Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I am in love with poetry
and there is no underminding our connection
shyt I dream about words to pieces and pieces being release
not caused by flowing blood
but its poetry that got me waking with an penial erection

the other day I was in the middle of convo
I was just texting
almost getting hit by cars while crossing interesections
talking about a poem I saw in the Poetry Blog section
jocking a piece more than recieving oral fixation in mulitple sessions
when I realized who I was back and forth with this texting
came about when I laughed outloud, recieving a message
that I was.....

texting poetry

I got these thoughts in my head
and if you see me in public
talking to myself like someone is standing there
there is somebody there
I am actually talking to myself
the inner poetic self
and poetically speaking
I speak back to me
that me is written on the paper that speaks
from my mouth these words come out
and say I am

talking to myself in tongues of poetry

I want to write a piece about my love for poetry
where I send it to 10 friends
and they call and read it back to me
want to make love to my pieces
get married in my pieces
say prayers in churches delivering scriptures only day I was rehearsing my pieces
say I do and divorce, just to reconcile with my pieces
having interludes, and menage's and even cheat with my pieces
have a fight, even bite and maybe die from my murdering pieces
have dinner with my pieces
share a cab with my pieces
go on date to spoken word spots
having diamonds and picture of suites and bally shoes on my pieces
break fortune cookies that I purposely stuff with messages from my pieces
place them in a tall zip lock bag so I can take late night shower with my pieces
take off Reeses and put MY in front of pieces, New candy bar
on the market so I can eat my pieces
send out a big care package with my return address to me
so I can recieve mail from poems in pieces
place my pieces on the christmas tree with my star made out of my favorite folded pieces
have intimate moments with pics of dime pieces I can't have
when my protection is wrapped with my naughty pieces

I just want to be a peace the day I die with my piece
on the stage singing staying alive with my peace
and die to wake up walking to a white light with pieces
and give offerings to the light at the end,
that this piece is for you, i'm giving GOD my biblical pieces
and in my last will, I leave my surviving pieces
to all my pieces, I leave my pens, mics and stages
my estate to all my pieces

Imma nut case
just a true lover of poetic pieces

Stalking........... my pieces!
By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. Man oh man...I am FEELIN this like you cant understand! I am right there with you!!!!!!

  2. ha...nice...i have become a bit of a poetry nut myself...there is a poem in everything we see...

  3. I feel the same way. In different times, different hours of the day, poetry moves, fidgets, screams, or whispers at me. In the things I see, in the faces & the words coming at me. Here in NYC, poetry is alive & free.

    Very relatable piece, man!