Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I awoke to ecstasy
in my dream someone sexing me
She didn't have a face or name
all I remember was her movement and frame
Moans of a cello
kegle grips
making my tip say "Hello"
ass pounding on her ride
making my thighs feel her jello
I went in harder like Othello
Her screams were like banshies
a cool serenade to our concerto
How can a dream
fill me with screams then creams
wake me drippin in sweats and wets
with her hands
I mean my hands on me
Must have been that conversation through texting
before going to sleep
my in comings in my box
out coming me in images of sex messages
Instantly I knelled and prayed
repenting on the false realities of getting laid
but even my praying on knees
turned me into knee pleasuring her needs
I want to wake up
from this dream after I wake up
eyes wide shut
dreaming with pics of my eyes wide open
The souls of this bed
lifts my spirits from leftover spirits
There's not enough detergents in the world
to free me of hidden stained essence
Sexually being possessed
by her, and her and that last her's presence
This man in need,
haunted by his sexual greed
getting sex through past spirits
texting me and sexing me
in subconscious sex messages
Don't believe me
look at the erect on this
I don't need references
Trust me when I say
I woke up like this.......

~TNW Registered & Protected

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