Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, December 17, 2010


Her smile wins my heart from the start
every movement of her lips is conversation to my soul
the words are murmurs 2 my listening ears
and every paused moment is exhaling blows
causing eyes to tear
with rising flavored lips gloss invading my nose

I feel our distance leaning foreword
having no choice but to satisfy my curiousity on floating images
in my mind boggling comparisons on how soft her lips really are

I imagine tasting them with a sweetness decorating them
leaving my tongue no option but to salavate before meeting them half way
I see myself in long trances as I watch her lips
being traced and penciled
the pencil racing smoothly across the top lip line
and fall to a dip, slowly to her bottom lip drop
wishing I was painting her lips
sucking away, one lip at a time, until her moans scream stop

but I sit here suffering as I continue daydreaming
on lip conversations that's teasing me
betting my bottom dollar, kissing them will be freezinng me
I keep mentally asking for a kiss, but responds is like she is ignoring me
not hearing me
nor is she blinking twice for yes, no chance of her seeing she meeting me

look at this angel
with lips softer than tasting hot tea while in the cold
experiencing tingles like spicy food on tongue and lisp reactions to bubbled sodas afterwards

Can I redirect this conversation and talk in a form of lip sync
so I can watch the movement of your lips over, and over and over again
until I fall asleep from your kiss???
By LeRoy Goetzendanner

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  1. This leaves me speechless...My lips drooling...Dying to be kissed ;)