Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Monday, November 3, 2014


I'm a war against myself

when my prayers was answered by
An Angel
but Heaven and Hell both have Angels
and my angle, not quite right
plus a saint I ain't, sinner, I might
I just talk a spiritual walk
my spiritual sobriety barely walks in checkpoints
straight lines in blurred lines
curving lines through scripted paints...
taunted by lust, but I was taught to love 
after I taint 

I'm in war against myself

unleashing a demon of temptation
finding my dalmatian in fertile SINsation
I smell the taste of lust
You are here at the right time
with the wrong invitation
trying to make a good presentation
the seed of lies was planted
when I ask you to stay and
lay and, I prayed and on the prey
a plot for us to lay parallel
under covers we were playing
but you're saying "NO"
was mute to me
didn't know my acts was lost interest of mutiny
was a test of my restraint over strain
My pen is at pinnacle with my testi-monials

Trying to use my conscious advice of
"Its okay to say NO"

but my actions went Steve Martin
Two brains barely using their head
One thought to think with its head
the other, thought of using its head
I false started on the play
illegal use of everything
made my kisses a seductive weapon
I knew all the time a brush kiss on shoulder blade
was a chain reaction
I knew that
wet pecks would raise sensors on neck
I was dead wrong for
holding you from behind
while being pressed against your behind
and throbbing in codes of "I want you"
in hand less blinds
I lost my mind
when I took your palms
and feathered your arousing
as if I was Ray Charles
and before I knew it
We wonder twin our sexual powers to form of
a "Ying and Yang" symbols
Turning into vultures in spread Eagles
my body was only suppose to be a comforter
but my manhood cross the lines, when it decided
to come for her
didn't see this outcome with her
until I income inside her
the damage was my butter worth
she laid in sighs of disappointment
her back towards me, said I failed the test
she slept with discuss of giving in
All she wanted was a warm presence
not a hot intrusion
that a man can lay with her in bed
and not bed her in conclusion
Take me for my mind
so I can wake up and write
a "He wants me for my mind" poem
I gave her an idea
of writers block
with my pen
piercing her body as delivery
no endings but just getting ends see
and now
our friendship will never know the spoils
of having............"A TITLE"

~TNW Registered & Protected

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