Pen is mightier than the sword

Pen is mightier than the sword
Writing what I think, before I say it!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Saving myself for someone else.....

Dont want to count the X's on the calender from which this begain
try not to remember the last time
it was a good time
now I lay here substaining to obstain
I'm a man
a man that has needs
a masculinity who needs to release
a shyness in the darkness
til the first shine of the moon
rises a ragging beast
I prayed on my last day of bonded flesh
that was the day I told my Lord, "Yes"
I ready to surrender and not be part of this mortal mess

waiting for God to create the best
from my rib will come creation
while I lay here to rest
start from day one like the begining
see if the new her and new I, will pass the test
the second time around

I'm saving myself from someone elses desease
preserving my life for that one to get me at souful release
dying inside not to cross my faith
shaking like an addict cause i'm lurred by the devils bait
not going to give up on you Lord
not going to give up on you my future in the making
not going to give up on you the eternal seeds of creation

I will be worth my wait
I know my wait to the blessings of my faith
my faith is towards my God while he sculps and creates
creates the likeness of my dreams,
the body and soul of my mate

Its almost coming
I sense her knocking on my door
coming down my chimney
appearing from my lamp
it was worth saving and obstaining
worth to feel my rib come to life that day
I was saving myself
for you,
it was worth saving
saving all of me for all of you
until we finally be one that day!

Saving myself!

By LeRoy Goetzendanner


  1. I guess there are really men out there who feel this way also and not out there tryin to "hit" everything in sight...This wait will be so worth every second of doubt and sexual tensions...We get so caught up in the person for "right now" that we miss our blessings...

    This is EXACTLY where I am at in my life...Just a "buddy" isnt enough for me...I want to wait for my REAL...however long it takes...My faith tells me that He WILL bless me, when I am ready for him..

  2. yes i imagine she will come twist in a time already known by the one that brings her...and good job saving yourself for her...makes it easier not to get confused in comparisons and creates a special moment the two of you can always cherish...

  3. Brian and JStar, thank you. Its indeed a honor to hear words and critique from such gifted pens! Peace and blessings to you both!

  4. Amazing piece, amazing journey. Thankyou for takin me on a trip. great post!

  5. This is a spiritually uplifting poem. I agree that this is an amazing journey of oneness and love. I love the metaphor of Adam and the rhythm in your poetry. Visiting from JStar's site. God bless and take care.