Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Pregnancy by a man who is not about nothing
who only likes doing nothing for a living
smoking and drinking is a given
How could you not know
that he is a disease
spreading his being through his DNA(Dumb Nigga Ass) genes
sticking you with 9 months of carrying his seed
You conceived his problems
and birth a new problem
name your baby problem

you didn't see that as problem
until he said there's a problem
cause when he looked at a baby
he said,
That's not my problem
Pass down from generation
to generation
to generation
No matter how strict your mommy teachings
his father runs deep in his blood
what his father did
he will do
no cure for this madness
Heavens waters won't save this bad ass
He is meant to be aggression
Crying about the man, oppression
So saying being black
is the new slavery depression

making it out the hood, Hmm, good question
sounds more like a suggestion
but our hood keeps suppressing
Ghetto Street life has better lessons
Section 8 and project living
is way of living
check our street history session
See we are so hateful to ourselves
and only hate everyone else....if they doing better us
So these haters weapons of choice
kill a community funded by the hated community 

take out leadership and their voices
They will patiently wait
waiting for us to die off
mentally painting pictures in street conscious images
that "WE" can't succeed
that "WE" aren't meant to breathe
that "WE" are suppose to slaves in penitentiary

that we, 
Are the New Black in Orange
Freedom, Yo that song is boring
We can't be We
Cause We, keep living for I
and why
Selfishness is ignorance
We ain't just niggas
We're nigorant
Shouting out with passion,
"There's levels to this shit"
We born a nigga
die a nigga
and if we long enough
we poverty stricken for life my nigga
and we ain't black
we just nigga's,
put that on a application
being poor is an occupation
crime ain't a offense
its a defense for our situation

A reverse emancipation
dying on the streets
by another brutha's heat
is a true award of survival declaration

You dating thugs that hold drugs
over men holding degrees standing
you might date a suit and ties
only if his slacks are saggin
You trying to bread Kings while dating Jokers
Don't hail yourself Queen
if you are harboring un-royal seeds
letting any facebook male tweet you then poke ya
Learn the cause before the effects
So think about lady
Love ain't through sex
last time I check
our hearts beat in our chest
Use your mind
and stop blowing his mind
So in time
You, my Queen
Can change this plague
Only if you can birth lives willing to live
that aren't conceived "Still born dead'

~TNW Registered & Protected

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