Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Friday, December 31, 2010


I'm in love with her for many reasons
how do I know for sure, its instinct
a sense of assurance,
a warranty with insurance
a happening thought before occurrence
a physical strengthening before endurance

so I sat back one day trying to imagine loving her without Keene senses
those same senses that draws my interests
to make me understand this attractiveness
but without my senses
I would be useless
for example

If I couldn't see, would I actually had the chance to meet her
would I have seen the angel I seen that day
the same angel that kept me at total stare without blinking
to see this angel in my sleep and daydream visions
where will I be if I can love to see you

Would if I couldn't hear that voice which makes me melt
a tone I can't let go, its so exciting when I close eyes and feel her breath
the way it sounds when she says my name during sex
the moans and the whispers in sounds, uplifting to my health
how can I not hear you, see you and still love you

I start dying when I think of being numb
that I could never know what she feels like externally and internally
to understand how she moves me when she touches me
and when hearing seeing and feeling are combined
I'm aroused above climatic altitudes going north bound inclines
can't touch her

I'm trying to imagine not feeling her or for her
emotionless which exist in most men with senses
loving her and not know why or what I'm feeling for her
having a beating heart to survive, but never beating for her
to cry when I have her, cry when I lose her
to be mad at her,
then happy again with her
sad for her
understanding more of her
feeling less is not a God's gift
I don't to live if I'm not feeling it

I'm getting erections on my taste buds explaining this
the sweets, sours and bitterness
tongue wars, lips locks
and lower waist kisses
I'm dying on the thought I would never taste her lips(both of them)
the art of wars with tongue exchanges
slipping to her cheeks from tasty gloss exchanges
smiling with a Kool Aid glare from fountain taste
But if I can't see her
hear her
touch her
or feel for her
then even a tasteless taste will all go to waste

I appreciate my senses....
do you?

By LeRoy Goetzendanner

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