Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I remember a woman telling me
that a kiss can sooth her soul
but when she kissed me,
it turned her spirit into gold
She proclaimed me as a long un-answered prayer
that was always standing there,
providing truth through lie detectors
when no one else dared
when no one else cared

I can remember our first meeting, like sunshine during a eclispe
when saying good bye took more than a few minutes
our first date was 11 oclock service
we were both nervous
cause it was at her church

our second date was about to end at 4:37 pm
til we kissed during the sunset
and released when the light of the moon
hit our skins

our second month together was celebrated at the Labcorp
taking a test we wanting to past
cause our flesh wanted so much more

6 months into our courtship
we are delegating dating as a relationship
thats a downgrade from marriage in long term practices
to see if we were truly the prayed for matches

than New Years came
20 seconds to count down
on my feet with a poem titled OUR NAMES
16 minutes already into 8 verses
wrote the piece that day so it was'nt rehearsed
8 seconds the count down said on TV
while I reached out my heart to her, through my poetry
5 I fell to my knees
4 asked you to marry me
3 a tear fail from both our eyes
2 you mumbled yes in teary cries
1 we kissed til the next year fell on we

a moment in time I will not forget
each moment
each obstacle
hard work, blood and sweat

If I could only have that daaaaay back!

Just a second chance on that first chance
a second dance like the first dance
wondering hands becoming one hand
a kiss
just a kiss
that begin all this
and the same kiss that would be our end!
By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. This is breathtaking...I so feel the feelings being felt at this time...Isnt it the greatest in the world. I love when a man shows his emotions...Most men dont...

  2. dude...jstar was can rip...and great storytelling style as well...i work with a group of poets on a weekly "poetic flash mob" drop by my place, there is a link on todays post...

  3. I loved it. Great story and your words take us on a trip. @JStar men do show emotion u just may need to stop to listen lls check me out have a blessed day!

  4. Hey man. JStar sent me over to check out your flow.

    This was a great piece of story-telling in poetic form. A prose-poem that's both lyrical & filled w/ authentic emotionality. Your talent at the craft is evident. Keep doing your thing!