Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Saturday, November 15, 2014


At puberty
you woke up to identity
looking for "That" image
wanting to be different

you multiplied your looks
to divide yourself from others
just to add some attention
but subtracted yourself from the envy
A mask since age 13
you forgot who you were
purposely waking up early
being late for your mirrors image
but on time for your new looks
How many times did you side eye your reflection

on the passing
How many make up aisles know the true identity
of this cover girls complexion
in foundation masking
Satisfaction wasn't guaranteed
but you took additives
to cover your preservatives
but conservative dress
wasn't naked enough for all to see

By 27
you shape shift
waist from 26 to 38

from B cups to double D's
the same letters you seen on HS school grades

Your once clear skin
is the mimic of NYC trains......(with Graffiti on them)
You are an art form
explaining your decor as stories
the true ones, 
covering up street war wounds
Never ready for parenthood
but your womb
is Cemetery for still born tombs
are silver stitches in glamor 
Your mane
is a side piece
full of side pieces
because being tall, long and natural
was the new Isis ugly
You weren't ready
the world wasn't quite ready
God, wasn't ready
for this Ugly Betty
See God don't like ugly
"HE" embraces it
Watching this reincarnation 
that fooled with mother nature
she played "GODS" hands 
when her hands recreated her presentation

You're 41 now
Your life has been test driven by all
You reached the stages of lemon
A abandon wreck barely going into gear
You don't get "those" looks at you
they're only giving you "the" looks down on you
You built this life as career
13 was a false wake up
limbs can barely hold you up
and your looks are fading 
to melting make up
You shape shift to unrecognizable 
So others can recognize the unknown 
in you
You tore down all mirrors long ago
because your true reflection
that's your old reflection
is Dracula looking at invisible

Attention is a gift
it doesn't have a retirement plan
a stage that fades with age
you are no longer the center of eye views
a new fake image has replaced you
you should have stayed beautiful
the original beauty in you
13 can't come back
but 12 to age 1 still haunts you
it was the only years of your life
you were beautiful at being you......

~TNW Registered & Protected

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