 9 minutes of pleasure
so what makes you think he going to be there
nine month during your evolving treasures
his patience to wait for the pussy was shorter
than getting the pussy
so analyze the possibilites,
that there's no future of you and he
where is the smiles and happiness
when a baby is coming out the pussy
like the excitement he get when he is going in the pussy

Who fadda

If he does own up and take claim before that day
no need to entrapp him to keep him
by giving the newborn child his name
far more than neccessary,
since you never had I love you's or ring on your wedding hand
then he was a eternal one night stand
everytime he got the ass
you werent in his future as the other half
just a ass in half in his plotting of getting ass plans
you calling him your baby daddy
when this boy claiming to be a man
never was a making of idolizing daddy
not even a guraunteed with a 18 year warranty
baby daddy or donor provider payment plan

So when you get approach on days like fathers day
with that question
who is your baby daddy
who is your childs father
you knew it during insemenation
3 weeks of fertilization
10 minutes of humping before ejaculation
the responsibility was yours while the donor there
your the parent in both roles
you know the answer was right here

Who FADDA??????

By LeRoy Goetzendanner Registered & Protected