Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, December 28, 2013


I wonder if she is waiting on me
like I'm waiting on her
I wonder if she is anxiously
waiting to sleep
so she can dream on us
or maybe she's starring at the moonlight

starring back at her
that moonlight being my eyes or her eyes
wishing on that star falling

Maybe it's my name she is calling
during the heat of passion
she probably see's me in visions
beyond the lust and deception 
I know I don't know you
never seen you
but some how
I know you are out there
You know, I'm out there
So hopefully I will see you and feel you again
I know right at this moment

We both falling on our knees
asking for our messenger in prayer
So we continue these travels
confronting the wrong scenarios
chanting out loud to ourselves, "This is the one"
holding our hearts with feelings of "The search is over"
but our loves GPS indicators
and our occupation
living off loveless situations
that reaps no benefits or marital vacations
so I call off the love lost search
posting signs around every location saying
If you are reading this
yes you, 
the one I'm waiting on
and if you are reading this

the one's that are wondering why "he is still single"
for so long
I hope this poem answers your question
I hope, my words, are the answers.......for her
because I'm still here

and preparing to receive you
No more will I sample
through dating examples
or look to every face as my potential
My mind will light up
My body will flare up
I will say yes then look up
and my soul will expose my spiritual
Because I'm waiting on her
The first and my last love
the one for all these years
I felt so much guilt for
because I thought my impatience
caused me to cheat on you
to replace you before your arrival
to think that life would marry me loneliness
so occupying my vacancies was a means of survival
I'm ready
patiently waiting
no need to rush for that one thing
that everything
somewhere out there, 
I'll find what I thought I found but with you
So if you ask me why I'm single
it's because
We are patiently waiting on TRUE LOVE

By LeRoy TNW Goetzendanner Registered & Protected


  1. God, don't I know that type of love that ur yearning for because, I'm waiting on it as well.. A love that is so deeply felt and unforgiving in its truth, a love that is encased around the soul and set in stone and not apologetic, a love that is unwavering, a love not made up of generic brands, generic feelings or generic people, a love that is natural in its depth and not forced.. what is it, what is true love, what does it taste like, feel like or smell like, does it hit you over the head or creep up slowly, does it make you feel crazy or calm, or is it like breathing in the essence of beauty... I don't know anymore because the world has changed in its sexuality and the way it views sex, love and intimacy, people just want what they want when they can get it without consequence, I yearn for an intimacy where I can just, strip down my soul and be venerable and bare in it, without judgment.. I know the type of love that you're waiting on an searching for.. I can feel it in each one of ur words Mr. Goetzendanner because I am ready for love too in all of its meaning and unvarnished truth... This is a beautiful beautiful piece and you or definitely speaking words from the soul!!