Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


Stealing Kisses

Excuse me Miss,
I need to tell you this,
A confession to a crime, I’m about to commit
That involves me using just my lips,
To steal a taste from your lips,
I’m asking for your name, don’t care for it
Nor do I want your number
Not interested on who your with
Trying to satisfy lips that wonder,
I just want to intertwine
Embrace and waist whine,
Having my tongue flicker fight to yours
With our eyes closed
Escaping moans and curled toes
My lips will finally know
Are they really that soft?
Dayum for your kiss,
Forget about how I attempt to do it
I see your reaction, don’t get distracted,
If I lean and kiss you in public.
Trust me, I have nothing more planned in mind
My vision is grab your waist, breath on neck,
Then still a kiss while you’re blind with me from behind.
Not recording the length of time,
Just in a trance to the exchange,
Information from my hands reading your frame
While my kisses forces you to exhale your name
Unwelcoming feelings that are fulfilling
Through our precious kiss
I’m about to commit a crime
Can I steal your lips
Strip away your breath with mines,
With your chest pressed against mine,
And we do this little rocking thing with our hips
Slow draggin to our heart beats
As we race to our breathing
Leads to awkward situations,
Definitely cause overheating
You tasting my cherry flavored chapstick
My tongue outlining your watermelon lip gloss
Suck your lips off,
Your work on my top lip
While I suck your bottom lips off
You are so soft….
Tasting mint flavors, cinnamon breath savers
Trying to keep my mind off
Your lower flavors
So I’ll be polite in asking,
Can I steal your lips
Run away with your kiss
The kind of theft,
That’s unexpected,
Trust me when I say
Your lips will no longer feel neglected
Its more like a greeting
Sensations is what your receiving
A kiss that makes most say I do
No one else but me and you
Just keep your eyes closed
After my lips touches your
Allow your exchanges to run slow
Insides flowing to rushing blood flow
Just respond with your ummms
Thank me with closed eyes and aahhsss
This is consented attempt to steal a kiss
No preparation when I do this
Hot/cools to winter bliss
Rising mist from a stolen kiss!

I took it………….

By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. damn! the power of a kiss can inspire so many things, including some killa poetry!

    very vice, mane.


  2. Thanks for the comments guys. Its just something about kissing that sets it off! Good kissing can make you wait for everything yet to come!