Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, December 28, 2012


this sang the blues
more like recited her poem 
to a jazz background
She told me her story 
which made me feel her story
and all along
she was telling my story

this lady spoke some truth
or maybe just telling a convincing story
she may have really been an actress
but she acted this.........poem out
at points made the crowd cry, laugh, and shout
a sista jump up
This lady moved the crowd like Rakim
but woman stood their ground like Shakur 

this lady was a piece of work
she shared her piece of work
from a long life of pieces that hurt
hurt that came with shattered thoughts
that made this piece hurt
but it worked
we felt her hurt
cause she spoke her hurt
dayum it hurt
dayum that lady poem hurt
and so were we 

I call on you lady
lady in my painted Polaroid print out
this poem
this poem was for you
that lady
that lady that did that poem


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected



Take my hand
I promise I will guide you 
in this misguided world of sin
every step I take
I guarantee, its the foot steps Jesus has taken
See what I see from past to present
no need to look through my eyes for the future
that's what you eyes are here for

Hold tight

no I'll hold you much tighter
I won't let go of the future
I won't let go of an ANGEL
see my torch is burning on low
but regains high flames when you hold my hands
hold on little future
just hold on

Let my hand:

point the way...around harm
teach you to touch hearts with out hands
show you a plan of becoming a man
from a man who learned from a higher man
pull sisters and bruthas together
and not pull triggers
raise your hand to the Lord and not for violence
point you to the spoken word
because your voice is not meant for silence

Hold on to me
don't let go
Hold on to me
I have something in store
Hold on to me
I promise you no harm
Hold on to me
hold on to me
Just don't let go.....

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

Monday, December 24, 2012


I closed my eyes
remembering the sounds of her voice
the sound of my pen graphics to her collegiate lines
I crossed these lines a thousand times
with a thousand lines
that didn't quite rhyme. but I'm
a poet, who uses lines to cross the lines 
put dotted happy faces on my I's
crossed my t's
like crosses in heavenly skies
eyes on my T's and I's
and I's be a wise guy to every line
I crossed the lines
but stayed in the borders
I was border line, while crossing lines
so I go back to closing eyes
thinking back to the last line,
on collegiate line
I crossed the lines
stayed within border lines
and if I get another time
I'll cross her lines again,
with my writings on her lines. Registered & Protected


Dear Broken heart

I lye against the host chest
to hear your cry
and take note for understanding
to make it live again
to allow it to feel again
to prove to it
it could love again

Broken Heart

repeat with me when I say
it was never your fault
someone stole your key
more like breaking and entry
and forge there way into your heart
they projected images of love
but it was hidden lust from the start
playing your heart as a game
when your love is an art

Broken Heart

cry no more for me
just give me a chance
to translate love
from your steady beats
lost love is just an obstacle
I'll reboot your heart for free
I'm a geek in love
so I guess I'm the LOVE GEEK

Broken Heart

there's that smile
I hear your pace changing
its ok
let your tears fall like its raining
Its love (ME) to the rescue
I have the cure
unlimited prescription
to keep your beating heart
from suffering anymore

Love repair always,

Healing Heart 

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


My hand shakes nervously
because for every word that hits a line
I hear silent cries
cries of angels who died without suffering
they lost a full life in a short time
a crime that was committed
because one illness, would eventually cause 28 deaths

Why the innocent?
If life was not your road
why must your pain be others
how was innocence your unattended target
you died with self infliction,
but did not complete your set out mission
Did you think your suffering
would open heaven doors?

My hands are still shaking
and I find it difficult to run my ink over stain papers
I can barely read what I wrote
with eyes blurred in swells of tears
you created my worst fears
to wonder if my sons school
or any other schools
are out of the clear
who will be the next to step up
and decide they can play God.

I can't even say a prayer at night
without hearing their voices that never made a sound
seeing vision of their smiles
is all we will remembered that day
and seeing his misguidance
and misunderstanding
join together through weapons he shouldn't known
pointing to take away
instead of pointing to find a way......

My ink growing faint
hands perspire not because of sweat
but because the pens shell is shedding tears
I started writing black until blue step in
than flat lined to a seeping red
I can't believe they are gone
delegated angels to the earth are gone
Angels are now angles moving on
I slowly drop my pen
my head falls slow with my tears
and all we can do is mourn


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected

UNKNOWN poet, MUTE writing

I speak loudly, 
and carry a silent voice
My name is in highlights
but I'm still standing invisible
I'm a poet with poems for days
but not one poem has been read
I'm introduced to many stages
but my applause's are in silence

I speak loudly,
but carry a silent piece
but not a gun piece
but a poem piece
that delivers peace
but since you can't hear me
my piece has no peace,
so I have to scream my piece
so you can hear my piece
that gives my piece a piece of mind
but still you can't hear me

I speak loudly
now I'm silently screaming above my lungs
give me your undivided
please stand attention while you pay attention to me
LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!
I have a poem ya'll
I have something to say
my poem got messages
but my poem is untitled
my poet name is untitled
after this piece
I hope this UNKNOWN will be KNOWN
my poems UNTITLED will be TITLED

I'm speaking in low tones
as my poetry writing scribes loudly
this is not a poem in demand
my pen point to you in but not in commands
but I demand my poems to command.......
the audience...TO LISTEN
I'm advertising the UNKNOWNS
by wearing shirts that say "UNKNOWNS to be KNOWN
My pen will not hide not more
I raise my pen from it silent mourns
my pen, my voice, is no longer MUTE anymore
I write in MUTE to be HEARD


^^ this is me.. UNKNOWN poet, MUTE writing 

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


Natural looking you
that short hair, locked hair
dread head, to those AFROO's 
Gyal you're so beautiful
No additives or preservatives
gluten free Nubian flavors in you

You are the get up
get dressed up
working woman or schooling woman
walking in radiance
without a ounce of paints on your face
to make you up

The walk by
that says all genders
conservative in her clothes
but she still outlines a body so defined

Educated and street smart
mouth talk from north or south mouth
attitude nice to being rude
you know who I'm talking about
you know who this poem is directed too
my beau, babes, luv, or hotness,
Yeah I mean you

Natural eccentric you
you were born this way
this is not a trend on you
you're different with a difference
Gyal you are beautiful
beautiful one's as they're define
look at you
but in their mind
they want your natural beauty too

Beautiful you
skin so dark, brown and light skin too
where high lights from suns' lights
makes all complexions so flavor able
Skin so soft, Shea cocoa butter soft
melanin like OMG touches
enhanced without pen drawn beauty marks

I love you beauty
I love your natural beauty
You are naturally healthy
You're natural is good health for me
a deserving want for the needing


By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


I apologize
for any and everything
I made more things
into small things
lost somethings that was my one thing
that one thing was my everything
now I shrug my shoulders, 
towards having nothing

I apologize
for consistently being inconsistent
when Times I was wanted
maybe times I was needed
my time plus your time,
always equals me missing
when throwing in towels
before I tried
so I lie their defeated
the defeat of myself
my all by myself
my lonely self
done with no ones help

I apologize
for not believing
losing myself and my faith
in body you were missing
but your mind was always in place
not using my mind
to think before I would say
I say this with thought
cause today's saying
was suppose to be said yesterday
yesterday was the past days
and the past days of yesterday was fail marks
on my tester days
So I say this now to move foreword

I apologize
for loving a little
and not enough
for saying I cared
but showing care was tough
tough love,
make love hide
tough love
can make love die
tough love
make walls go up
tough love
will cause things to fall apart
tough love is heartless
so pictures are painted in lust
tough love was tainted
so good love is there, but not for us

I apologize
for apologies after apologies
that I didn't mean
but what was said
was pretty mean
I apologize for apologizing
before a apology was needed
I apologize
as I accept that I
was my personal war being defeated
I accept that I
got work to do
to make apologies no longer needed
So I won't say that word
but my last word is the title
say it with me in silence
cause that word is, was and always be
my battle

**That title above***

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected