Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


From the first word
your creativity of speaken played
putting a spell on me
moved me eternally
like a vibrating thesaurus
Trust me
all you have to do is perform for me
or before me
and watch my eyes stare with plotting intents

or is it the voice
and the choice of tones you use depending on the word play
I close my eyes to every line
its so funny how your words turn to moans
and what your moans in phrases do to me

You say it's poetry???
I think you found a way
to invade my space
by flippin that signature tongue at me

your words has my body shaking into different flavors
lips touching with flipping tongue walking
has my insides fallen like the equator melting away artic glaciers

A poets words are dangerous
injecting in my stimili like angel dust
wearing a T-shirt saying, "poetry or bust"!
I'm not sure if this is love,
but surely for a poem in your voice
I'm totally in lust

she said all this to say
if you can spit a poem
through my thoughts and using your words
she fell back in her chair
you know how to make my rush with a blush
in one word play!

Carry me away, Spoken word, just carry me away!!!!!!!
By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. I love it :) Check this out if u like word play Mind Games

  2. It's easy to fall in dig w/ someone's poetic flow, especially when they speak from a soulful place of projection. It's happened to me a few times, & it's prolly drawn others into my space as well. Spoken word is a magnet & those who do it well, flex & project a powerful force of magnetism.

    Great piece, man!


  3. Thnak you my bruthas. Its this type of inspiration and guidance that make men come together and become a better force than the stereo types and media has displayed us to be!

    Bless up!!!!

  4. Me likes man! I understand this meaning...It happens often :)