Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Im a season and reason
and that's why....

For no reason
I want to give you
flowers around your bed
breakfast in bed
and love on the bed
until the bed is our life bed
to our forever togetherness
rest us on this bed to be
our "To death do us part bed"
but our reason for staying in this bed is.....
For no reason

For no reason
I will prepare your dinner
for no occasion
more like a "just because" scenario
and if you ask me
it's because I felt like it
I did it without you asking
wishing or thinking
you were home first
but I still beat you to the kitchen
I was itching to do some spoiling
so my rewards was to reward you
but I do this.......
for no reason

For no reason
I will steal kisses
and smile every time you pass me
without an excuse
I'll give you hugs
and tell you I miss you
even though you
been in my presence all day
which don't seem like a lot of time
and I enjoy my time.......with you

So I do this
for no reason at all

For no reason
I will photo shop our faces
on wedding photos
and sunsets in Jamaica
and then send you emails
of trip confirmations
with your Boss giving you
to go on vacation
cause we are so cool like that,
that relaxation is a second job situation
and first occupation
is us salivating on just because type situations
but some how we need this and do this
for no all

For no reason
I wrote this poem
for that same reason
I was thinking of you before I wrote this
for no reason
you inhabit my mind and my words

for no reason
I come up with excuses for an excuse
for you to become my lies, truths for no reason
but ex....cuse me
for no reason
I need to tell you I love you
well okay,
that phrase
I would say for a reason
but I don't need a reason to say it

no season to feel this
just a reason for a reason
and my excuse for all this is
For no reason........

~TNW Registered & Protected

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