Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014


Michael Brown was left laying down on the ground,
The new "Hanging Around"
No different than Negro's noose to a tree branches,
Just hanging around
Four hours, for the public to see
Same if not more hours,
When strange fruit hung from tree's
PDA's is what this really is
Public Display of Arrogance
How today's officers handle their biz
We know what time it is
NO, We know what time this is
Wait, we know what time this represents
The past yesterdays coming into today's tomorrows
Still have no hearts,
They stay shallow when we all in the gallows
Black figures die from white shadows
the projects are upscale ghettos
and to them,
Termination is allotted killings
fulfilling them with more to be hollowed
More killings will be followed
Uniform codes say "to protect and serve"
Put that on your white cloaks and hoods
and change your motto's words and trends
new gens will swallow

We got them all on Target!!
Taking out loans for racism
Buying out homes having different race in them
Prejudice is the constitutions Justice
In God we trust,
But even God knows the system in not Justice, its JUST IS
New massa coming
hands outta pockets
don't look up or start running
Officer has a gun man
Officer is a gunman
don't you attempt to do the running man
We fast
but we can't outrun the bullet man
Bang.....warning shots to your chest still talking and moving in direst
bang bang, on the ground moving and screaming
hands up, too late, another "shoot a N***a season"
Shooter, keep shooting
after they shoot you dead,
Shut up
or its two or more to the head
bang bang
bang bang
a couple more bangs
no witness to your actions
if you, the witness, is DEAD.......


~TNW Registered & Protected

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