Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


Look at you,
Yes, we see you
Yes, we hear you

Walking all grown
Appearance so beautiful
A collegiate individual
No  more child's play
Today is your day
Commencement to Presentation
With plenty of education
This walk advancing a boy to a man
A woman, promoted from a girl
Enrollment until graduation day
It's time to meet the real world
Common sense brings you fashion sense
with maturity come intelligence
Look at you
back straight, head high
We, admiring you, as you walk by
In route to all doors of opportunities
Now you're an adult
Taking on, your own responsibilities
Becoming the generation "NEW"
to pick up, where we left off
This world's for you
More like it's inherited to you
Like it was for we
So walk that walk money
talk that talk honey
Be free, live free, love free
But the world ain't no silver spoon
So life will be a struggle
Meaning, it won't be that easy
It's a new life waiting for you
It's time for graduate to see their career place
no longer will you be a student of education
You're a professional on this runway
We see, confidence in your walk
We hear, maturity in your talk
transforming from clothes that sag
to a professional with swag
Singing to your parents "WOW!!"
"I'm a big kid now"
It's graduation day for you
Professional walker in a professional space
To create your new life, on the new worlds stage for you
The next new chapter, the starting of a new page for you
A diploma passed to you like a torch
A relay towards a finish line of life
Young's time for you to move forth
You are 5...steps
til you get your degree
4 steps
4 steps to your goal
and 3 wishes
from being on top of the world

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