Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


I am
See I am

Tuesday Words Instantly Spoken N Worlds Overseeing-- Relevance Deciphering the speaking
thats TwistNWordz I be

but technically speaking
the Wordz that be twistn words but without Wordz
I just be just freestyle wordz like Mjg be Speaking
No cost when getting lost as I floss like boss
I mean floss like gums started bleeding from teething
We are the believe in when you see in
so don't be deceiving, when receiving this messenger unless you 
the believe it or not when I pause to my words 
give me moment......TwistNWordz needs a moment to start breathing 

and I became Spoken
I speaks when spoken too so be careful when you spoke what you speaks
trample words all over you while I'm running words all over you
you swear up down that this clown is wearing cleats
and I embrace defeat
I eat words like campbells alphabets in soup bowls
and my loop poles is my beats when art- a-chokes those
go against vegan beats destroying all ground beefs
bangin bass like the Helen Rose Project in my earphones

Then Came the WORLD

See Sivada Entertainment got me Cradle 2 The Grave
Da Luft is the truth, check menu for food
might I suggest the oysters or cat fish entree
Back to my intro to my flow
I'm not quite the heavy rotation
just a factor more like that subtraction equation
like dark persuasion running from Caucasian
I'm lover not fighter
I leave that shyt to our fuck up nation
I write words 
that make love to the world
no need for confirmation 
and my word compensation
Is me concentrating
waiting for my turn
like the earth be equating
on hemispheric rotation
I rest my pen
giving entry to the next compilation  


Where you can find me, find D
and Kei or Speaks
spilling new rhymes, from pouring artist
you can call us wiki leaks
Where we chose the chosen
and those chosen will reach ya
Where in bright lights
you see high lights
no spotlights, we only do features
leaders and teachers
the speaken to the spoken
the spoken turn Speakers
So look
try to understand me
Just listen

I come with the beginning with a bad ass ending
see I'm technically speaking wordz
I mean I am Words that is speaking
do ya'll hear me
bump it
I'm Tuesdays,
World Tuesdays
Spoken World Tuesdays
the other half of WORDZ SPEAKS Registered & Protected

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