Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015


You are my friend
Majestic is our friendship
Justifiable, because we are more than a reason
Grateful, to have you as my friend in my corner
You are the gift that keeps on giving

Every Spoken Speech, Speaking to be said,
You are Speaks,
I'm just merely words
Until our poetic souls met first
So these Host to Co-host could meet in a Spoken World
Be universal sooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuullsss
without the circus
Conjunctions on this Train FUNKSHUN
but we're not Don Cornelius,
brutha's and sistahs are you hearing this
The tongue-twistn-dedication
when I Speaks in Twists....
She is more than Free Flow,
She be Free like SPEAKS
but we Got Soul

Yes glow like Jerry Curls from Afro's
Or Leroy, When he discovered his was the dragon
Not bragging
But My Speaks,
When She speaks
She brings good writes to LIFE
but only from the mind
Speaks be preaching through free style teaching
got closed minds expanding
let me bring it back down to for second
the reason for poetic message
She is.......MY FRIEND FIRST
The love, the laughter even when friends hurts
The longest relationship I ever have since birth
Speaks is butter
trust me when I say, "I know your worth"
and From that Verse
She's Elbow Fly
My girl/guy fly
but WE stay align
with a FLY that comes first
this shit comes naturally for us
that take others time to DRESS REHEARSE
I'm the swearing every time we curse
Looking and sounding this good,
has to be a Curse in a Good/bad book verse
Unlicensed to speak legally
My Word, I word things properly
I'm the writes in this poetry 
She's the hype when my pen speaks silently
She is my 20 Fonts,
when my 10 fonts speak softly
She will LOUD Speaks,
When others try to over speak her SPEAKS
And if you know better
She out speaks you outta your seats
until her preaches in speeches
speaks to you back into your seats
In flows that go
where no man has gone before
The voice you will hear coming through
and leaving out Cheerz door
The MC, The Host, and the "I love you" from the floor
UP to no good
We knock on Wood when we say
That, Spoken World is nothing without you
Tuesdays is just a passing day without you
Smiles of the day would stay
50 shades of frowns
Love wouldn't be around
Lessons wouldn't be found
without a MJGeeeezus
in this TOWN
and for that, God has blessed me
with a true FRIEND FIRST
I would trade this day
and our meeting moment for a poetic verse
You are my friends with a healing
until our friendship in happiness hurts
My Significant Never
My Rib, but not my Eve
My Girl but not my girl and she knows why
you are

~TNW Registered & Protected