Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, December 12, 2013


Greeting you at your door
opening all doors
helping you when you seat
Standing up when you excuse yourself to leave
standing again when you return to your seat                           Walking on the outside, protecting you inside                                  is why I walk the curbside when we're walking                               in the streets
Calling just to say hi
Saying good night with a prayer on you and I
flowers for no reason, visibility for all seasons
educating her senses for all the right meanings
compliments with direct eye contact
hugs for memorable meets and departures
Listen to her thoughts
listen to her views                                                                    Listen to her heart
Listen, listen and listen
Mental notes of likes and dislikes
shows how much you pay attention
Share with her your environment
share your home of prayer
let her know she is a destiny to a goal
and even when death do you part
you'll be waiting on the other side for her to get there
This is only few things listed
purposely a few things missing
action speaks louder than words
where I stand, is my few things listed
It ain't dead, is what "ME" said
its just being upgraded,
and ready for distribution and teaching
you can't get what you aren't looking for
let alone prepare yourself for receiving......
the three C's

What happen to
Introducing yourself properly
I mean with Government names
complimenting a woman
without eye gazing at her frame
When exchanging numbers was okay
and calling one day after, was the way
When did we stop being presentable bruthas-
on first date
Introducing yourself to her parents
was a mandate
Insuring her safety
before you left her place
leaving your "CONTACT" information or cell number
as a "Taking their daughter out" a gentlemens way
Are we in a race
why aren't we beside her
instead of walking steps in front of her
or slowly side stepping
to check the back of her
praising the ground she walks on
don't make you thirsty
showing your emotions for her
don't make you hungry
she just use to the opposite,
tough love from them thugs
which leaves her love starving
Show her a change in a man
that you raise your hand to God
towards a praying man
not for hands laying hits on a woman
hold her hand
make her a part of your goals
before she becomes part of your plans
These are just reminders
a real mans needs that's listed
Chivalry ain't dead
it's on foreheads, in font 23 saying
We can bring back those listings
they don't have to stay unlisted
this is part two of 3 C's
inspire her of what she has been missing..
Courtship, Chivalry and Commitment, coming from a chivalrous man, Where you can find TwistNWordz listed ........
~TNW Registered & Protected

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