Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Sunday, December 14, 2014


For the woman who walk and stand in heels.....
There's a performance happening
Every time you step in the room
Whether you know it or not
Your walk
is poetry in motion
Your stand, with locked legs, bow legs and pigeon toed
That is "ART-IZ"
Eyes will stare in admiration
Guys will speak, in still communication
You got attention?
Multiply that by two
Respectful or disrespectful
We all respect you
Applaud you for how you do it, when you do it
and how good you look doing it

This is for the heel wearing ladies
High heel walking ladies
The commander and chief
of attention, in demanding ladies
The perfect stand, where ever you stand, ladies
This poetic "HIGH HEEL" award,
is just for you

5 inches and above
that's love
the accessory that makes your accessories
move so well
Men are forcefully at "Attention to detail"
Eye's widen to the swell
cause you , "doing it, doing it, and doing it well
In heels you have a sway
that moves across air
That can hypnotize a snake
and for this craft, we smile not laugh
but simply We applaud you

There's levels to this shyt
Creative mechanics to this shyt
the Walk is a strategic balancing act
Stop, turn and pause
makes lips part saying "GODDAYUM" to this shyt
foot over foot is necessary for balance
Your walk is tight tho
because your walking steadily
like your walking on tight rope
Heels to boots that compliment feet, legs and thighs
and when you walk towards, next to me and pass me by
my reaction in respects....
OH MY!!!

But again we applaud you
for being just that extra-
in being beautiful
All those open toes for gorgeous toes
long leg ins in leggins when the boot comes up
the leg and
right where the thigh ends
adding hosiery is a tease
having the right muscles
that hustle the gluts
is killing me
But again
I applaud you
and respect you
never will I expect you
or force you
high heel life to be beautiful
Even wedges
be looking good
on long and short
and skinny, athletic and big legs

This one is for you
just for standing
and walking
switching legs, exposing open toes
and boots while talking
You are an art that is not appreciated
so I wrote it
because I appreciate........YOU....and your HEELS

~TNW Registered & Protected

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Michael Brown was left laying down on the ground,
The new "Hanging Around"
No different than Negro's noose to a tree branches,
Just hanging around
Four hours, for the public to see
Same if not more hours,
When strange fruit hung from tree's
PDA's is what this really is
Public Display of Arrogance
How today's officers handle their biz
We know what time it is
NO, We know what time this is
Wait, we know what time this represents
The past yesterdays coming into today's tomorrows
Still have no hearts,
They stay shallow when we all in the gallows
Black figures die from white shadows
the projects are upscale ghettos
and to them,
Termination is allotted killings
fulfilling them with more to be hollowed
More killings will be followed
Uniform codes say "to protect and serve"
Put that on your white cloaks and hoods
and change your motto's words and trends
new gens will swallow

We got them all on Target!!
Taking out loans for racism
Buying out homes having different race in them
Prejudice is the constitutions Justice
In God we trust,
But even God knows the system in not Justice, its JUST IS
New massa coming
hands outta pockets
don't look up or start running
Officer has a gun man
Officer is a gunman
don't you attempt to do the running man
We fast
but we can't outrun the bullet man
Bang.....warning shots to your chest still talking and moving in direst
bang bang, on the ground moving and screaming
hands up, too late, another "shoot a N***a season"
Shooter, keep shooting
after they shoot you dead,
Shut up
or its two or more to the head
bang bang
bang bang
a couple more bangs
no witness to your actions
if you, the witness, is DEAD.......


~TNW Registered & Protected

Sunday, December 7, 2014


I stop loving on purpose
trained to feel that love is worthless
Numbness was built over time
I don't blame them for hurt-
I blame I
Made sure my heart and love lines-
share no ties
Convinced my brain that "I love you"
is howling winds in lies, in verbal disguise
So don't be surprise
Woman aren't the only ones to hold shields-
behind the walls of enemy lines
I see that signals are crossed
my looks may appear crossed eyes
vision is no longer blurry
I just see and hear slurred lines
don't trust me having muscles of super hero
because falling in love is my kryptonite
I fell for your seasoning
Convinced my heart your excuses were mental reasoning
So I continue to inject PENicillin
And if my paralysis towards love makes me the villain
I can deal with those feelings of mines I robbed
Love ain't a lost,
if I'm the only one stealing them.....DEADEN

~TNW Registered & Protected

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I said good bye
without I telling her I loved her
I know it was the last good bye
but leaving on a silent note
brings a silent killer to your out spoken heart
I shouldn't be walking away
I'm a poet
I know I can fix it
but words aren't band aids
My pen can't stitch lines to open wounds
A title, just wasn't enough
to keep her vitals from-----------

I texted her good bye
I didn't man up
or stand up
made plans to sit up
nor did I got up
to get up
and walk over and tell her
to her face
I loved her

I just pressed send
for a Good Bye message
Immediately, I removed her from-
my phone records
My Good bye was forever
How our love should have been
But I told her Good bye
that meant we've reached our end
to ever saying hello again....

~TNW Registered & Protected

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I wish my arms were long enough
and strong enough
to hold and embrace the world
of its hurt
With a voice loud of enough to say
"Everything is going to be okay"
I wish I could soar through the sky
and cry hard enough for my tears
to rain on the world
at the same time
so the world could
cry in my rain
and we could cry......together
If only the earth would go sightless for a minute
without having any vision
you couldn't see what color the people were in it
every one would be a person of voice
Instead a color of choice
I'm tired of living in this reality version
of the movie version of "The Purge"
Marshall Law in uniform legality
Hands up ain't enough
if your hands are in the wrong situations
When bad people created bad situations
Making them Pro's on file
now we are all stereotypes
from stereo hypes
So yes,
bad apples spawns bad seeds,
for rotten apples to smoke mad trees
this is new seeds are "WE" the apples
with bad profiles
This situation needs to be put to rest
like snow white
rest this case,
rest for peace
Stamping black inks on papers that are all white
The best thing about being a poet is
We write pieces in pieces
Our therapy in releases
the delivery and messages to our pieces
is to give the world our pieces
No Justice, No peace
No crime, no police
and maybe
they will feel peace from our pieces

By LeRoy (TNW)Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I awoke to ecstasy
in my dream someone sexing me
She didn't have a face or name
all I remember was her movement and frame
Moans of a cello
kegle grips
making my tip say "Hello"
ass pounding on her ride
making my thighs feel her jello
I went in harder like Othello
Her screams were like banshies
a cool serenade to our concerto
How can a dream
fill me with screams then creams
wake me drippin in sweats and wets
with her hands
I mean my hands on me
Must have been that conversation through texting
before going to sleep
my in comings in my box
out coming me in images of sex messages
Instantly I knelled and prayed
repenting on the false realities of getting laid
but even my praying on knees
turned me into knee pleasuring her needs
I want to wake up
from this dream after I wake up
eyes wide shut
dreaming with pics of my eyes wide open
The souls of this bed
lifts my spirits from leftover spirits
There's not enough detergents in the world
to free me of hidden stained essence
Sexually being possessed
by her, and her and that last her's presence
This man in need,
haunted by his sexual greed
getting sex through past spirits
texting me and sexing me
in subconscious sex messages
Don't believe me
look at the erect on this
I don't need references
Trust me when I say
I woke up like this.......

~TNW Registered & Protected